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PlasmERG Progressing Towards Noble Gas Engine Production


The Nevada based company, Inteligentry (PlasmERG), is moving forward towards the assembly of the first five production engines that hold the potential to produce massive amounts of power while consuming only tiny quantities of cheap N...

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Eric Hansen’s Water Fuel Hydroxy Manifesto


Career mechanic, Eric W. Hansen, reveals his understanding of the hydroxy (HHO) technology, explaining how to use Frederick Well's plans to run an engine on nothing but water through resonance of the electrolysis cell chambers, as...

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Day 3 & 4 Power Animal and to Missoula

I left Boise at about 4:30 pm and rode up the Payette River Canyon. WOW!!! The landscape change dramatically to heavily forested and dramatically scenic. The weekend traffic coming at a steady pace, people returning to the city after a weekend in the ...

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Day 2

I awaken to the brook, check my energetic surroundings and muse in the space between worlds. Stillness permeates my being and I contemplate the chill outside the sleeping bag. I don my riding gear and emerge from the tent a new day forming amidst the ...

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