Time for a little change. Nothing special, just bored with my own orange look. The shirt that dressed me for at least 15 years (good quality, eh?) should have a few new friends. So yesterday me and my personal clothing consultant Laura went to gather something more modern. Although I left her in charge of what to buy and what to wear today, I actually was perfectly dressed for the portrait that is going to decorate my next novel:

I know, a portrait on an alias is hardly advisable, but my publisher insists, and the secrecy of it all is gone anyway since I decided to tell my colleagues about the novel anyway, trusting the Cosmos to guard me from those that might misconstrue the storyline into something sordid, which it definitely isn't....

Also remarkable was that the shirts Laura picked ALL had the year '63 in their decorations, which is my birth year. And just now, when I got something to eat, my receipt showed the number 63 for telling me my order was up. I figure these days must be something special, especially since I'm quite sure this is just about the center period of my physical life.  My first one, that is, but that's another story, meant for novels three and four.

Love your Light,


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