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Consciousness Does Not Compute (and Never Will), Says Korean Scientist

Daegene Song's research into strong AI could be key to answering fundamental brain science questions Excerpt from prnewswire.com Within some circles in the scientific community, debate rages about whether computers will achieve technological singulari...

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Making The New You


16 March 2012

from 'Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle

Good day! This is your guide, Sandara, speaking.

So far, the journey into your ever-expanding consciousness has explored the reasons you stand poised at ...

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Meditation by AA Gabriel


4 June 2011

Channeler:  Snapdragon Tracy

June-3-2011 Meditation by AA Gabriel time is accelerating all around you and all through you it is changing and affecting the way your body works and responds to physi...

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Esu Gives an Update – By Jess Anthony May 30, 2011


Posted on 31 May 2011

Esu Gives an Update

By Jess Anthony

May 30, 2011 - 12:12:25 PM

Esu, I would like further conversations on paper. I feel, once again, that the treading water phase has happened. Gaia says she'...

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Amazing! Scientists: Our DNA is Mutating As We Speak! We Are Developing 12 Strands!


Two nights ago, before I went to sleep, I asked the Creation to guide me to another important subject. The next morning, my father called me to say that the scientist made strange discoveries regarding the human DNA. Even though I usu...

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Birthing the New Human


Karen: as I sit down to write this at 9 pm PDST, I’m feeling a sense of panic that keeps rising in intensity.  Wondering whether it is mine or not, I just checked my guidance about the origins of the panic.

Is it mine? ...

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Arcturians an Introduction

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