Dear Ones, we come again to talk with you about the energy on the planet at this time.

Today you celebrate  (if we may call it that)  the sacrifices of those who chose to serve in  war.  We understand that it was not always the conscious choice  of those who fought in war, but the choice of those who would have you believe that war is necessary.   We understand that there will be many who are going to take umbrage to this information, but we must say that war is a very low energy and  the expression  of  unevolved consciousness.You are reaching a time when war will be seen for what it is; a way for the rich and powerful to get what they want.  We understand your dilemma,  you have been taught that war is the only solution to keeping you safe.  That is what you are supposed to think.  At some point there will be  revelations  that will point out the real reasons for war.

We hope you do not believe that we are degrading the memories of those who served in such an unselfish way because  we are not  We see the purity of their hearts and intention through  the giving of their all to serve what they believed was the cause of freedom for their country.   What we are trying to say is that it  is  not the cause of freedom so much as the  cause of those who benefit form this sort of activity that was and still is being served.

These lessons are huge for all mankind, including those who have crossed to this side as a result of war.  Many warriors of the far  past and into the present, were warriors in many  lifetimes.  The energy of warring  is  strong  within them and so they choose to be warriors again. However, as they awaken, they are realizing   that war is no longer  their state of Consciousness.  This is why you are reading of so  many suicides taking place among the soldiers at this time.  These beautiful and evolving souls are trying to live  old outdated energy that they have evolved beyond;  it no longer resonates with them and  yet they find themselves trapped so to speak.

We see you suffering the great losses of death and mutilation  from the never ending  wars on your planet,  and we are sad that you allow yourselves to be  programmed into  seeing  conflict as a way to solve problems.   This message is not only for the United States of America, but for the world.

As you  evolve and move into the  new energy,  war will be recognized as a very obsolete and unevolved way of solving disagreements.  Those of us of the Galactic Federation would never under any circumstances consider war as an option.  This is why the people of earth have not been allowed to discover the many wonders  of space.  Until you  as a planet evolve beyond seeing war and violence as an option to getting what you want,  you will not be allowed to join the Galactic Federation or  traverse  vast planetary spaces as we do.

Please do honor all  those who died in this manner of service.  They  were brave and wonderful souls who now realize  that war is never a solution; nor is it "manly" , or glamorous.  This  propaganda is  used in order to  get you to cooperate.

You as the people of earth are quickly ascending into a new energy, one that understands this, and does not resonate in duality and separation.  If you do not understand this message, soon you will.  As you evolve you will begin to understand that the  third dimensional sense of being separate from one another is  what has for eons manifested as  war.  HOWEVER, if you are reading this, you have graduated  beyond this, so don't let yourselves get sucked back into it by the beliefs of those not yet evolved enough to let go of their power struggles.

Please begin to think for yourselves dear ones.  Do  not believe everything you are told by your governments,  your organized religions,  your so called news people,  and all the "experts".   Evolution means that  you take back your power through a centering within and a trusting your intuition.  However, it does not mean there is no  need for laws and firm guidance with regard to  those who are not evolved enough yet to understand this,  but for those of you  who are evolved enough,  it is time  to live out from the realization that you  and all living things are not simply lowly life forms at the mercy of those that would take whatever power you would give them and more, but are in reality expressions of Source, embodying all the qualities of Source.

This is mysticism, this is truth, and this is where you are going.

We wish you a wonderful Memorial Day and we  bless all those whom you honor on this day.

Thank you Arcturian Group                                                            5/30/2010

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