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Wake up Call Horus + Saint Germain March 5 2018 Galactic Federation Of Light

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Co-creating Ascension with the Trees – Tree Cousciounsness – 24NOV2017

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The Arcturian Group – September-24-2017

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Arcturian Group Love Is The Only Solution 01-29-17 Galactic Federation of Light

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New Channeled Message from Sananda – Golden Light Flight – October-01-2016

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The Undoing Of Fear – Forgiveness Is The Action Of A Double Negative – Episode I #PL-07a

The Undoing Of Fear - Forgiveness Is The Action Of A Double Negative - Episode I #PL-07aWatch at themasterteacher.tvThe Power of Light Series. Readings: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The Edge Of Physics: Negative Energy Wormholes And Warp Drive [para 1-3],...

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Marina Jacobi – Good News for the Light workers – September-04-2016

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Saint Germain June-17-2016 Galactic Federation of Light

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Is wormhole travel possible?

Excerpt from

Wormholes are theoretical tunnels through the fabric of space-time that could potentially allow rapid travel between widely separated points — from one galaxy to another, for example, as depicted in Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," which opened in theaters around the world earlier this month.

While wormholes are possible according to Einstein's theory of general relativity, such exotic voyages will likely remain in the realm of science fiction, said renowned astrophysicist Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, who served as an adviser and executive producer on "Interstellar." 

"The jury is not in, so we just don't know," Thorne, one of the world's leading authorities on relativity, black holes and wormholes, told Space.com. "But there are very strong indications that wormholes that a human could travel through are forbidden by the laws of physics. That's sad, that's unfortunate, but that's the direction in which things are pointing."

The major barrier has to do with a wormhole's instability, he said.
"Wormholes — if you don't have something threading through them to hold them open — the walls will basically collapse so fast that nothing can go through them," Thorne said.

Holding wormholes open would require the insertion of something that anti-gravitates — namely, negative energy. Negative energy has been created in the lab via quantum effects, Thorne said: One region of space borrows energy from another region that didn't have any to begin with, creating a deficit.

"So it does happen in physics," he said. "But we have very strong, but not firm, indications that you can never get enough negative energy that repels and keeps the wormhole's walls open; you can never get enough to do that."

Furthermore, traversable wormholes — if they can exist at all — almost certainly cannot occur naturally, Thorne added. That is, they must be created by an advanced civilization.

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Galactic Federation of Light Quan Yin October-13-2014

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Intention and the Rite of Disengagement

What we participate in is pretty much the name of the game. What do we spend our time, energy and intention on? What are we consciously and/or subconsciously empowering that’s leading to our own dis-empowerment? Where attention and thus intention goes, energy flows. Where is ours going, collectively and individually? Something to seriously consider on a continual basis in this massively manipulated energetic world.I’ve been blown away recently by the rapid rise in consciousness [...]

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Lady Magda: Become the Master of Yourself


Message from Ascended Master, Lady Magda

Channeled by: Julie Miller May 16, 2012

Each of you dear ones are capable at finding peace. You do not need to seek far; the peace many yearn for is right where it can be found with ...

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The Ascended Masters: There will be No Stopping the Inpouring Revelations


Apr 28

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

All of the time you are being exposed to the increasingly pure measures of your higher selves which are coming forth in your bodies in increased rapidity, and we can feel that you on Earth ...

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