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Montague Keen – May 22, 2011


May 22, 2011

Every day the Great Conspiracy becomes more obvious as people wake up and see the truth that was right there in front of their eyes. But in their hypnotic state they could not see it. The conspirators were so confi...

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Make It Real, any way you can!

And now, during the very joyous consumption of a large plate of macaroni au curry, it is time for the surprise of today (drum roll please!):

Yes, the publisher finally sent me the the approval request for their mailing to be used to announce m...

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Sneak Preview: Make It Real

Like I said this morning, publishing it in it's entirety right here might be counterproductive, but I'm sure my publisher won't mind me giving you guys and gals a little teaser. Here are some chapters straight from the novel, as it is to appear in s...

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