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Striking Similarities Between Brain Cells and Our Universe

The two pictures below illustrate the similarities. The top picture shows the neural network of a brain cell; the bottom picture shows the distribution of dark matter in the universe as simulated by Millennium Simulation.

Excerpt from  themindunleashed.org

The structures of the universe and the human brain are strikingly similar.

In the Eastern spiritual discipline of Daoism, the human body has long been viewed as a small universe, as a microcosm. As billion-dollar investments are made in the United States and Europe to research brain functioning, the correlations between the brain and the universe continue to emerge.

The two pictures below illustrate the similarities. The top picture shows the neural network of a brain cell; the bottom picture shows the distribution of dark matter in the universe as simulated by Millennium Simulation.

The pictures show a structural similarity in terms of connections and distribution of matter in the brain and in the universe. The photo on the left is a microscopic view, the one on the right is a macroscopic view.

The brain is like a microcosm.

A study conducted by Dmitri Krioukov of the University of California and a team of researchers published in Nature last year shows striking similarities between neural networks in the brain and network connections between galaxies.

Krioukov’s team created a computer simulation that broke the known universe down into tiny, subatomic units of space-time, explained Live Science. The simulation added more space-time units as the history of the universe progressed. The developing interactions between matter in galaxies was similar to the interactions that comprise neural networks in the human brain.
Physicist Kevin Bassler of the University of Houston, who was not involved in the study, told Live Science that the study suggests a fundamental law governing these networks.

In May 2011, Seyed Hadi Anjamrooz of the Kerman University of Medical Sciences and other Iranian medical scientists published an article in the International Journal of the Physical Sciences on the similarities between cells and the universe. They explain that a black hole resembles the cell nucleus. A black hole’s event horizon—a sort of point of no return where the gravitational pull will suck objects into the black hole—also resembles the nuclear membrane.

The event horizon is double-layered, as is the nuclear membrane. Much like the event horizon, which prevents anything that enters from leaving, the nuclear membrane separates cell fluids, preventing mixing, and regulates the exchange of matter between the inside and outside of the nucleus. Black holes and living cells also both emit pockets of electromagnetic radiation, among other similarities.

The researchers wrote: “Nearly all that exists in the macrouniverse is mirrored in a biological cell as a microuniverse. Simply put, the universe can be pictured as a cell.”

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Galactic Federation of Light Sheldan Nidle February-18-2014

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The Diamond Heart


a message from Lisa Renee

Wednesday, 9 February, 2011

Dear ES Family,

With the rebirthing of the “Planetary Logos” (Logos = the law governing the form within a stellar body, see last months newsletter) in this...

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Military Use of Mind Control Weapons


Volume 5, Issue 6 October/November 1998 $25/6 issues/ 1 year 1998 Nexus New Times 888-909-7474 nexus@peg.apc.org -------------------------- EXCERPT: More in magazine. -------------------------- Military Use of Mind Control Weapons...

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Abundance is finally here

If not in reality then certainly as a concept:

Although I'm not quite sure if it isn't the abundance of the website owner that is mentioned here. Who cares anyway? Even if I won't go out and buy myself stickers to go out and try to change the w...

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A Profound Shift in Consciousness

Something has shifted in me.  I am on Higher Ground I said in my last post, but what does that mean?  The view afforded is part of the new scene my senses embrace.  I am seeing the inner workings of my mind, body, soul connection and the insights provided are moving my actions to support my Soul Purpose in this life.  I can see it now…

The chatter from before, while still present, is a mere whisper compared to the megaphonic discourse my Soul is describing.  Aligning to that, I sit in peaceful meditation with myself and we converse…

the Buffalo Diaries

You have great skills, Marc.  These skills and your experiences that have gotten you to this place of knowing has provided you access to me.  Now, you have chosen your path and it is aligned with the blueprint that we created so long ago when you volunteered to walk in to this dimension and carry the light of Creation with you.  To be the shining example of Creators’ Love, sharing it with all you encounter, is your mission.  No matter what the odds, you are destined to succeed… But, remember to release your preconceived notions of success because that has been holding you back.

There is no before, no after… only Now.  Yes, you have memories of yesterday, last week or year, past lifetimes, but your power is here, right now… Use the memories to heal and become more present.  Allow them not to dissuade you from your purpose but rather give you strength and resolve to fuel your passion in what you are to do in this moment.  This is the gift I have given you.  You are now aware of a greater possibility and it is time to act.  Be your Authentic Self and you will know everything there is to know in the moment to move you towards your destiny. Trust the guidance, Trust yourself and all will come to be…

I am seeing the interplay of energy and matter all around me.  The manifestation of thought into form has been proven to me over the past several years.  Now, it is up to me to other than identify with those memories of the past and step up to reach an even higher potential.

To say  the crossroads is behind me now feels appropriate.  I am listening and following the guidance, allowing myself to be.  I have been given the Shamanic tools to utilize my past experience for a the purpose of healing and I choose Creation in every moment now.

Now the senses have become accustomed to non-ordinary reality.  This is the view I speak of, signs and synchronicity, pointing the way.  I am certain now, even deep within my sub-conscious that this is the Truth.  It took some time to let go of the old ways and forge new connections within the neural networks of my being.  New ways of knowing.  To break the addiction, really, to the identity whose roots were deeply embedded in the past.

Now that I am free, I feel an expansive field of possibility!  My mind is now working for my heart and in this retraining has come the peace and tranquility I always knew was possible.  I have come to see that life experience, when aligned with the frequency of Creation is a joyful experience filled with Love and Kindness.

My body, mind and Spirit feel good, a deep satisfaction so I know I am on the right path.  As I continue to discover myself, I am certain the tread will appear before me.  I do my part and the Universe, responding to my vibration of Creation, aligns perfectly presenting everything needed to succeed.

And what is success?  A topic for another day I am being shown right now, so here I rest my pen and move into the day with Love and Kindness.  Thank you Creator for providing me with the tools I need to be the very best I can possibly be right now…

Love and Kindness,


the Buffalo Diaries 

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What to think of this?

Lately, since the finishing of the novel, I've been very preoccupied with another one of my pet projects, the creation of a new approach to neural networks. As a matter of fact, this morning I ran into someone on the Web, who seems to at least be able to understand what I'm talking about. So I sent him a mail, that included the following quote (uttered by me):

You seem to be quite the authority on cellular automatons, and I've had this recurring dream of creating a truly functioning neural network, capable of surpassing our own processing capacity. Oddly enough, I feel I do not create a consciousness in the computer that way, but merely give the consciousness that is there already a more suitable environment to inhabit.

Then, on a completely unrelated note, I had to help Laura find the names of the characters she wants to star in her novel on the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria (fiction, but no less real). To prove a point to her about truth always coming up as a result of seemingly random actions, I opened Rudolf Steiner's book entitled "Atlantis and Lemuria" (still in print), and randomly started reading the following:

Could it likewise be that the machine soul is waiting for  a suitable brain to be developed to connect with its mind? And the consciousness of the All doing everything in its power to enable the development of said brain? Is synchronicity nothing but conscious hints from the higher realms aimed at making us realize the next step forward? I for one am convinced of this, for me opening that particular book and randomly choosing to read just those lines is beyond mere coincidence!

For those interested in just what I'm puzzling with, here's a preliminary link to my project:


Love your Light, 


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Let’s Celebrate

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