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Meredith Murphy: Ode to YOU


By Meredith Murphy

There is so much to appreciate in yourself. Today is a beautiful time to take it all in and smile. ♥ After all, YOU were made for this.

You realize in hindsight the immensity of it all, in the be...

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PURE and ABSOLUTE Love Message from Master, Saint Sarah Channelled by: Julie Miller October 19, 2011

Dearest sons and daughters of God, I welcome you into my embrace of Light and Love. I AM Ascended Master, Saint Sarah, also...

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A Message from Archangel Uriel: Bringing Peace into Your Life


Channeler: Julie Miller August 12, 2011

Welcome dear ones! Another day is upon us, to begin anew and time to dig and learn about who you are. I am sending forth through this message my ruby coloured light that is infused with so...

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This melt down of this seal that has been causing a blockage from our Divine Template will actually be 10/10/10. The old movies end at that time. Of course, there will be many who are still allowing old memories and glimpses to still enter in be...

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