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Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Game Changer Energies ~ Gather Yourselves 03~10~2018

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Final Energy Update ~ Divine Decrees Arriving into Physical Manifestation ~ September 10 2017

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Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Rise Winged Ones Rise Children of The Heart April 10 2017

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Weekly LightBlast: Access Into Information

March begins with a deep connection into the communication of the Universe in which you live, breathe and create.  Your connection is enhanced as you look beyond the physical manifestation of what-is, as you feel beyond the emotional manifestation of ...

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Heavenletter #3989 – God’s DNA Fills Your Cells


Published on: October 27, 2011  

God said: If you knew, really knew, My love for you, you would be the happiest person in the world. That is a fact. If you are less than happy, then you do not know the depth and breadth o...

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"May we offer you a bathrobe? A cup of coffee?" The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann, Oct. 4, 2011


4 October 2011

Channeler: Ann A.

Hello, lightworkers and all beings of light and good will. Today is another marker in the path to ascension. There is much transpiring on the inner planes in support of efforts to change your w...

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SaLuSa to me: The Power of Love Has No Limit – 1 Sept 2011


  Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. Here is our question today:

“Why cannot SaLuSa contact me any more directly? What is the difficulty?  What shall/should I do??”

SaLuSa: We are around y...

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This Is It! This Is Our Time!~


Dear Beloved Brothers And Sisters,

It is time to SHINE right now, like never before!

We can rise to the next level together! We can do this.

This is what we are here for.

Even if you can only give it a small amount o...

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High council of Orion message for 16th june


16 June 2011  

Channeler:  Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds, by now you should be feeling the changes and shifts of the moon within your very BEing. Some of you will be experiencing intense emotions and emotional r...

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Akashic Records On: Human Population


a message from Akashic Records

channeled by Jen Eramith MA

Monday, 7 March, 2011  (posted 14 March, 2011)

Is it possible to know why human beings are so numerous at this time on Earth?

There are two primary r...

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Humanity’s ability to work together for the good of all will amaze you


03/13/2011 by John Smallman

As the moment for your awakening approaches be aware that many great changes in your attitudes and behaviors are occurring all over the world.  The deep state of sleep that most of humanity has bee...

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HEAVEN #3749 Computer Interaction, March 1, 2011


God said:  

You are attached to life on Earth. If you were not, you would not suffer. You would not agonize.

You who are attached to the internet have forgotten the truth of your existence which is: You reach far and wi...

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Hall Of Mirrors

a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Friday, 15 October, 2010  (posted 26 November, 2010)

Welcome into every place and every thought, and every energy that you stand at this very moment in time; for you are an in...

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