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Keys to Higher Consciousness: Interpreting your Life as Symbol

Channeler: DL Zeta

An important part of opening to channel is sharpening your skill at interpreting the downloads you receive. There's a part of you that works at the subconscious level to transfer the energetic impulses of a download into words and images that hold meaning for you.

This part of you will use your knowledge, understandings and experiences to help you translate the information you channel. The conscious mind of a channel routinely colors and filters the information received. The less filtering and coloring of intuitive downloads, the more “pure” the channel. The more adept you are at understanding symbols, the less you need to work with channeled information from a conscious perspective. It in other words, once you're able to consciously understand symbols, your inner translator is able to give you raw, unedited downloads encoded in symbols. By becoming fluent in the messages your inner translator sends you, you become adept at the language of your subconscious -- the language of your soul.

This fluency over time helps you become telepathic with your higher self. It can be compared to learning a person’s native language in order to gain deeper insights into who they are and what they are about. It’s easy to see how this fluency is more productive that using gestures and broken sentences to get your message across. Fluency allows you to better understand the context and subtle meanings contained in a message. It is not unlike remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams. As you look at each person, each location, each object in a dream, you expand your understanding and the subtle complexities of the message reveal themselves to you.

To become adept in the language of your soul, practice remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams. In addition, at the end of each day, write down happenings of your day that stand out in your mind and interpret these just as you would the images of your nightly dreams. Both practices will yield important information and insights for your daily life. They will also help you develop an ongoing dialog with your higher self and become adept at understanding the downloads it sends you.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam http://www.celestialvision.org/channeling-into-the-next-dimen/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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Adopting the Identity and Timeline of a Spiritual Channel

Channeler: DL Zeta

Many who have been following their spiritual path for years are now being called to serve as spiritual channels to help usher in the new time on Planet Earth.

By the time the idea has arrived for you to become a spiritual channel,this possibility is a seed already planted in your consciousness by your higher self. All this seed needs to grow and become a part of your physical reality is your intention for this to happen and your willingness to do what it takes to energize this reality into your physical world.

The first step to manifest this reality is to adopt the identity and timeline of a spiritual channel. When you set the intention to shift your identity to embrace the vision of yourself as a channel, you will be presented with several tests. These tests are rites of passage to bring a new version of yourself into the world. This initially comes in the form of people and circumstances that reflect your own uncertainties and doubts. Even if you don't speak about your decision to become a spiritual channel, you will telepathically broadcast your decision to the universe. It is through this broadcast that you draw to you circumstances that help you examine and confront your own doubts and concerns.

For example, if you have concerns that this path will lead you to seemingly lose control of your life, you will manifest circumstances in your life that allow you to examine your concerns about losing control. It is your present identity self that will hold the greatest concern about this decision, as it will soon be abdicating its position in the driver’s seat to the new identity self. An existing identity self only holds the power you give it. If you are over-identified with your present identity -- with your physical reality, in other words -- you will likely be challenged in this area.

The best way to work through such challenges is to see that “you” in the infinite sense are not your identity selves though each identity you hold and any aspect of your consciousness that represents that identity is intricately a part of who you are. Thank your current identity self for all it has done for you. Ask it to work with the new identity self you are developing to help you explore your identity as a channel. In this way, you are able to complete with your present reality before shifting to a new one.

As you examine any fears and concerns you have around channeling, you will be more at peace with this new part of yourself. You're not turning your consciousness over to other entities. Rather, you're allowing a wise and expanded part of your own consciousness to speak to you and offer guidance and answers.

Once you make peace with past and current focus selves, you will begin receiving visions and guidance on how to align further with your new identity and timeline as a spiritual channel.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam http://www.celestialvision.org/channeling-into-the-next-dimen/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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A Glimpse into Earth’s Future

Channeler: Peter PHalam

From Celestial Reunion, A Channeled Tale

Gala and Gelacius ascended in 2012, and Pi and Dyinian have assumed tenure as planetary Sentient Beings. The Mayan calendar has lapsed and the sub-terrestrial civilizations are coming to the surface to test the new vibrations of Earth. They are amazed at the makeover and the restoration of the garden. Small numbers of seventh root race beings remain and are teaching the new caretakers - the meek who inherited the Earth - about the restored ecological balance.

The Phase Two stage of Earth allowed free will to permeate the planet. Over five and one-half billion souls heralded the conclusion of this stage in the greatest demonstration of free will ever known to human creation. At that point we existed farther away from the womb of our origin than at any other time. Yet in this absolute polarity, we had the greatest access to movement toward Light.

The Phase Three stage of Earth does not preclude free will, but only the mature will is allowed to participate here. Since there are nearly eleven thousand other human experiments occurring in this galaxy, and many of the younger souls on this Earth are indigenous to those Starseed experiments, it was not difficult for them lo reorient their will to a higher Phase Three frame of perception based on their prior experiences.

At this point, Earth is known as a place where the manifestation of virtual reality follows the will everywhere it goes. If you think it, it happens. With that inspiration, the will is relentless on a moment to moment basis; thus you can never escape the thoughts of your mind or the divinity of your soul. This effectively precludes the inherent will from being used the way it was during Phase Two. Yes, people everywhere are basically good. But this experiment was not about goodness, it was about divinity...

When all is said and done, approximately one billion souls will have learned how to properly caretake the Earth and will have expelled the consciousness of fear. They will receive a markedly higher personal vibration in their souls for their efforts. Most of those will travel on to other planets in need of responsible caretakers.

Another four billion or so souls will move on to other third dimensional planets for further karmic evolution. They will recreate governments and societies; they will create karma, organize systems for banking, taxation, and religion, as well as new architecture, art, and music. And they will innovate education in language, mathematics, and logic based on energy from structured grid programs. Perhaps they will be open to consciousness from the more advanced sixth dimensional grids, and will create social systems that teach responsibility and love.

The remaining one-half billion souls will be fortunate enough to ascend as Masters from this, the most difficult human experiment in the galaxy. They will have mastered perhaps the most important aspect of this experiment - how to transcend this octave. This twelve-dimensional octave is karmic by nature and has thus provided Starseeds with a broad range of emotional experiences. This has, in every sense, been “graduate school,” and mastery of it will enable a shift into non-karmic octaves. So, by enduring and persevering through the density of this Earth's process, they will earn the right to exist where there is no karmic load.

They will travel to more advanced worlds where new population are beginning, and spiritual hierarchies are being formed. They will become the Jesus or the Buddha, or an Elder within the hierarchy, and will help to form the evolutionary plots for worlds which are coming into Phase Two experiences totally in the absence of karma. These planets are gardens, just as Earth will become again. And from the fruits of this experiment and all that was learned on Earth, the populations will have the privilege of existing on a planet where no matter where you are, you can reach down into a stream to get a fresh drink of water.

Excerpt from Celestial Reunion, A Channeled Tale by Peter Phalam
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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Seeing the World through the Eyes of your Higher Self

Channeler: DL Zeta

Heightened energies are now opening portals in consciousness that allow many who have been following their spiritual path to expand their ability to receive intuitive guidance. Those who have been teaching, sharing and growing in their understandings will now be able to step into an even stronger role as direct conduits for spirit. Some will become spiritual channels.

Becoming a World Server

The willingness to step into the next level of your mission is an important aspect of becoming a channel. To open to channel, you will be asked to step into new levels of joy, new levels of self-responsibility, and new levels of compassion and spiritual communion. It is your willingness to step into the higher vibrational aspects of your being that allows you to become a world server. As a world server, every step you take, every effort you undertake, will be intricately linked with lifting up the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Becoming Emotionally Transparent

One of the greatest challenges a channel faces is remaining in an open and detached state no matter what comes before them. Allowing fear, anger, or other dense emotions to enter into your perceptions closes down the higher flow into your consciousness and locks you into physical-based beliefs and programming. To serve as a channel, it is important to remain in a loving, compassionate place open to the higher message of all that happens. This may not be easy at times. Events in the world can seem outrageous and even horrific at times. If you allow yourself to become emotionally pulled into the whirlpool of what is happening you will not be able to help yourself or anyone else.

Understanding the higher meaning and purpose of a situation -- the spiritual message in other words -- and seeing all those involved in the situation with love, compassion and empathy - is a healing tonic for the suffering in the world.

Practicing Detachment and Acceptance

You may need to practice remaining in a place of detachment and love. Detachment is not indifference but trust in the higher order of things, even if you don't understand why something is happening. Practice seeing the world in this way. Go through your day seeing the world through the eyes of your higher self. Your higher self has no opinions. It does not take offense. It embraces and accepts what is and sees every moment surrounded with a golden light that radiates the essence of unconditional love. Every person you see no matter what they are saying or doing is spirit incarnate – a soul seeking to understand love in the best way it knows how.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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