It's not that I've given up, far from it. It's just that it feels futile in the sense that I could fight it till Kingdom come, but then that's just what is happening, right? Kingdom comes, not in the sense that we're getting another absolute ruler, but rather in the sense that we're becoming the absolute ruler. And a ruler, especially an absolute one, needs to know when enough is enough. So yesterday I rigorously rewrote my diet, switched to stuff like fruit and yoghurt instead of my more 'normal' diet. I full well know that it might be a shock to my systems, but it feels like enough is enough.

Never mind what my ex says, she's still very much into the mass consciousness at sheeple level, or so it seems. No offense, but in these matters, nobody is more qualified than me, because I'm hardwired to this body that I've known for well over 47 years now. And I say it's time!

Likewise the occasional dry spells at Seems like channeling land is all working on other things most of the time, because my supply lines are regularly drying up, leaving me the choice of going to find more, writing more myself, or just calling it enough is enough. None of these is better than the other, all is as it should be. So now I'm writing, and telling you to 'Just do It!' like Nike popularized it all these years ago.

Yes, I am writing, writing like crazy. And it feels like the One Thing To Do. Not sure yet if I'm sculpting, unveiling, or just making my mind go overtime fantasizing, but what's the difference? It's all good anyway, and that's immensely how it feels. With Dear Denisa and others cheering me on, how could I not feel like a million doing this? 212 pages and counting, so look out Half Blodd Prince! J.K Rowling had her moment in the spotlight, but without undue proudness I can safely say that this feels like the most awesome thing I've ever done, whether anyone ever likes it or not!

Off to work in half an hour, and you'd think that my willingness to work would be far gone with a pet project like that. Nothing is more beside the point! I cherish the day of work, with it's machine-driven forced contemplation moments, that have me drifting right back into Make It Real again. By nightfall there will no doubt be plenty of ideas to mold into adventures for Sander and Seda and their friends. Thank you also for guys like Tinus, a boy who is a friend of my daughters, and who has remarkable deep insights into the workings of Life. We volley with the concepts of the story every now and then, and I've even written him in, not as a personal favor, but simply 'because it feels right'.

My bicycle has been retuned again, and with its chain tensioned and the gears readjusted he runs like a million. I guess I owed him that for years of faithful service. All part of the master plan, which is unfolding at a rapid pace as far as I'm concerned. No need to fret, fear, or fumble the ball, this game is rapidly gaining terrain, and the endzone is approaching fast. Not even time to worry about the angry mob of broad shouldered jocks trying to pull me down, because I'm way ahead of them, and that ain't bragging (but just honest observation).  Touchdown coming up!

John's Mum said it: "The future is nothing but what we make of it!.....", and she was right. And if we all make our future the very best that we can possibly envision it, then our collective one has no other option than to follow suit, and be brilliant also! Just keep in mind to not willingly go against one another, and nothing and no one will be able to stop us. Sure, others may want you to do something, but since you're the one to do it, your voice in the matter weighs that much more. Just remember that it's a rigged game, rigged for your profit. It invariably pays out more quarters than you put into it.......

Love your Liberated Light, 


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