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Solar Annular Eclipse – 20th May 2012


a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Friday, 18 May, 2012

This is an Annular Eclipse, which means that the Moon is positioned further away from the Earth than at a Total Eclipse, so it does not completely obscure the Sun, b...

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The Mount Shasta Solar Eclipse Event of 2012


a message from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Thursday, 5 April, 2012  (posted 13 April, 2012)

I was in the path of a solar eclipse when I was a young child . . . I remember it clearly. The sky slowly darkened. The birds sang the...

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AA Metatron – via James Tyberonn: The Magic of Mount Shasta


    Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in Unconditional Love !  Dear Ones, the most powerful vortexial point in North America, is Mt Shasta. Shasta exists in 44 Dimensions and that wil...

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Metatron on Sacred Sites & Powernodes:


Greetings, Beloved! You are energy in motion, energy as desire expressing itself, and so your work calls forth now a finer frequency. Imagine that if you will take vitamins for yourbody, they must be put so they can be absorbed by the...

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Benjamin Fulford on the situation in Japan 3-30-11


Because Ben Fulford is a Japan based journalist, this is interesting. For example: Underneath Mount Fuji scientist are detecting a significant temperature rise that is caused by beams emanating from American HAARP facilities. And at t...

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UFO fleet over Japan, After Tsunami & Earthquake, 3 videos, Japan and Pakistan


I don't know whether this is genuine... The introduction text below is bereft of the links and so I cannot confirm these things. But I hope it's genuine.


It began with a report three weeks ago of a UFO fleet ...

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