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Christ’s Lost Years in the Himalayas – January-08-2017

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Lazarus 6 – Renewed Prophecy – December-15-2016

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Arcángel Miguel – Visión de la Enseñanza futura – 04DEC2016

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Archangel Michael – Vision of future Teaching – December-04-2016

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Arcángel Miguel – Esperanza para este período de transición – 29 de noviembre de 2016

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Archangel Michael – Hope for this Transition Period – November-29-2016

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Saint Germain – Initiate a Last Thrust – October-12-2016

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Ancient Signs in the Sky: Did a Meteorite Change the Course of Christianity 2,000 Years Ago?

Detail, The Conversion of St. Paul. Paul and companions are knocked to the ground during the profound event.

Excerpt from ancient-origins.net

Did an ancient meteor have such a life-changing impact on witnesses of the day that it shaped a religion and altered the course of history? Astronomers theorize that the dramatic flash and boom that converted Paul the Apostle may have been an exploding meteor.

In the Christian Bible, it is written that a man named Saul experienced an event so extreme that it changed his views in an instant, and he became one of the most influential evangelists in early Christianity.

Saul was said to have been a vehement persecutor of the followers of Jesus and was traveling in search of disciples of Jesus for punishment. It is written in the fifth book of the New Testament, Acts of the Apostles, that Saul was on the road to Damascus, Syria, when a bright light appeared in the sky. So intense was the light that he was blinded for three days. What he heard was described as a great thunderous sound, or a divine voice. He and his companions are said to have been knocked to the ground by the force of the event. The experience was so profound that Saul changed his name to Paul, took up missionary journeys across the Mediterranean, and became instrumental in spreading Christianity.

The Conversion of Saint Paul – Paul and his companions are knocked to the ground by a resounding boom and brilliant light. Did a meteor cause this ancient event?
The Conversion of Saint Paul – Paul and his companions are knocked to the ground by a resounding boom and brilliant light. Did a meteor cause this ancient event? 

William Hartmann, co-founder of the Planetary Science Institute in the U.S. has connected Paul’s experience with similar accounts of exploding meteors, such as the well-recorded Chelyabinsk meteor which broke up over Russia in 2013, injuring over 1,500 people. The eyewitness descriptions and physical reactions to meteors or fireballs in the sky seem to parallel what is recorded about Paul.

Meteor trail over Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Meteor trail over Chelyabinsk, Russia. Wikimedia Commons

If true, then it’s possible that an act of nature may have been contributory in the spread and evolution of Christianity in its early days, and therefore shaped the course of history.

In a study published in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Hartmann cites major events like the meteors or asteroids over Chelyabinsk, Russia and Tunguska, Siberia as offering “opportunities to compare reactions of modern eyewitnesses to eyewitness accounts of possible ancient fireball events.” There are consistencies among the many accounts suggesting the biblical descriptions of Paul’s experience closely match known modern events, reports NewScientist.

In the biblical accounts, Paul was blinded for three days due to the intense light from the sky; it was “brighter than the sun, shining round me,” according to the text. This matches the Chelyabinsk meteor, as it was calculated to be shining around three times as bright as the sun. The blazing fireball made shadows move around the ground as it travelled.

Paul and his companions were said to have been knocked to the earth, and this also corresponds to the shockwave generated by the powerful Chelyabinsk meteor as it blasted out windows, knocked people off their feet, shook cars and buildings, and collapsed roofs.
The divine voice is said to have either boomed like thunder, or questioned Paul’s behavior (the exact sound is debated). Meteors create great, explosive booms and roars which can be scary or painful even for those who know what they’re experiencing.

To the ancients the incredible and unfamiliar natural celestial events were interpreted through cultural understandings of the day – which is to say, they were considered divine or damning.

The Chelyabinsk meteor gave off small amounts of radiation, enough to cause sunburn and temporary blindness in witnesses. Harmann suggests that Paul could have suffered photokeratitis, a temporary blindness from intense ultraviolet radiation, and this explains the return of his sight after healing.

Paul having his sight restored after being blinded by a celestial light that might have been a meteor.
Paul having his sight restored after being blinded by a celestial light that might have been a meteor. 

Hartmann told NewScientist, “Everything they are describing in those three accounts in the book of Acts are exactly the sequence you see with a fireball.”

IBTimes writes that the Acts of Apostles text describes three events of bright lights “from heaven” which took place around Damascus during the 30s B.C. If meteorites can be found in Syria, and accurately dated to the relevant timeframes, it might give support to the published theories.

Hartmann’s research aim is not to discredit Christianity, but to demonstrate how the interpretation of ancient events may have shaped how we exist today, spiritually and culturally.

This wouldn’t be the first meteorite in history to have potentially inspired worship or acted as an agent of change. In antiquity meteorites were seen as messages from the gods, or profound omens, and many cultures saw fallen meteorites as religious icons to be worshiped or as objects of protection. Jewelry and art has also been created from the space rocks.

Each year devout Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, circling the Kaaba, or black stone, and give a nod or a kiss to the meteorite that is said to rest inside the Grand Mosque. The worship of the Black Stone goes back to pre-Islamic shrines, when Semitic cultures used unusual stones to signify sites of reverence. According to Muslim belief, the stone originates from the time of Adam and the Islamic prophet Muhammad set the Black Stone in place after it fell from the skies.

A 1315 illustration inspired by the story of Muhammad and the Meccan clan elders lifting the Black Stone into place. Was the black stone a meteor from space?
A 1315 illustration inspired by the story of Muhammad and the Meccan clan elders lifting the Black Stone into place. Was the black stone a meteor from space?

In a more modern example, after the dramatic Chelyabinsk event over Russia in 2013, the ‘Church of the Meteorite’ was set up, and the followers hold rites on the shores of Lake Chebarkul where pieces of the space rock fell.

Some scientists regard the Conversion of Paul theory as speculation, but seem to welcome further evidence.
Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office told NewScientist, “It’s well recorded that extraterrestrial impacts have helped to shape the evolution of life on this planet. If it was a Chelyabinsk fireball that was responsible for Paul’s conversion, then obviously that had a great impact on the growth of Christianity.”

Indeed, “Some scholars call Paul the second founder of Christianity” says Justin Meggitt, religious historian at the University of Cambridge. Without the fireball, and without Paul’s conversion, perhaps Christianity would be different than it is today.
“Christianity probably would be very different without him,” Meggitt concludes.

Illumination from 1450 depicting Paul's conversion – the bright light and sound come from the sky. The event was said to change Paul, and may have changed history.
Illumination from 1450 depicting Paul's conversion – the bright light and sound come from the sky. The event was said to change Paul, and may have changed history. Public Domain
Featured Image: Detail, The Conversion of St. Paul. Paul and companions are knocked to the ground during the profound event.

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The final Prophet


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Take your eye off the mountain and focus on the shovel.


by Laura Tyco [Hi. Spike here. Allendale, can we talk?]

Yes, my dear. We can talk. I'm on the line for you any time, any day. You're the apple of my eye, dear one.

[Thank you! Why?]

Because we've been through...

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Zoroastrian Sacred Sites The primary religion in Iran today is the Shia sect of Islam but the far older faith of the prophet Zoroaster is still openly practiced, particularly in the central and northwestern regions of the country. Zoroasters name in it...

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All About 2011… and more


a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Sedona, AZ  (posted 12 July, 2011)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It's a core group here and there are many old souls. Not all that sit in the seats...

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Letting Go To Live Your Life Now

It’s the small things my Lightworker friend, that can bring the most profound insight.  I was told early in 2009 to pay attention to the birds as they would let me know what was going on with the Earth changes.  As the birds change their behavior, we could tell when some immediate change was going to occur in our area.  So I have been paying close attention to our animal friends and the other day I noticed the birds singing.  Not just a little song, but an entire musical!  All different types of birds were singing and I asked the Lord if there was a particular reason for this.  He said the birds were singing to uplift people’s vibrations.  I asked if there was a particular issue that Lightworkers were dealing with and He said it was difficult for them to let go of the things to come to live their lives to the fullest now.

Does this ring true for you?  Are you concerned about the fast approaching 2012 date and concerned how you, your family, friends are going to go through these Earth changes? What I find interesting about this time period is that for the first time we are aware of this Ascension.  Have you ever thought about that?  In all our other previous lifetimes, it just happened. For this Ascension process those of us that want to participate consciously, are now conscious of the process. Don’t you think there is a reason that your Soul wanted you to know about this?  Do you think that the reason is because your Soul wanted you in fear or worried?  Do you think that your Soul wanted you to not receive the highest blessings you deserved during this time?  Of course not!  There is some reason; some higher purpose for you to know and understand what is going on.  

By reaching that 5th Dimension (Christ Consciousness) energy and bringing it into your life every day, you are making it possible for the Ascension to occur.  You are helping to make these changes happen!  Did you realize that?  And because of your spiritual intentions to remember, to serve more, to be more, you are a huge blessing to those that have no concept of what is going on.   You will essentially be handing these people the 5th Dimension on a silver platter for them to just walk into the energy.  Your being 5th Dimensional is much more difficult now than it will be for them when it finally arrives in 2012 / 2013 because in order to anchor the energy in your life you have to be more consciously joyful, happy, loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, forgiving, etc. now. That is the only way to even touch the 5th Dimension. 

If you are worried about these Earth changes and what the 3rd Dimensional people are doing to the world, then you won’t be touching that higher consciousness. That consciousness doesn’t judge.  It just is.  The 5th Dimension also has another name, the Christ Consciousness.  “Christ” also means “Anointed.”  When Jesus was on the cross and forgave those that persecuted and ultimately killed him, at that point he became Christ Jesus or the Anointed Jesus.  It has taken us over 2,000 years to spiritually get to the point that a mass amount of people could even understand how to do this.  It’s not easy to not judge or to forgive while still be in the human flesh. Remember you chose to be here at this very moment, to be in service, to be the light to others.  So that means that you have what it takes to walk this higher path or you wouldn’t even be reading these words.  Accepting your role as Lightworker and stop wondering if you are a Lightworker will be a huge step in walking in the higher energy.  You won’t have to wonder how to serve because you just being you is serving!  When you accept your Lightworker path, you are the light and everyone you talk to, walk by, etc. has access to that anointed light.  You are a blessing.  

I don’t know how exactly the Ascension is going to happen or what it will look like after it is complete.  No one does.  But I do have what I call “the teacher’s manual” where there are notes on the sides of the pages that gives extra insight into what is up ahead.  I am sharing that information as I get guided to.  But this information isn’t shared to put you into fear; it is to help you work through your emotions now so that when these things occur you will be able to continue channeling the light.  When it happens, you will say, “Wow! It’s really happening” and then feel an immediate surge of power and love to start doing whatever you are called on to do.  Each Channeler is getting the information on this according to their abilities but we all only have pieces of it.  The reason for this is our Souls are supposed to experience this transition as never before.  If we did know everything it would be like reading the end of the book.  That ruins the lessons and excitement of the story.  So then why go through it?  Everything here in this Earth experience is for our Souls to learn, to remember who we are.  I know sometimes it is more difficult to know things than not know them. As a Prophet and Channeler I have had access to information that afterwards I wish I hadn’t known.  So I do understand these feelings. But I also understand that we wouldn’t ask the questions or seek the answers if we weren’t powerful enough to handle it.  You wanted to be here at this time on Earth.  There is a reason for your being here.  Remember, you have the full support of Spirit and are never alone!

If this message is ringing true for you at this time and you are having difficulties letting go of concerns of things to come to live your fullest life today, why don’t you do this.  Get in your sacred space.  Take three long, slow deep breaths.  Call forth the highest Angels of your Soul.  Call forth your protection.  And ask these questions (and any others you can think will help you at this time):

~ Why are you conscious of this Ascension and Earth changes?  It’s not just for serving others.  There is a reason, personal to just your Soul.  

~ What is your Soul learning through this? 

~ What fears are you working through and releasing? 

~ What does your Soul want you to do during this time? 

~ What changes can you make to make this process easier for you?

I want you to know that there are birds singing all over the world right now to let you know that there is reason to sing.  We are changing, not ending our experience.  How it all looks will be according to what we create every day in our thoughts and actions.  Let go of all the “What if’s” and fully live now.  Let’s do our best to be light, be love and be the most we can be every day so that we can go through this process on the easiest path bringing forth the highest, brightest outcome possible. 

I am honored to walk beside you in the light of this Ascension,


Copyright 2010 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator, Inc. All rights reserved. Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source: www.ChristinaLunden.com

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