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Luminance River Shivrael ~ 8:8 Infinity Portal July 14 2015

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AA Metatron: The Pyramid of the Ascension, Awakening of the 12th Wave


Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome each of you to this moment of sharing.

Masters, there are certain lifetimes that are more embellished...

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Metatron – Roslyn – The Sun Disc and Star Gate


Metatron Channel 

"Greetings, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and you are Beloved ! 

The energies of the areas within England and Scotland are among the most potent and active on the planet. ...

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a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Friday, 6 August, 2010 

As above so below. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious limitations. It is a number...

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Extraterrestrial A-Z!

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Gaia-Cosmic Disclosure S1E1 LB728x90

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