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Arrest Warrants : Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks


2 May 2012

Written by David Wilcock Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:33

Arrest warrants have now been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve -- the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands,...

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David Wilcock… More Comments on Benjamin Fulford’s 11-28-11 Article…


These three comments by David on Benjamin Fulford’s 11-28-11 article (“Chaos prevails… as the financial fraud unravels“) appeared in the last 3 days, and today was the first time I had seen them. Recall that D...

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Benjamin Fulford publishes a letter from Sr. Int’l Finance Official


Neil Keenan and Keith Scott

[Ben's note]: This letter came in and confirms what I have been hearing from my sources in Europe, Japan and the US. We are near the end game. Humanity is about to be freed.

Dear Benjamin,


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