Don't you just hate it when that happens? People come to you for help, and you love helping them, but in every situation there is this point when things go out of whack one way or another. Either you desperately want to help, and overwhelm them, or they desperately want help and overwhelm you.....

Because even if you really love doing it, you love doing other things too, right? And when the helpless start moving in on your off-time, the bloody limit is often reach, either sooner or later. So yeah, I gues the new age saying that energies need to be compatible really has a ground in Reality....

Just like the queen might not be bothered to wipe her own ass, the servants are no slaves, and so refuse to stoop that low. However, there's always the odd one out that does kiss ass! But that's a free will thang, nothing to worry about.

Similarly, some peasant might fancy her daughter, princess Perlipat. Millions might try to land her because of her wealth, but in the end it is the admirer of true beauty who ends up in the favorite position, because of that free will thang again, from both ends of the spectrum. So is distance really no object?

In Holland we have a strip called Ollie B. Bommel. about a bear in proper wealth, who keeps claiming that "Money is No Object" but at the same time he proves that money is no objection, at least not one he'd object to.

His sidekick is a white kitty, who constantly get his boss out of trouble. That's the whole point of fables really, to pull the consciousness of man out of the subset called human. Realizing human are mammals, but mammals aren't fish. Both fish and dolphins are swimming animals, so do you see the oil spill already? Yep, it ain't called FOSSIL fuel for no reason!

As for my fossil, that is a silver metallic men's watch, with a weirdly feminine design feature: the dial has liquid crystals in its surface, that display chinese characters for the seconds passing by. I haven't worn it in ages, so not sure if she's still capable of running like Forrest was, but I'll try and revive her with an injection of new power pills, and some tender care...

Love your Time,


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