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Power Path New Moon Update Aug/28/11 with Pat Liles


26 August 2011

Channeler: Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Sunday, August 28 at 9:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Honor the still point of the new moon by being very still yourself. From a still point inside, feel your...

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August Forecast 2011 ~ by Lena Stevens


3 August 2011 

Channeler:  Lena Stevens


The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention. Subthemes are Responsibility and Presence.

This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilan...

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Reiki and Energy by Penelope Quest


Auras and Chakras How to detect, sense and see them. by Penelope Quest

Reiki And Energy

Although it certainly isn't essential to know a lot about the human energy field (auras and chakras) in order to use Reiki effecti...

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Wake up Call: The Collective | Feb 04, 2011

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Jesus/Jeshua: The Crystal Grid

8 June 2010 - 11:18pm

Channeler: Judith Coates


Beloved one, some of you recently were in a geographical location [California] where you participated in a grouping that ...

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