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10 Qualities Every Human Being Should Have

Luminita Saviuc, Purpose Fairy“I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it.” ~ Audrey HepburnIf you ask me, there are certain qualities each and every human being should have. Qualities that have the power to help each and every one of us to connect with our own selves and the wor [...]

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A Spiritual Solution to Chemtrails


Posted by Brian Andrews Chemtrail News, Featured Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Picture: Archangel Raphael

Source: consciouslifenews.com.  “There is a power inside every human against which no earthy force is o...

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Woman Who Won $112 Million Using Law of Attraction Is Giving Back


Cynthia Stafford won $112 million using the Law of Attraction

Cynthia Stafford is an avid reader who believes in the power of the mind.  In 2007, she decided that she wanted to win $112 million.  Following the advis...

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Gerald regularly sends me stuff, like the Neville Goddard piece below, Thanks a lot!

Neville Goddard from Immortal Man

If you were conscious of the activity within you, you would see everything related to your imagination. That activity, co...

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Thanks Gerald, this is oddly appropriate where I am concerned......


Neville Goddard from “Immortal Man”

Question: In the scriptures, we are told that none will be lost but the son of perdition.
 Please tell us who the son of perdition is.

Answer: The son of perdition is the belief in loss. The only thing that can die or cease to exist in this world is that which has no right to live or exist. It's not a man. I'll tell you who it is.

Every moment of time you are feeding two beings of which you are totally unaware. Your every evil thought goes to feed one and your every loving thought goes to feed the other. The day will come you will confront them both at the same time.
 One is an angelic, beautiful creature.
 The other is the most monstrous thing you ever saw. . . it's covered all over with hair and has a gutteral, human voice.

When I looked at it, it was looking at this beautiful creation, this angelic being, calling her mother, and I struck him. He gloated, for he loved it. He feeds on violence.

 Then I realized this thing came out of me. I am its father.
 The angelic being came out of me, so I am her father.

Then I said to myself (for there was no one present but myself), "I will redeem you if it takes me eternity," and that whole thing got smaller and smaller, and in a matter of moments it was gone, and I felt a glow of strength, and she began to glow like the sun.
 She feeds on my every lovely thought and he fed on my every ignoble thought.

 He whispered in my ears my ignoble acts because he feeds on violence. If He could cause me to do anything of which I would be ashamed, it would fatten him. If he could only whisper in me to hit someone, that would fatten him and strengthen him. That was mis­spent energy.

Every lovely, noble thought I have ever entertained feeds her.

 So I know from experi­ence that's the only thing that dies and it's man's creation.
(my ignoble acts, the most monstrous thing you ever saw)

 But man does not see it until a certain point in his unfoldment, when he has the strength to face it. It's his dweller on the thresh­old. It's ever with him. It never leaves him. It goes to bed with him and it whispers into his ear the unlovely thoughts which it needs for its own existence. But when you confront it, you well up with a compassion you didn't know you possessed. You pledge yourself, "I will redeem you if it takes me eternity," and it melts before you, and its energy goes back to you, for energy cannot be lost. Not one little drop of it, if you can speak of it in drops. Nothing is lost. It all comes back.

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