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Be aware of the problems of organ printing and the future of artificial biology


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(NaturalNews) Organ printing, or the process of engineering tissue via 3D printing, possesses revolutionary potential for organ transplants. But do sociol...

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Cannabinoids Kill Cancer and the ‘Government’ Has Known for 36 Years


Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:26

Below is a repost of an article published on Americans for Safe Access website: www.safeaccessnow.org in November of 2003.

The article describes how cannabinoids, the active components of marijua...

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Susan Lim: Transplant cells, not organs


If you are interested in stem cell therapy, this is a must see.

Now we can use fat cells(!) that are first being reprogrammed to be pluripotent (embryonic like) cells, before being used as stemcells. Incredible! In the near ...

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Organs on Demand

From Longevity News

November 09, 2010  

Dear Future Centenarian,

Need a new organ? If not, and I hope not, there's a good chance you may one of these days. Why transplant an organ when you can grow yourself a new one?J...

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