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How the Secession Movement Could Break Up the U.S.

new U.S. map
Excerpt from charismanews.com  
A new map of the U.S. could include a state called Jefferson, made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon, a new state called Western Maryland and a new state called North Colorado. (CBN)

If you mention the word secession most people think of the South during the Civil War. But today, a new movement is gaining steam because of frustration over a growing, out-of-control federal government.
A number of conservative, rural Americans are taking about seceding and creating their own states, meaning a new map of the United States of America could include the following:
  • A 51st state called Jefferson, made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon
  • A new state called Western Maryland
  • A new state called North Colorado
These are real movements gaining traction with voters across the country. Jeffrey Hare runs the 51st State Initiative in Colorado, an effort to fight an out-of-control legislature trying to ram big government policies down the throats of voters.
"We're at this point of irreconcilable differences," Hare told CBN News.

Secessionist talk has filled town hall meetings and the divide discussed is not just ideological.
"It's predominately left versus right, but it's urban versus rural because you typically find more typical conservative values in rural America," Hare said.
An Attack on Colorado?
That's the crux of the issue. Rural Americans across many states feel they're not being heard. Their laundry list is long and at the top of that list are stricter gun control laws.
According to Weld County, Colo., Sheriff John Cooke, the state legislature is out of control.
"They are out of touch with rural Colorado," he said. "There is an attack on rural Colorado and it's not just on gun control laws. It's on several of the other bills that they passed."
Government mandates on renewable energy, environmental policies restricting oil and gas drilling, and controversial social issues like gay marriage have also led to this divide and talk of secession.
Organizers want to create "North Colorado," an idea that went to voters in 11 counties this past fall. But not everyone in Colorado thinks secession is a great idea.
"I don't think that's necessarily the way to make something happen within the area you live," Colorado resident Greg Howe told CBN News. "You're supposed to work within our electoral services."
The so-called secession movement in Colorado had mixed results this past November. Some counties approved it. Others didn't.
But the organizers of the 51st State Initiative are undaunted, saying this type of movement takes time.
"Movements take a while; education takes time," Hare said. "People do have a hard time saying ,'I want to live in a different state,' even though physically they live in the same house."
"It's hard for them since their lives have been Coloradoans," he explained. "Their whole lives to say that 'I'm going to be a new Coloradoan' or 'I want to live in the state of liberty' or something different."
An 'Amicable' Divorce
That desire for something different can also be felt in Arizona, Michigan, and in Western Maryland where thousands have signed secession petitions.
One website reads, "We intend to exercise our right of self-determination and self-governance to better secure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Scott Strzelczyk, the leader of the Western Maryland movement, is ready to get going.
"If they are not going to listen or take our needs into consideration and govern in a way that's more in accordance with the way we want to be governed we are seeking an amicable divorce," he said.
Meanwhile, in Northern California and Southern Oregon, activists want to come together in the state of "Jefferson."
Their proposed state flag includes two "Xs," representing their feeling of being double-crossed by the state capitals of Sacramento, Calif., and Salem, Ore.
No Small Task
Creating a new state isn't easy. The last time a state actually gave up territory was in 1820, when Maine split from Massachusetts. Since then, additional efforts have been unsuccessful. 
The first step is getting it passed by the state legislature and then the U.S. Congress.
"This is a valid constitutional process that our founding fathers specifically wrote into the Constitution," Hare said. "Well, if they didn't write this into the Constitution to be used, then why did they write it in?"
But supporters have an uphill battle since the media will not be their friend.
"The danger is once the outside media start to grab hold of it, the attention is on the difficulty, the almost impossibility of it happening," professor Derek Everett, with Metropolitan State University in Denver, explained.
Voter 'Disconnect'
State secession proponents, like Roni Bell Sylvester of Colorado, say they will keep fighting because the dismissive attitude of state legislative bodies must end.
"I find the sort of arrogant, dismissive to be further proof as to just how disconnected the urban is from the rural," Sylvester said.
Movements like the one in Colorado and other states could be just the beginning—at least that's the talk at town hall meetings in places like Colorado and elsewhere.
It's called 'voter disconnect" where the people say they've had enough and are crying out for something to be done.
"We, at some point, have to figure out a way to get our point across or at least be able to have a dialogue and not be ignored because you haven't seen anything yet over the next 5 to 10 years," one resident warned at a recent town hall meeting in Colorado.
As for Hare, he said it boils down to one simple concept.
"I think ultimately what people want, whether you look at it from a right or left paradigm, is government to stay out of their business," he said.

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Does Astrology Work? The Testimonial of a Scientist Turned Astrologer

Does astrology work ? It is quite a perilous exercise to write an article stating a few truths drawn from actual experience, a risky but interesting challenge for the author of this site. But without danger, where would the adrenaline be? It is so good to try to talk about astrology upstream, and not only to discuss how it functions, for a person who has spent a lot of time using its techniques.
This is what we have done for Astrotheme's visitors, trying to use everyday words devoid of technical jargon, with no historical or specialised argumentation, and with the only aim to reach to as many persons as possible, yet without proselytizing. Just a few judgments coming from experience, a pragmatic vision of this tool for knowledge, which is what astrology is all about.
For the illustration of this non-technical article, it became rapidly obvious that astronomy images are needed... The staggering sight of certain galaxies or nebulae is not only splendid but enables to open one's mind towards... more consciousness and a more intense feeling of being alive.
For the illustration of this non-technical article, it became rapidly obvious that astronomy images are needed... The staggering sight of certain galaxies or nebulae is not only splendid but enables to open one's mind towards... more consciousness and a more intense feeling of being alive.

Incidentally, this article was written in slightly more than two hours, with no preparation and no plan. For this subject, and for some reason which probably lies in my subconscious and comes from the desire for purity and complete spontaneity, I was most eager to express a sort of rough opinion, a testimony coming from… the guts and sheer experience; it is easy to realise it when a text is written as it comes, and for the author, it is a rewarding exercise because genuineness always has a unique sparkle. For the reader, it is also a token of sincerity.
Of course, the purpose is not to convince. Indeed, in politics as well as in spirituality, to change direction is a complex issue. As far as the quite bizarre field of astrology is concerned, irrational behaviours occur quickly, usually with a little disdainful smile from those who, obviously, have been beyond the naive propensity to believe anything, to dream blissfully, and to delude themselves about a necessarily silly system because it offers off the beaten path possibilities, which other human disciplines do not.
The list of the authors of scornful smiles towards astrology is quite long, just as long as the list of more open-minded people who, either have tried themselves to learn this tool which astrology is – which, like psychology or history, is not a science – and became convinced that it works or at least has some degree of efficiency, or because they no time or no interest, leave the door open, thinking "finally, why not?", after all, one does not know much, would it be solely in the area of the spouting of the thought – WHO handles thought at the moment it emerges... - or about physical laws for which the 21th century is mere prehistory, as all scientists know. Indeed, life is evolution, knowledge is not static, and the only mistake which must not be made is to gorge oneself with certainties, including that which consists in associating "too good" results with absolute scientific impossibility.
I believe that my experience is quite similar to that of everybody, i.e. that of a person who, a priori, before discovering it, was "against" astrology and considered it... crap meant for gullible people, or in the best case, an idle fancy with a tinge of poetry in which all the intellectual energy spent was finally used to create a nice virtual world and arouse pleasure.
Paradoxically enough, relatively few astrologers are interested in astronomy. This is not my case. I even dreamed I would become an astronomer when I was small, and nowadays I feel the need to have a telescope at home, even though... I seldom use it because, unfortunately, the sky above the region of Paris is too polluted.
Paradoxically enough, relatively few astrologers are interested in astronomy. This is not my case. I even dreamed I would become an astronomer when I was small, and nowadays I feel the need to have a telescope at home, even though... I seldom use it because, unfortunately, the sky above the region of Paris is too polluted.

As luck would have it, I was in the bookstore where I used to go several times a week to get all sorts of books according to my quite strong curiosity and my need to understand hidden things, and I stumbled on an astrology treatise, the famous one authored by André Barbault (André Barbault is a respected French astrologer and author who devised a computer-generated astrological portrait in the early '70s.).
As I flicked through the pages, I was a bit amused to see the natal charts of historical personages, quite rigorous rules, an apparently sound functioning, and I thought that for once, I ought to read an astrology book, and at least, this one does not seem too naive.
In addition, there were a few recipes for the compatibility of couples, and since I was in love of one of my school comrades, in that Terminale C class (In the French education system, the last year of secondary school with a maths option), I thought, well, I am going to have fun and see whether, according to astrology, my compatibility with this beautiful brunette, the sight of whom would pierce my heart, is good or not!
With a good dose of scepticism and quite negative preconceptions, I started to learn to erect a natal chart, interpret it, and become initiated into all the predictive techniques, synastry, and other relishes having the charm of that which is unknown.
Since this article is not a book, it is necessary to get to the heart of the matter. Actually, I realised quickly that among the concepts of signs, houses, planets, houses in signs, planets in signs, rulership, aspects, nature of the planets, etc. it would take some time before being rewarded, venturing into uncertain territory alone, and interpreting charts without opening astrology books every thirty seconds.
Indeed, to my view, the first obstacle for anyone willing to get an idea about astrology is the huge contrast between serious astrology on the one hand, and on the other hand, the ordinary media and its horoscopes by signs or by decans – which are of no value, it is necessary to say so, absolute void, and the biggest hoax because a natal chart cannot be reduced to the position of the Sun in one of the zodiacal signs. Absurd columns with equally stupid predictions – here again, and it is difficult to refrain from giving names, be it to quote people who saw Kerry as the winner of the American elections in Telestar (A popular French television weekly) or in other magazines, or in general a little bit everywhere because it cannot be repeated often enough that there are two types of astrology, that of horoscopes in magazines which are nonsense, a mere commercial lottery. From this perspective, it is easier to understand the disdainful smiles of those mentioned earlier, and I particularly think of Guy Carlier (A French TV presenter and humorist), whom I nevertheless find quite pleasant, and of Alain Gillot-Pétré (He was a French TV meteo presenter), a declared enemy of astrologers. I remember for instance a TV programme featuring Paco Rabanne (He became famous as a fashion designer. He is not an astrologer but a weird visionary, also quite nice), and gorgeous Elisabeth Tessier (A professional French astrologer whom the late President François Mitterrand consulted. The thesis she defended at La Sorbonne University was the subject of a hot controversy) who was castigated by Guy Carlier... Thus, there is a big discrepancy between junk astrology and genuine astrology. The latter consists in extracting information from an exact natal chart based on a date of birth and location, and whenever possible a time of birth, and to deduct relevant results from this chart.
The weird and unique feeling of infinity which emerges from the sky when one gazes into space is one of the numerous methods for starting a meditation on the purpose of one's life.
The weird and unique feeling of infinity which emerges from the sky when one gazes into space is one of the numerous methods for starting a meditation on the purpose of one's life.

Indeed, commercial astrology and horoscopes published in the media are nonsense and above all, unfounded, but genuine astrology, which includes several schools and requires many years of learning, is difficult to grasp.
Therefore, a lot of time is required because without learning by rote numerous dozens of basic notions, it is very difficult not to get lost. Of course, one can have fun, but if one expects some degree of proficiency or just wants to be able to follow the rules of this tool, one will have to spend several months studying.
I shall briefly address a few other obstacles which claim so-called scientific bases and may prompt doubts, discouraging people who are curious about astrology even before they get a chance to start studying it. I think for instance of such a statement as "astrology is bullshit since everyone knows that owing to the precession of the equinoxes, and when one says that the Sun is in Aries although in fact, it's been a long time since it has left this constellation." This is obviously stupid because by definition, in astrology, signs do not represent the constellations bearing the same name, but they refer to the immutable cycle of the seasons. Thus, the sign of Aries corresponds to the spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere, and not to the stretch of space occupied by the constellation of Aries.
But I will not elaborate any further on these technical details because they are not the focus of this article, the purpose of which is only to give a testimony and to state that astrology works, in the light of an experience and a practice which cover a span of thirty years plus.
So, after a few weeks, astrology became clearer for me. Actually, I understood that finally, there were three essential functions and a fourth one as the wild card, if I may say so. First, there is the astrology which analyses the personality, the character, the motivations, the typology, and the behaviour. Then, there is a second astrology, well-known, which checks the past and analyses the present by superimposing the positions of the planets at a given period on the planets of the natal chart, using various techniques such as transits, solar revolutions, progressions, etc. Lastly, there is the astrology which compares two charts in order to understand the relations between two individuals who may be more or less compatible.
After the feeling of infinite in space, the questioning about... whatever pre-existed automatically arises.  The sensation of the infinity of time, the research of the causes, and the voyage back beyond them necessarily makes a normally constituted human being feel dizzy. Such vertigo arouses a stronger desire to understand the meaning of all this and therefore, the commencement of spiritual quest.
After the feeling of infinite in space, the questioning about... whatever pre-existed automatically arises. The sensation of the infinity of time, the research of the causes, and the voyage back beyond them necessarily makes a normally constituted human being feel dizzy. Such vertigo arouses a stronger desire to understand the meaning of all this and therefore, the commencement of spiritual quest.

These three types of astrology, or rather, these three functions of astrology, are the three major sections of this discipline. The fourth one, which I referred to as the "wild card" earlier, is mundane astrology which forecasts or explains certain global events such as wars and peace between countries, periods of growth or periods favourable for the evolution of a given area – science, humanism, religion, spirituality, etc. - assassination attempts, natural disasters, inventions, etc.
For all four sections, it is clear that people don't have the same propensity to "believe" or not. Many people have no problem acknowledging that astrological portraits are mind-boggling because they are so accurate. I leave out the cases which present no problems, i.e. most of them, or the cases of people of good faith, again the majority, and I address only the case of sceptical people.
Regarding forecasts, it is slightly more delicate. Recalcitrant people are usually more numerous, and there are even some astrologers who want to limit astrology to the functions of personality analysis and are adamant about this. The good-looking and talented Françoise Hardy (A famous French composer and singer of the '60s. She authored a book on astrology) is one of those people. The other sections of astrology seem too risky or difficult to them, unless they deem them... impossible for x reasons known to themselves only.
Regarding couple's compatibility, also referred to as synastry, the subject is less known and better accepted because if one considers that astrology can analyse the personality, why couldn't it analyse two personalities and see if those two get along well or not...
Astrology is a mere set of efficient techniques for those who practice it and those who seek advice from it. However, although astrology and spirituality are disjoint, questions on human being, which the former necessarily indirectly arises, create... a bridge towards the quest for Reality.
Astrology is a mere set of efficient techniques for those who practice it and those who seek advice from it. However, although astrology and spirituality are disjoint, questions on human being, which the former necessarily indirectly arises, create... a bridge towards the quest for Reality.

Lastly, there is mundane astrology, which is the most difficult one. It must be acknowledged that using astrology to forecast global events equates to taking up an almost impossible challenge. Certain facts are mind-boggling, but I would only say that, to my view, this field pertains to research, and it is important that one does not believe what one reads here and there... Those who talk rubbish are definitely more numerous than those who really make predictions. Does this mean that mundane astrology does not work? Not necessarily, but there still is a long way to go. It is probably too early for our time, at least this is my opinion, formed after 35 years of experience and hindsight.
Let's get back to astrology learning. Once the two obstacles mentioned above are overcome, i.e. the venom of the ignorant mass and its bitter judgment, castigating with a conceited smile any effort made towards the shameful direction in which astrology is, and the fact that many long months will have to be spent to understand and master the concepts and the rules – actually, in my view, this is not enough, and I believe that after a whole year of reading and practice, one gets a good idea. After 5 years, one is able to make a few interpretations, after 15 years, one has good bases, and after 30 years, although one still keeps on learning, one has some good reflexes which enable to avoid making mistakes. It is after this period that amazement starts...
Bewilderment starts with the portraits. The hurdle lies in establishing the hierarchy of values and discarding whatever is superfluous. Indeed, the beginner tends to look at tons of details and get lost in a whole set of numerous meanings. Once this difficulty is solved, it is true that, if the sceptical person has paid the price and dedicated his time to learning, he usually loses his incredulity and the self-satisfied smile of the person who cannot be taken for a ride...
Having said this, unless one is particularly sensitive and vulnerable, getting to know oneself better, or having an idea about the meteorology, is rather helpful for evolving more rapidly. So, astrology would not be useless.
Having said this, unless one is particularly sensitive and vulnerable, getting to know oneself better, or having an idea about the meteorology, is rather helpful for evolving more rapidly. So, astrology would not be useless.

I wish to reassure those who are starting to learn. Actually, within a few days, as one reads the charts of acquaintances, one finds it mind-boggling. But once all the notions are well understood, one rapidly enjoys astrology and its batch of wonderments.
This is precisely what happened to me after a few months. Then, if one does not want to stop while on such a good path, one buys books and learn... during years. To me, astrology is a tool, and not a religion or something important. It is one discipline among others, such as history or psychology. Of course, it is more helpful and somehow prompts to ask questions upstream. This is what constitutes its charm, even though in no circumstances, does it answer these questions.
Astrology is anything except a spiritual path, a religion, or a moral code. It is just a tool which enables to understand our personality, our compatibility with people, and, with caution, to forecast climates, the meteorology of our evolution.
Some people have understood that astrology worked well and prefer… to avoid predictions. However, they are very few. There is indeed the auto-suggestion issue whereby the very fear of an unfortunate event might trigger it. Although there may be some truth in it, the amount of risk is minimal.
Some people have understood that astrology worked well and prefer… to avoid predictions. However, they are very few. There is indeed the auto-suggestion issue whereby the very fear of an unfortunate event might trigger it. Although there may be some truth in it, the amount of risk is minimal.

In my experience, right from the beginning, I observed that it worked. As everyone, one starts to read the charts of one's close friends and relatives, then one looks at the compatibilities, and above all, one plays at being God and analyses the future after having analysed the past. To understand the past, using the transits or any other techniques with a view to validating the rules, constitutes the best method.
Regarding this last point, my opinion is simple: forecasts work fine, provided that two major conditions, absolutely impossible to ignore, are met:
This recalls the nice philosophical tale of Samarkand which can be summed up as follows: a Vizier walks across the city to work at the Sultan's palace. He sees an ominous woman dressed in black, the sight of whom makes his blood curdle... As she gets nearer, he notices her glare and her expression and understands that she is Death. He is in a state of terror and thinks that she is coming to take him... more below
This recalls the nice philosophical tale of Samarkand which can be summed up as follows: a Vizier walks across the city to work at the Sultan's palace. He sees an ominous woman dressed in black, the sight of whom makes his blood curdle... As she gets nearer, he notices her glare and her expression and understands that she is Death. He is in a state of terror and thinks that she is coming to take him... more below

The first one is that when you analyse a period of time, many interactions or influences are noticeable. But all of them are far from being equally important. One thing that we must never hesitate to say is that "strong" events are obvious, even though the way in which they will manifest does not always exactly match what we think. Nevertheless, the general tendency can be described accurately, assuming the practitioner is seasoned enough.
Regarding minor, or "average" events, caution is required. There is a "scattering" of results, as if some people were more or less sensitive to certain transits etc. There are evidences that astrology should not be thrown out the window. The effects of very important forces at play are practically always noticeable. This is something I have observed on thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands cases, and each time, it is mind blowing because it completely rules out a vision at random of the period concerned. One must experience it to believe it: it is the number of disconcerting facts, totally incompatible with coincidence, which prompts to understand that one is not wasting time with this discipline. If one remains humble enough to accept that for less important events, or forces at play, there is some degree of uncertainty, and that one deals with probabilities of more or less favourable tendencies regarding such or such point, then, one remains on the safe side.
Does it mean that astrology is deterministic and fatalistic? No, definitely. Everything unfolds as if there was a "tendency", some sort of more or less imposed, yet partial, structure. It seems that free will enables to react differently to the planetary climates undergone, and as the old saying goes, "The stars impel but do not compel". Many questions obviously arise on this subject, but the purpose of these lines is to share my practical experience, in all simplicity, without starting to give a structured explanation for each concept addressed, which would require several books.
Thus, he is terrified and starts to run like a madman to the palace, where he arrives out of breath to see the Sultan. "What's wrong with you my friend?" said the Sultan. "My Lordship, I saw Death! She came to fetch me, I am very sure... I don't want to die, I am too young, I have a family. Would you allow me to take a dozen days off and go somewhere very far because I don't want her to find me, I don't want to die!" "No problem", answered the generous and nice sultan. "You have always been loyal and reliable. Go to Samarkand, it is such a beautiful city, it will take your mind off things.
Thus, he is terrified and starts to run like a madman to the palace, where he arrives out of breath to see the Sultan. "What's wrong with you my friend?" said the Sultan. "My Lordship, I saw Death! She came to fetch me, I am very sure... I don't want to die, I am too young, I have a family. Would you allow me to take a dozen days off and go somewhere very far because I don't want her to find me, I don't want to die!" "No problem", answered the generous and nice sultan. "You have always been loyal and reliable. Go to Samarkand, it is such a beautiful city, it will take your mind off things.

The other necessary and unavoidable condition, too often overlooked by many practitioners, is that our destiny develops only according to... what we are and therefore, according to what the natal chart describes, a natal chart which evolves, I need to underline this. Astrology obviously integrates this notion of evolution. There is no static state, no irreversible or fatalistic conditioning. A natal chart is mobile, and the human being is meant to blossom according to his basic characteristics, definitely with some degree of free will.
In plain words, it means that the astrological natal chart is fundamental. Predictive techniques use two charts, the natal chart, which represents our personality, our earthly self with its usual features: affectivity, intellect, capacity of action, inter-personal capacity, vitality, sexuality, behaviour, psychological facets, blockages, etc.
The Vizier sets off straight away with a few servants, a dozen camels. During four days and four nights, he hastily heads towards mythical Samarkand, fleeing the woman in black and running away from what he believes to be his fateful destiny. After four days, he eventually reaches Samarkand, a splendid city bathing in an extraordinarily beautiful light... He quickly takes a bath, changes clothes, and, without taking any rest, he gets out to have a mint tea and visit the city.
The Vizier sets off straight away with a few servants, a dozen camels. During four days and four nights, he hastily heads towards mythical Samarkand, fleeing the woman in black and running away from what he believes to be his fateful destiny. After four days, he eventually reaches Samarkand, a splendid city bathing in an extraordinarily beautiful light... He quickly takes a bath, changes clothes, and, without taking any rest, he gets out to have a mint tea and visit the city.

By superimposing the chart – or planets' positions – of the period analysed on the natal chart, one identifies the forces at play, in hierarchy and categories, which have an intrinsic meaning but which, at the same time, depend mainly on the natal chart; this is what is often referred to as "resonance" with the natal chart.
Let's take a concrete predictive case using transits for instance. One of the rules of thumb for predictions is to understand that transiting influences will fully manifest only if they are also found in the natal chart. Let's consider the difficult case of a transit of Uranus squaring natal Mars, with Mars in the 2nd House in Aries, and Uranus in the 11th House in Capricorn. These two planets are the most energetic ones, and at some time, their square triggers a blow-up in terms of behaviours or events, because the balance is too hard to maintain by the chart owner and meant to explode since the vibration does not correspond to his nature. Therefore, this explosive transit indicates that there is a probability that the financial area, or the way one earns a living, undergoes a very strong and unexpected jolt when the transit becomes exact or during Uranus' various passages as it retrogrades and squares natal Mars. This jolt may involve friends – it would be necessary to look at the rulerships. Now, there are two alternatives: if Uranus and Mars are connected in the natal chart, transiting Uranus will resonate with the natal chart, and it is most likely that important events, or the way they are felt by the chart owner, will be strongly experienced. The other alternative is that Uranus and Mars are not linked to each other in the natal chart, in which case it is clear that the effects of transiting Uranus, though violent, will have a less significant impact than in the first case.
The sun lights up the picturesque narrow streets, females are good-looking, and the shadows stretching their darker shape at this time of the afternoon increase the charm of the mythical city. The Vizier walks, deliriously happy to have escaped his fate. As he strolls and looks aside, he does not watch his steps and bumps into somebody! He immediately turns around and, to his stupefaction...
The sun lights up the picturesque narrow streets, females are good-looking, and the shadows stretching their darker shape at this time of the afternoon increase the charm of the mythical city. The Vizier walks, deliriously happy to have escaped his fate. As he strolls and looks aside, he does not watch his steps and bumps into somebody! He immediately turns around and, to his stupefaction...

Similarly, a stern, wise and sometimes slightly solitary Saturnian, meaning a person with Saturn in his planetary dominant, who has an upcoming transit of Jupiter passing over his Venus will not turn into Julio Iglesias or Rocco Siffredi during the few weeks of this very nice transit!
Provided these two conditions are met, i.e. some level of analogy with the natal chart, and caution whenever the influences at play are not very strong, astrology never disappoints, or almost never, as far as predictions are concerned.
Regarding couple's compatibility, there are very important rules. It is not because a synastry is exceptionally good that it means, on the one hand, that one will fall in fall, and on the other hand, that the relationship will be successful. Let me explain:
When one analyses the chart of a couple, one actually analyses three charts: the natal chart of each partner and the chart of the relationship. The latter is compared to the two natal charts and assessed using various possible techniques (composite chart, mid-space / mid-time chart, mutual planets-houses interactions, etc.). In addition of course, one must take into account the planetary climate of each partner, which is not simple.
In couple's compatibility, here are the principles that must be borne in mind:
Firstly, a fantastic compatibility between two persons never implies that they will fall in love with each other. Indeed, synastry only reflects how easy a relationship is in various areas. Conversely, a disastrous synastry does not mean that two persons will not fall in love with each other!
It is important to highlight the above because a host of visitors wonder and sometimes e-mail us asking "I met with so and so, our rate was 80% but nothing happened, the relationship has not materialised, etc.", which is normal! Astrology, at least synastry, is unable to determine whether two persons will love each other. Love eludes the comparison of charts!
Once again, if and only if, a relationship has already started, synastry will tell whether it will flow smoothly or not. In my view, that's already quite considerable!
A gorgeous and very pale lady, all dressed in black, stares at him with an almost astonished look and said, "Well, well, it's you, you are early. I did not expect you before several days yet." As she takes him by the hand, the Vizier, in a state of complete terror and at the same time strangely resigned, does not resist and follows Death, in great distress and without any possibility to rebel.
A gorgeous and very pale lady, all dressed in black, stares at him with an almost astonished look and said, "Well, well, it's you, you are early. I did not expect you before several days yet." As she takes him by the hand, the Vizier, in a state of complete terror and at the same time strangely resigned, does not resist and follows Death, in great distress and without any possibility to rebel.

Now, like with predictions, it is necessary to take natal charts into account. It is simple to understand: if in his natal chart, anyone has a difficult affective structure, as in the case of a man having an exact Saturn-Moon square, with the Moon in the 7th House and Saturn in the Midheaven, and for instance, Venus square Pluto. His marriage should a priori take place late – if he ever marries, which is not quite sure – and the context of the marriage should not be very easy. Besides, it is most likely that in the affective area, he imagines nice things and that in real life, he undergoes a few disappointments. Although it is true that there are no such things as good charts or bad charts, there are still a few tendencies which are noticeable on the manifested plane.
Let's imagine that this gentleman meets a lady with whom the compatibility is extraordinarily good. What would happen?
If he falls in love, and his feelings are reciprocated, the odds are that things will not develop smoothly. Actually, because the synastry is good, which is the hypothesis we have chosen, in order that his destiny unfolds according to his natal chart, certain obstacles will crop up. Such hurdles probably obey some necessity in terms of evolution etc., but this is another topic... Nevertheless, the relationship is most likely to be pleasant and easy. The rest of the context will have to be assessed: what are the active transits of the moment for both partners, what is the natal chart of the lady in question, etc.
As we can see, a relationship is a whole entity, a juxtaposition of five factors which already form a whole when taken separately: two natal charts, two forecasts or current planetary climates, and one synastry or couple report.
The analysis of these five factors is the only process which enables to understand and offer predictions about what is to follow, and even then... solely if the magical spark is born between them. Regarding the spark, let's say that transits enable to forecast whether the chart owner is likely to fall in love during the considered period.
It is true that one can try to bail out of what is deemed ineluctable, especially during loaded periods such as under Uranus' tensed transits. However, as one believes that one is escaping one's fate, one might also jump into it with one's feet together even faster!
It is true that one can try to bail out of what is deemed ineluctable, especially during loaded periods such as under Uranus' tensed transits. However, as one believes that one is escaping one's fate, one might also jump into it with one's feet together even faster!

The lines above emphasise, I hope, how difficult it is to make a diagnosis and the large scope of the work it requires.
My experience, once again with regard to this third section – since we have already addressed personality analysis and predictions – is that astrology works, provided that the natal chart is taken into account along with transits, progressions and solar revolution influences.
Which experience? It is simple. When one is interested in this tool, one quite quickly makes interpretations, thousands of charts in several years. Therefore, each time one gets the confirmation that "heavy" or major events occur according to the rules used, and that in most cases, portraits are quite accurate although of course, certain scattered charts are much more difficult to interpret than others. One also knows that humility is a must and that for lighter things, i.e. minor aspects, less important or fast transits, one really deals only with probabilities, but... that's already quite appreciable.
The last section, that of mundane forecast, is unrewarding. I will not enter into the details of the methods used, and I will only say that once again, my experience is quite a pessimistic one. Individual astrology offers results ranging from satisfactory to very satisfactory, but mundane astrology seems risky to me and, to state it clearly, not yet perfected enough.
There may be a fifth section, that of prediction of success for business companies, projects, etc. The principle is to take the exact date of creation of a project as its moment of birth and cast a chart exactly as it is done for a human being. This method can also be applied to an animal, why not.
As expounded in this article, my experience prompts me to think that there are two types of outer events: the fundamental ones, which are very rare through a lifetime, and the others. The former seem to bear some form of determinism affecting the way events unfold, because the way we experience them in our inner self is a different thing and gives our free will every latitude in making decisions, including that to grant them importance or not.
As expounded in this article, my experience prompts me to think that there are two types of outer events: the fundamental ones, which are very rare through a lifetime, and the others. The former seem to bear some form of determinism affecting the way events unfold, because the way we experience them in our inner self is a different thing and gives our free will every latitude in making decisions, including that to grant them importance or not.

The fans of this technique are often optimistic. Now, in my opinion, the real difficulty lies in identifying the exact date and time of the beginning of the project or a company. Let's take for instance the creation of a company, and why not, in France, the most difficult country regarding this topic, owing to all kinds of administrative hurdles: firstly, the date, time, and place of the "idea". Then, the determination of the name of the company. There may be also the date at which all the partners reached an agreement. Or the date at which the company's capital was deposited into the bank, or the date of the application or the official registration of its statutes! Or else, the date at which the premises for its head office are found...
Actually, if one ponders a little bit more, for every case, the same questions apply because the exact date and time are not really significant. The same holds true also for the birth of a country, etc.
As a result, examples are not easy to study, even though they are interesting for the astrologer as a matter of curiosity. I believe that great caution is needed in this area.
Getting back to the example given at the beginning of this article, you may want to ask about the young lady, "So, was she compatible with you?" According to the analysis of the time, no! And actually, nothing happened, except in my head. Thus, astrology started to work well in those remote days despite the sadness of the conclusion.
More seriously, the purpose of these lines is to say that the irrational refusal of some people, be they scientists or not, to consider that there might be something accurate in this discipline constitutes a real sign of laughable blockages on their part.
These questions would take us too far… Nevertheless, the Samarkand tale is a classic which tends to show the limits of free will in the field of real experiences. It is important to add that, as far as death is concerned, even though there are techniques which try to determine its date, no serious astrologer will claim to be able to do so. Why? Because, and it cannot be reiterated strongly enough, astrology describes a climate and probabilities, and nothing else. I would also add that this is at the same helpful, crucial, and an excellent thing. Nothing would be worse than absolute fate and shutting the door on hope.
These questions would take us too far… Nevertheless, the Samarkand tale is a classic which tends to show the limits of free will in the field of real experiences. It is important to add that, as far as death is concerned, even though there are techniques which try to determine its date, no serious astrologer will claim to be able to do so. Why? Because, and it cannot be reiterated strongly enough, astrology describes a climate and probabilities, and nothing else. I would also add that this is at the same helpful, crucial, and an excellent thing. Nothing would be worse than absolute fate and shutting the door on hope.

Obviously, it is easy to understand its cause, which is certainly somehow the issue of how astrology works.
Here, I have talked about concrete topics and experience, and not at all about the "why". Actually, being a scientist myself, in the beginning, what I wanted to know above all was whether astrology worked.
Over 35 years of experience have answered my question although after six months or one year, I already got the answer, thus positive, just in case some visitors would directly start to read from this point on.
The topic of why it works is completely different. Here are my impressions, given in a personal capacity: at first, I would consider astrology to be a small square of life, a bit like a helpful discipline, but without –let's say, directly – spiritual connotation.
It is efficient, useful, but it offers no answer to the real questions of life, under no circumstances. What are we, what are we made of, what is Reality? Beneath thought, feelings, sensations, there is the consciousness of being, which is the only real thing, upstream. The intellect is unable to understand itself. A blind man cannot describe the colour red. Similarly, the intellect can but go round in circles when it comes to asking "who am I?", since we are not our thought and we are upstream of it or... of them, because one can rather talk about thoughts in the plural, which are like bees continuously buzzing, with an actor behind who undergoes and at the same time has the illusion of control... Of course, there is a link between these thoughts and our consciousness to exist, but... I should stop here... This is just to show that astrology answers none of these questions, that its field applies to the earthly sphere, to human psychology, to the explanation of behaviour, to the cautious forecast of the meteorology of events, and to the assessment of the smoothness, if any, of a relationship in a couple.
There is also the topic of the astrologer who analyses his future. Can he really change it? The wisest answer is that yes, one can strengthen the periods of invulnerability and thus, one's successes etc. One can also be careful and thus lessen the impact of risky periods, for practically all events.
There is also the topic of the astrologer who analyses his future. Can he really change it? The wisest answer is that yes, one can strengthen the periods of invulnerability and thus, one's successes etc. One can also be careful and thus lessen the impact of risky periods, for practically all events.

I would say, and I believe so, that this is already quite considerable. The fact that it works is sufficient in itself, even though one would like to understand the whys in terms or physics or energy etc.
Second reflection: we know only four forces in the universe: strong interactions (the cohesion forces of atomic nuclei), weak interactions (the cohesion forces of nuclei and particles), gravitational forces, and electro-magnetic forces. We are able neither to define the consciousness of being, nor to give a definition of thought and of ourselves. To imagine giving an answer to the whys of the functioning of astrology would require a better understanding of these two planes: the first one is that of physics, which is not as advanced as it is believed to be. The second plane is that of knowledge of human nature, which does not seem too advanced either...
The first answer is that indeed, there is no known physical explanation as of today.
There are statistics, sometimes disputed, and astrologers' experience dating back to the dawn of time – and the different schools, etc. which I have not addressed here of course – which are dismissed by detractors of astrology who are so stupidly and mechanically indoctrinated with their own certainties that they self-intoxicate themselves with their own rubbishes when... they do not act in bad faith.
Regarding major events, which can probably be counted on the fingers of the two hands throughout a lifetime, I think that the astrologer himself cannot avoid a few compulsory chapters of his destiny. This may be found disgruntling or laughable, but those who make numerous predictions are aware that it is difficult, or practically impossible, to escape very powerful configurations, be they harmonious or tricky. It should be borne in mind that what is tricky brings about awareness whereas on the contrary, what is felt as nice often yields spiritual numbness. Nothing is good, and nothing is bad; there is only a succession of tests, happy or unfortunate, and the will, or lack of, to increase one's consciousness of existing with them.
Regarding major events, which can probably be counted on the fingers of the two hands throughout a lifetime, I think that the astrologer himself cannot avoid a few compulsory chapters of his destiny. This may be found disgruntling or laughable, but those who make numerous predictions are aware that it is difficult, or practically impossible, to escape very powerful configurations, be they harmonious or tricky. It should be borne in mind that what is tricky brings about awareness whereas on the contrary, what is felt as nice often yields spiritual numbness. Nothing is good, and nothing is bad; there is only a succession of tests, happy or unfortunate, and the will, or lack of, to increase one's consciousness of existing with them.

Of course, if anyone says to you "You practice astrology because you are in a fog, your mind is weak, you are indoctrinated, or you are Machiavellian, you do it for money, you are a poor insane person", there is nothing to answer since this blindness probably stems from a very irrational behaviour and above all from a pre-determined choice.
Some detractors of astrology, perhaps less obtuse than others, may imagine, during a too short-lived stroke of intuition, that not all astrologers are in a complete fog, not all malevolent, not all interested in power or money, and even that the majority do not waste their time, simply because hands-on experience has shown them the evidence, that is does work, provided due caution is observed as mentioned earlier.
Therefore, for these people, the following problem remains: "Well, let's suppose that it works and that there is some truth in it, but since there are no explanations to it, it cannot work, can it?"
A logical mind would answer back "It works of course. It is not because we don't know yet why, that it can't work, since on the contrary experience proves that it does work..."
Besides, the fact that one possesses a few assets like knowledge of astrology, or the mere fact of seeking advice from it, is part of the protections which can be found in the natal chart. The person who never doubts anything, who remains narrow-minded and keeps on his superior smile in front of concealed knowledge –astrology is not the only one – this person usually has several tensions in fixed signs in his natal chart. Indeed, fixed signs are excellent and often endow with a strong will and persuasion power, to the detriment however of open-mindedness, or rather, the swiftness to precisely adjust to whatever is new to him. Once adjustment is achieved, he will become a fierce defendant of the very cause which he fought in the first place, at least in the best cases (smile).
Besides, the fact that one possesses a few assets like knowledge of astrology, or the mere fact of seeking advice from it, is part of the protections which can be found in the natal chart. The person who never doubts anything, who remains narrow-minded and keeps on his superior smile in front of concealed knowledge –astrology is not the only one – this person usually has several tensions in fixed signs in his natal chart. Indeed, fixed signs are excellent and often endow with a strong will and persuasion power, to the detriment however of open-mindedness, or rather, the swiftness to precisely adjust to whatever is new to him. Once adjustment is achieved, he will become a fierce defendant of the very cause which he fought in the first place, at least in the best cases (smile).

The tradition does not hesitate to put forward such answers as "As above, so below.". This explanation is based on symbolism, the human being partly incarnated and partly spirit, and there is a connection between these two worlds, etc. But obviously, this is not an explanation.
Astrology works although we still don't have its explanation in terms of forces. My opinion is that it will come. It constitutes an interesting subject, but not a fundamental one. The main point is to avoid talking nonsense and to be pragmatic. It seems to me that being open-minded is the only correct attitude.
Although one can live without astrology, its offers much help to those who practice it or to those who seek advice from it. It is already very appreciable. Indeed, although astrology claims neither to give an answer about the purpose of life, nor to be absolutely reliable, and in spite of the fact that the explanation of its functioning is unknown... it nevertheless delivers obvious results.
This is what justifies its practice. To my view, the only good attitudes are, either to use it with caution if it is helpful on a punctual basis or more, or to ignore it and ask "Why not, but in any case, I am not interested." The only totally ridiculous attitude is to display the self-satisfied smile of those who cannot be taken for a ride...

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Projecting Your Consciousness to Other Locations in Time and Space


  As you continue to expand spiritually, you can extend your consciousness into other locations in time and space. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the scope of your imagination. Each person is able to project their consciousness to any desired location in time and space. You can project your consciousness to a [...]

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Aghartha In The Hollow Earth!


The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha

Aghartha In The Hollow Earth!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

The biggest cover-up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose c...

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Op de Spits Drijven…..

Is a Dutch saying which literally means 'Bringing it to a head', making the bomb burst. But you can take it even more literally, and at least partially translate it as 'Floating on the Spits'. Given the preferences of most of the dutch audience, SP!TS is the newspaper founded years ago by Frits Spits, a famous radio DJ from the seventies and eighties.'Want to see how you can float on a newspaper?

According to the header they are powered by NewNews, and sometimes lost in translation by us [That would be me @ now].

According to this header from todays paper, they have their big ears pointing upwards, so let's listen to what the stars are saying for me. I mean, this would safely be considered a quotation, but doing it for all twelve signs of the zodiac would probably be called plagiarism, which to us Dutch has a far more playful meaning, because of the Dutch word 'plagen' which means 'to tease':

For those of you who don't speak Dutch, let me explain how this sounds, and how come I am quoting it. I don't normally read newspapers, am more of a incidental headhunter than a serial killer. My friend Leo however is an addict: he reads all the dutch train papers every day, and even brings his non-training colleagues their own copies. He read me this out loud this morning, when I was already in an A-positive mood:

It is an ideal day if you need to fulfil a delicate assignment, if you wish to claim what is rightfully yours, or if you wish to rethink your strategy. Don't worry, your partners in communication will completely understand you.

Now this already felt awfully good when he read it, but as the day progressed I got inspired to formulate two stories for tonight, one about industrial espionage (delicate assignment as I later realised), and about my most ardent desire, which yes, I DO think I am entirely entitled to. Then as the day proceeded, a dirty little bug had me chasing it all around the R&D room, frequently having to combine my strengths with those of my able-bodied colleagues, to rethink our strategy..... which happened

More on that later, first I have to deliver a crashed laptop to the hardware-specialist, and I thank God (and myself) that my luck is such that the laptop isn't mine..... but Melanie's.

Love your Stars,


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Recent & Radical Cellular Healing – The Arcturian Collective

Channeler: Lauren C. Gorgo

Many of us have been going thru a sincere rough patch the last couple of weeks...well, really this has been in varying degrees since the equinox...but the last 2 weeks have been especially unkind. In light of the many emails I have been receiving about this exceptionally gooey and physically taxing integration period, I decided to call on the support of the unseens to answer a particularly heartfelt question that I feel many would benefit from.

I feel like I’m so lost and I suppose faith will see me through but I can’t help but feel like faith got me into this mess, I gave up everything, including my heart, soul and every breath I have ever drawn to partake in the transition and now as I witness the crumpled pieces of what’s left of my mortal life, I wonder ... is this all my fault, did I do something wrong, why do I find myself in this limited place where I feel like I have no choice but to continue on this path, that any plan I try to execute will be thwarted and I will have no choice but to come back to this place, where any kind of joy is fleeting but pain and suffering seem eternal.

I understand that we create our own circumstances, but I have never ever believed that me or my family deserved to live under such over-powering pressure, I feel like I can’t breathe, and I know that there are other light workers in similar situations, where it feels like we have given everything for this cause and we are left out in the cold, while others needs are meet, I just don’t understand?

I have always felt so clear about my destiny and who am I and where my path leads and now I cannot see the future anymore like it is blocked from me, I feel so alone and yet I feel many near me, but they are of little comfort when they are safe in divinity and I am here afraid.

Do you know why there are lightworkers like me who are in awful situations and lost places, my whole life feels like it never fit me, I am so uncomfortable, everything feels like a complete opposite to what I believe in and hold dear , it feels so traumatizing to wake up here every morning, it’s like ash in your mouth, there is no light here and nothing grows.


Blessed warrior, be at peace. This journey is not for the faint of heart, no, and we assure you that though there is nothing left in this dimension for you to explore, that it is in fact, designed to be that way.

We share that though you are contemplating the direness of your situation at hand, in truth, what you are experiencing is the total opposite of this...that is to say that every part of you has arrived, has passed through the portal to your new vibrational experience, but with mere threads of your physical self left to complete the reconnection. This discordance...the extreme differences between what is real and what you are presently experiencing, leads to the absolute conflict, confusion and frustration of your current physical circumstances.

You are not alone in this, by far...many who walk beside you on this timeline are experiencing similar isolation and disconnection from truth. May we suggest that when you are undergoing a period of disconnect...wading through the void as we say... that you instead look to your external environment for clues to what is already on its way to you.

Often in these situations, when you are seemingly cut-off from your higher vision and the source of your expanded self, it is near to impossible to see the bigger picture or the many layers of your reality that are in fact supporting your higher intentions. In these circumstances, when you feel disconnected from what feels good...which has been your main gauge for truth throughout this journey... we provide you with the guidance to instead look around you, to look for and SEE the physical events taking shape in your outer landscape of life that lend credence to your divine truth. Yes, you are that close now.

For what is truly happening is this:

The last energetic ties to the old paradigm, the old earth and its ways of creation, are being severed, unplugged and removed from your energy field and you are simultaneously being fully replugged into the new matrix. This severing period places you in an energetic quarantine for two reasons... so that you are blocked (protected) from creating any further realities from the expired (karmic) grid matrix, and so that you take the necessary time to nourish and support your body through this radical cellular healing initiated by the biological restructuring and mutation into the crystal vibration.

Your physical cells are undergoing radical and deep transformations at this time. This cannot be overstated...for the physical realms that you are soon to participate in require the complete and total clearing of all 3d dimensional reality constructs.

This part of the journey is very taxing on the physical body, yes, and when your vitality is low, your perceptions, your out-look, is at risk. To keep your head above the rising waters of biological purification, we suggest that you remain as present as possible with what surrounds you and to engage in those things that are still able to bring you joy...for those few things remaining are the intrisnic parts of you that are true, the essence of you that will always remain in tact. Immerse yourself so fully in any pleasure that you can call upon knowing confidently that the rest is taken care of for you.

We realize that there are few words that we could share that would lift the suffering of disconnect, for you are creators and so your natural tendency is to create. To be blocked from participating in the creation of your desires is nothing short of a living death, and so we assure you, even if it is yet again through words, that you will come through this cellular integration with a renewed sense of life, a renewed love, a renewed desire to create, and a renewed sense of confidence in your many abilities.

We don't pretend to to know the physical experience of your personal ascension process, but we do know that the only way around the process is directly through it. The intensity of your biological re-balancing and physical resurrection is contingent upon your ability to surrender to the changes fully.

This grounding period is indeed a very physical-based experience, and so the cellular rejuvenation has been nearly multiplied to allow for the full de-cension of your spirit body into form.

Be at peace with the end of life as you know it. Be at peace with the physical resurrection required to attain mastery. Be at peace with the unknown. But mostly, be assured that all of this is bringing to you exactly what you most long for.

We, the Arcturians, are a most proud and advanced civilization of the fifth density. We offer you a glimpse of the utopia that your future holds for you...an existence where love is the primary element of life.

We maintain unsurpassed love & deep abiding respect for all of you, as we honor the warrior in each of you. Your contribution to the overall plan is unrivaled, as is your ability to achieve your pre-planned & collective goal.

Farewell for now.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

Copyright © 2009 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

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Serapis Bey: You Are Fulfilling Your Plan

Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff

April 8, 2010

Serapis Bey: You Are Fulfilling Your Plan

My Greetings to all Lightworkers,

I come to speak to you in regards to the Ascension energies that are becoming more intensified within each of you at this time. These energies have been creating much turmoil that has sometimes been reflected in the outer circumstances of your World. Know that this is the deep cleansing that is required within each of you, in order that you be prepared to fully embody your Christed Self and to fully integrate It within your five body system. This was and is an ongoing process for each of you.

We ask that you not hold yourselves or others in judgment during this process, as this time is such that it requires all to release and then to unify into One Consciousness that desires the Highest Good for all. Although it may not be apparent to you at this time, in hindsight you will understand the purpose of all that you are now experiencing and it will become clear to you. Many such dramas will continue to take place within each Human being upon this Earth in the coming days. You are the harbingers of this process and so you are experiencing this process before the rest of the World. All that is occurring now has a Higher purpose and that Higher purpose is being served.

On the Ascension Path, it is required for each Initiate to undergo many trials and testing in order to prepare each of you for greater integrity in your service to the Light and the task which you have chosen to fulfill in these moments of bringing forth the Higher Vision for the Divine Plan for the Earth and all upon Her. You are fulfilling this Plan in your moments of Now and the Highest Good of all is being served. Remember this when you are in the midst of the dramas that come forth from you and from those around you. We understand that it can be somewhat confusing to you. Some of your thoughts, words and actions, seemingly come from another Being rather than your outer self and indeed, it is so, for it is an aspect, fragment or soul extension of your unified Self that is being addressed and worked upon, to heal and release and then unify within your Totally Integrated Self. This is most important and this process is proceeding now.

We of the Higher realms are ever at your side, working to facilitate these processes with as much grace, ease and understanding that it is possible for you to assimilate and comprehend. All the threads of each of your lives are coming together now. Know this and rejoice, for that means you are ever so much closer to the end result. You are loved beyond measure and never walk alone.

I AM Serapis Bey

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message with others, as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com

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Needed Science for the Times

Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. Again we are here in a way that may seem strange to many. I want you to get used to hearing this voice and understanding the reality that is here. Perhaps you might ask yourself, "Is this real?" You might say, "Kryon, I'm having a hard time believing that you're really channeling, that the voice comes from the other side of the veil. It's just so difficult!" If that's what you're saying today, Human Being, I will say that you are blessed to be so honest with words coming from the struggle to work out of the three-dimensional box you are in.

Dear one, if you ask the right questions of your own Higher-Self, of your own belief, of your own psyche, you then start have things revealed that you didn't expect. For it indeed is a quantum experience on the other side of the veil. My partner [Lee] and I are linearizing this conversation for you. This is a quantum experience and that means that language is only a small part of it. The audio that you hear and the words seen on the page are only a portion of it.

In the past, we have spoken of something called the third language. This third language, identified some time ago, is not a language in linearity. It is instead a language of the catalyst of the three. We use the three in numerology to represent a catalytic action number. That is to say that all of you have the ability to receive what is being given at a level which is quantum, and not a language such as words on a page. Even the reader of this particular message can ask for a quantum experience and then be in the session with those who are in the room in real time.

We're going to give you some science. We've chosen, perhaps, an odd place for that [Albuquerque, New Mexico]. But we really haven't, for we think in a quantum way. We wanted to come to this place and honor those who built this building [The Indian Center]. We want to honor the ancestors who are here, listening. We've come to a very quiet place in the stillness of the southwest in order to give a message of clarity, and purity, so that others will also receive it in this fashion.
Science for today

When we give a scientific message, I ask my partner to go very slow. Some of the things we speak of now have been revealed to him, and some have not. So I asked him to proceed slowly, for it will be heard and read clearly and much will be seen around it. For what follows in this message is not just esoterics. There will be practicality presented and there will be physicists looking at it... and that makes my partner nervous.

This is not going to be complex, for even the one sitting in the chair who doesn't understand science will still receive what they need to receive through the third language. They will understand why these things are being given and appreciate them. All through this process, the entourage who has poured into this place, who represents the ancestors of all of you, resound with it all. Even the ancients who are here, and who are wrapped into this building, into this place, where my partner gives a message of science, are pleased.

Reassurance about Global Warming: what is happening?

This message is not necessarily a long one, but one which you have to hear. It's about the environment and science. So let us start with some assurance and positive news. Let us review one more time that what you are seeing in weather changes on this planet have not been created by Humans. What you have called global warming is not global warming at all, and I say it again: It is part of the cycle that always was. This information is not new, and we told you these things some years ago when the idea of warming first was presented, and fear was the result. We also called out the weather changes you are seeing now, back in 1989 when my partner began this journey with me. Long before the idea of warming was popular, I was telling you to expect this cycle.

The North Pole has melted several times and come back several times. It is waxing and waning. The water evaporation cycle [what Kryon called the water cycle] is the way Gaia works. However, this time it appears to be here sooner than expected, and that is alarming to many. If you were to ask Gaia right now to come in to this place, Gaia would give this message: "Humans have not caused this." Could it be any clearer? I give you this information so there would be no alarm sounded regarding it or actions taken that might be in response to a false idea.

However, at the same time I tell you that there is a mandate to change how you create your energy. What you put into the air is significant, for it is a hazard to your health. What you put into the air hurts Humanity, not necessarily Gaia. Gaia is far more resilient than you think. Gaia adjusts in ways you don't expect, and faster than you expect. Your contribution to pollution is insignificant compared to just a few natural volcanic eruptions of the past. Gaia takes care of Gaia, and the process is not new, or a surprise. However, for humanity we say, "Clean up the air and you will live longer." It's not about stopping a weather cycle that you have created. Hardly! It's about common sense for life.

It's going to get colder. That's one of the subjects of today. You're going to need more energy to combat the cold, and we have given you advice in the past regarding this, and one of them we wish to revisit today. For it is time for you to think out of the box of three dimensions when it comes to some of the things that we have discussed with you.

You think in a straight line. You don't necessarily think past certain concepts, but rather you assume things that then create straight line thinking. At the same time I give you this information, I will also tell you that this particular concept is already known on the planet. It is the way of it. We do not give you something that has not already occurred to a Human Being. Free choice is what we have told you is the operative word. So in order to honor this free choice attribute, the things presented today must have already occurred to a Human Being before we will deliver a message like this. This creates a situation where the Humans are manifesting it, not just using hints from Spirit.

When these insights are received by humanity, they normally land as inspiration on the planet in more than one place at a time. That is to say, epiphanies of discovery happen all at once, usually three to four places in order to assure that they will not be lost. It's like this: The vibration of the planet is like a big door that opens and closes with the vibration of an enlightened or non-enlightened humanity. If you chose to close this door by creating a low vibration of the planet, then information, invention, and discovery are lost. They actually go away, since humanity doesn't even care to look! However, when the vibration becomes higher, the door opens and discovery and invention just "lay there" ready to be seen. So Spirit does not dole out inventions, but rather the system you have created allows for it. For high science is always there no matter what, but the Human Beings on the planet temper how much of it becomes available by how high the planet vibrates with human consciousness. This explains how you have lost so much science in the past 50,000 years. There were societies who actually were far more quantum thinking than anything you currently have today.

There is an actual irony here in that you have higher tech inventions today, but far lower conscious of understanding. You have marvelous computing power that only is programmed for 3D! Later this will be funny to you.

There is tremendous energy available to you directly from the earth, and it's free. It is not what you call free energy, for you have to build an extractor to get it. But it's everywhere; its forever (you don't use it up) and it's called geothermal energy.

New ways to obtain geothermal heat

It's all below your feet, not really that far away and its natural heat. It's hot enough for you to drill down and create steam. If you can create steam through natural process of thermal energy, then you can drive steam turbines and create electricity. That will create the power you need to survive some harsher winters and to heat your homes. Electricity may not be the most efficient method to use to heat a home, but it may be the cleanest in comparison to the methods that pollute the air. If you can create the electricity itself in a very efficient way, it becomes far more viable for everyday use.

Using steam, there are other ways to create electricity as well. Humanity is fond of very elaborate steam engines, and you've been using them a very, very long time. Today's nuclear reactors are simply very expensive steam engines. You heat water using nuclear reactors and create steam with that heat, which then drives your turbines. So we're giving you something to think about. For nuclear power, as clean and good as it is, has bi-products which are dangerous and you know this. Geothermal, although very clean, can also be dangerous. So now we open the discussion of something new.

If you can drill approximately five kilometers into the earth, you will find enough heat to make a steam engine work. Now, five kilometers to you is not all that far as measured in a straight line along the surface of the earth. Many of you actually walk that distance to school and work and realize that it's not that far. But if you're going to drill that distance, technically it becomes difficult and dangerous. It's not just dangerous for the driller, but can be dangerous for the planet. On the way down through the crust of the earth to the five kilometer mark, you go through pockets of attributes... releasing gas perhaps; releasing fire, perhaps; releasing water, perhaps. If nothing else, sometimes you interrupt what we will call the integrity of the lubricant of the shale itself. What I'm saying here is you might even advance the potential of an earthquake, all by drilling down only five kilometers.

So now I'm going to give you the answer of how to make steam without drilling so far down, and it requires thinking "out of the box" of what you have always assumed. All along you're thinking that you're going to drill down and put a pipe in the earth with water in it. You put water in, and get steam out. However, what if I told you that you only have to drill down a fraction of that distance, and you will find enough heat to boil fluid! You'd say, "Impossible." This feature exists over the hot spots of the earth, which have heat very close to the surface, but those attributes don't exist in most of the places we're asking you to drill. The answer is not to use water. It's time to marry the highest technology that you have on the planet, with things you didn't expect to marry them with, and this is thinking out of the box.

This is the kind of thinking that is becoming a little more quantum, seeing the entire picture instead of just seeing what you think it should be, or what you are used to. There are solutions here, and some already know what they are. There is elegant chemistry that will boil at a fracture of the temperature that water will, and this is the answer: Learning to use those substances and those fluids with this chemistry within a geothermal closed system machine, which doesn't have to drill down five kilometers. How about two kilometers? Using this known chemistry it will be possible to drill only a fraction of the distance, and get the heat you need for steam.

So we tell you this because you're going to need to do this. If you heed this advice, you'll find that the timing and the synchronicity of discovery is at hand. That is to say, you will understand it all and realize that the elements will fall together and you will get your steam engine. And it won't take five years to build and it won't be dangerous and you don't have to cover it with a shell. Much easier. It won't belch smoke. It won't pollute, and you don't have to worry about being next to it. Think about it... natural heat from Gaia that is forever! It will create electricity you're going to need to heat homes and businesses... because eventually it's going to get colder. That's number one.

What Humanity needs the most right now

We're going to give you one other insight: This is not new, in that the following information was known, then inappropriately sold and pocketed by industry. Since the idea is already known, I'm going to give it to you here so that the public can see it and anyone with synchronicity who listens to, or reads this message, will understand it. Even you sitting in the chairs will understand the concept, but the scientists and the physicists will then have to implement it. We would not mention it here unless it were very timely.

The resource that humanity is going to need the most as the population grows, as the weather changes, is what you probably already had guessed: Fresh water! Already it's becoming scarce. You will notice the snow is falling more and more in the wrong places, and often in areas that have no infrastructure to capture the runoff. The reservoirs and aqueducts are built for the old energy with the old weather patterns. As the population grows, water will be the issue.

The New Desalinization Answer

Here is one immediate answer. It is a profound thing when the earth is mostly water, yet you cannot drink it! The answer is to use the sea and the ocean, and convert it. The ocean, of course, is not fresh water, so you have to ask how to extract the salt.

Desalinization exists today in a very inefficient way. Large amounts of water have to go into vats of containment and sit there while heat is used in various ways. There are various systems, some of them steam, some of them not, all requiring heat to take out the salt. It takes a long time. It's expensive and not efficient. Therefore it is not tenable to desalinate for an entire city. Instead, only places that simply have no fresh water at all have a system like this. It becomes a necessity of inconvenience and expense instead of a good solution.

Now, I'm asking you to think out of the box and I'm going to give you the answer of how to desalinate water in a new way. My partner, I want you to go slow here.

Most of the largest cities on earth are on the coastlines of the ocean... very near water. This is because over time those coastal areas were the places where trade could happen with ships and ports. So you end up with the largest cities being on the ocean. It's a good place to start, is it not, to get water for them, from the source which they can simply look at and use? The answer is not that difficult, but it requires something that has not been considered.

The highest technology you have today has to do with the smallest of the small. You call it nano-technology. It is chemistry and even chemical machines, extremely small, taking form as what you would call robots. These ultra small, molecular sized robots exist today, and are at the pinnacle of your new inventive efforts. Even now, your science is considering how to insert them into the Human bloodstream to seek out and kill disease... as an enhancement to the white blood cells that you currently have. That's how small the nanoparticles are.

Naturally there are objections to this, since it seems to alter the Human body. It doesn't, any more than any supplement that is not naturally created, which you have learned can help you with pain, disease, chemical balance, or even to sleep at night. So it joins forces with the kinds of science that has been given to Humanity to help keep you alive. Remember, that although we teach that a Human Being can use their own consciousness to do that, there are millions who will not believe it, or not be interested in that. So science takes up the slack, so to speak, and there is much today that is known to assist the quality of Human life that is not metaphysical. This is a balance, and is proper and appropriate. Still there are those who will let their own child die, rather than use science to help balance a disease. They believe that anything that is not given from God is not appropriate. It's time to fully understand that good science is simply the discovery and implementation of the way God created the Universe. Used with integrity, it is appropriate, God-given, blessed, and was allowed to be discovered due to a higher-vibrational Earth. In other words, you earned it! Therefore to throw it away or call it evil is to not understand it.

A man is very thirsty. He is very religious and prays for water to be given to him. Along comes another man with water, and offers it to him. The thirsty man rejects it, saying that he expects it only from God and will wait. He dies thirsty, never understanding the synchronicity of God is through other Humans! Learn to appreciate the science that is given to you to extend your life, for this is appropriate and is given to Humanity for this reason.

Nanotechnology is becoming smarter. Science is learning to make the robots intelligent through chemistry, through logic, through electronics. It's like the logic of a computer, which can cleverly help you to do many things. It doesn't think for you, but rather it assists you in tasks you can't do yourself. These tiny smart robots can help desalinate water.

I'm going to give you a task: You're going to build a desalinization plant where the water never stops flowing, and where salt can be removed in real time, and a by-product created that you had no idea about. The water never has to rest and never has to be cooked. There is no heat involved at all. Using nano-technology, the water goes in one end of the machine, and it comes out the other in a steady flow. In—salty, out—fresh, and ready then for standard purification.

The first stages of the system require that you release enough nano-technology robots assigned to find the dissolved salts and attach themselves to them. Here is the secret, however: every single robot is magnetized! I am the magnetic master, after all.

[Kryon smile]

All of the salt then becomes magnetic, with tiny little nano robots hanging on to all of it. On to the next stage: Flowing into the next area, the water is exposed to tremendous, huge electromagnets, pulling the salt out of the water completely and totally, because the salt is now magnetic! Out it goes. Over simplified, perhaps, but this is the way of it. No heat is involved.

Now, the by-product... you won't believe it! Oh, and this will be controversial when you discover it. Magnetic fields applied to water often create water that is quite healing. Do you see where this is going? What a device that might be! It would be quantum, you know, because it uses magnetics. There would be those who will say that magnetically treated water is bad for you, since you are altering it in a way that is not understood. They don't realize the amount of energy that other Humans have gone through to find the healing waters of the earth! Now you get a bit of that while desalinating water! There will be no proof either way of what is happening, so that will make it controversial. All people will know is that fewer people are getting sick!

So this is what we wanted to give you today. This is what we wanted to have recorded today in this way, so that you might hear it and it would be published. I wish to tell you what we see in the future, based on the potentials you have developed. We're not going to give you a time frame, for there is none.

The Future of Science

The information I'm about to give you can be two generations away, maybe even three. But it all has to do with quantum invention. Physicists, listen. I'm going to give you something you already know, and it's possible. It involves another field of science but it opposes everything three dimensional you've ever learned. Humans are funny. Even in the highest math and geometry, everything is defined in a straight line. Therefore Humans just love to define a circle as a polygon with an infinite number of straight lines. That's funny! It's almost as though a circle didn't exist in nature, and the Human has to create a formula using a straight line object for it to exist. Interesting, isn't it? I'm just giving you the Human straight line bias, and its fun to look at. Bubbles have always been around. They're beautiful, you know? They're natural, you know? The circle is a natural occurring event in space, as well... think planets. But Humans want this shape to be an infinite number of straight lines.

Like cartoon characters on a page, the stick figures find a few three dimensional properties in their two dimensional lives, and they "prove" them by creating an infinite number of stick figures to explain the shape.

What you already suspect is that gravity and magnetism all naturally bend. They don't go straight, and they never have. What about light? It doesn't either. When affected by the other two, it bends also. That should tell you something. Nothing is really a straight line at all! The only straight lines around are the brains of the Humans. [Kryon joke] You're not using the right kinds of math either, and we told you that long ago. There's an elegance of math that is quantum and if I begin to tell you about it, even in the simplest terms, it's going to seem overly complex.

The New Math is coming

Quantum math uses something that is going to be discovered and we're going to give it a name: influential numbers. These are numbers that do not have empirical values, but instead have values that are influenced by the numbers around them. Four is not a four. Four is modified because of the numbers that sit next to it, as in a formula, or in linearity as in counting. Each time a formula is manufactured in a quantum state, the numbers within it are all influenced by the others around it. This is because all of the numbers in that formula are modified by the numbers that are next to them. They're influential numbers. If the four is used in a linear way, it is affected by the five, or by the three. They all influence the numbers next to each other, as seen in the conceptual sense. The reason is that a quantum reality is one that is never linear or has the attributes that you think are "normal."

However complex, it is not random, and there is indeed an elegant system... a beautiful thing when you find out the attributes and see the consistency of the change. Chaos does not look like chaos when you understand the "chaos rules." Eventually, when you see this, you will then have the formula for a circle being a whole number, not an irrational number as it exists today. It won't be pi. Instead, it will be "pi solved." We ask the physicists to work it backwards if you have to, in order to get a whole number of pi. That will give you a hint and what has to be done with the rest of the computations.

Imagine mathematics with influential numbers! For each number is not empirical but influenced by the one around it. I'm giving you high math now, and here's how it's going to serve you: Because when you start to understand it, you're finally going to understand what I'm going to call the Holy Grail of Physics. That's a Human term [Kryon wink].

In your straight-line thinking, in your bias, you have many 3-D formulas, don't you? And when you look at the basis of physics, you talk about matter having mass. In those things which have mass you've even figured out the atomic structure and density. You are proud of the consistency of the formulas, based on what you see around you, and you think they're static, don't you? You think there is a formula for everything, and it explains how things move and react. "If it has a certain atomic density and mass, then it weighs this or that in a certain gravity. You've got it all figured out.

Indeed, you have! But only in 3-D. So as soon as you become quantum with these formulas, they all stretch and become different. All this to tell you yet again, that it is possible for you to alter the mass of any object in existence. It doesn't matter how large or small or how dense it is. You can alter the mass of it, and therefore (pause..) the effect that gravity has on it. There is no such thing as anti-gravity, only the control of mass. So whatever formula you have in 3D that tells you how much something should weigh, can be then changed by controlling the mass of the object in question. Therefore you are not changing gravity (which is really a quantum product of two other forces), but of the mass of an object. And it has to do with controlling the atomic density, or apparent density as seen by gravity.

In Yugoslavia, there's a famous workshop. Historic it is, for it belongs to the man who thought out of the box, Tesla. In that workshop, there are marks on the ceiling made by the objects that took off from his workbench and went straight up! They shattered, hitting the ceiling hard! Nikola was frustrated, for he had discovered the creation of massless objects and didn't know how! He thought out of the box... the only one in existence to ever give you a blueprint on how alternating current might work. Oh, it's more than 3-D. Study it, for it's elegant.

All of this that Tesla did was created by magnetics, and this was also the basis behind the experiment in his workshop. However, in Tesla's time there were no computers or any of the finite instruments you have today to measure or create tiny fluctuations in magnetic fields. He accomplished the creation of altering the mass of an object, but he couldn't control it, and didn't know exactly how he did it. Frustrated, he was. By the way, he's back. I'm not going to tell you where. Maybe he will read this and know what to do next?

[Kryon smile]

Clever, it is, how magnetic fields can be arranged around other magnetic fields. Even solutions [fluids] can be magnetized to create clever shaped fields within fields... sometimes at right angles to each other, sometimes not, to give you a condition that will create a change in mass. None of these things are out of the purview of Human development. How long it'll take? We don't know. That's up to you. But do you understand what it will change? Everything! It means that the things of science fiction are finally yours. What you called anti-gravity is simply an object with controllable mass. It'll float no matter how big. It's doable. Maybe it's time to implement it?

"Kryon, why do you tell us about these things?" With this we close. The answer is that we want you to stay here. All of this is given in love. We want you to stay here! And you're not going to have much luck with that unless you start thinking more quantum, unless you start accelerating the inventions and put some of the politics out of the way. But the countries which must do this are the ones who have the highest technical abilities and they also have the highest influential structures that are in the way of it all. It is time for the population to understand this and turn the physicists loose and not strap them with those things which are political, or industrially or efficiently "appropriate." Perhaps you don't know what I speak of, but they do.

In the process of this, there will be life extension; in the process there will epiphanies; in the process you might even find that this message was accurate and true. Somewhere down the line, if you do, then you've got a puzzle, don't you, physicists? Don't you? If you're listening to this, you've got a puzzle, because who is it who is speaking from the other side of the veil, giving you information that is true and real and scientific? At some level, you're going to have to say it's real. At some time in the future you're going to have to admit that the spiritual and the science is allied, and that the energy that created the earth and the magnetics and the gravity and all of the things you studied, is a piece of you... since the creator is inside of each of you. Then maybe you'll open up?

It all has to do with this puzzle: Is this real or not? Is Kryon real or not? Is love real or not? Well, some of you know, because you've sat in the presence of the creator today who loves you. This family on my side of the veil, loves you. It's a wonderful Valentine message, isn't it? So we say to you, dear ones, that all of the things that we talk about, whether they're scientific, or have to do with your Akash, or your core soul, or a Higher-Self, are given for one reason: to make the life you are living on this planet easier. It's so you may discover the compassion that is the glue that puts you together with creation, that changes the earth itself, for the shift is upon you.

What you call the 2012 energy is already here, having arrived approximately 1998. Let this be what it is supposed to be, a time of high consciousness, of scientific evolution with integrity, with an economy that is a re-emerging with integrity, with government that slowly changes old energy. There is a new paradigm occurring, with things that you would never put together in the past. This is an oxymoron - cannot exist together - integrity and government - integrity and insurance - integrity with banking. A new paradigm is upon you, and this shift is difficult. We have the warrior and the worker in the chairs in front of me. They know it because that's why they came: the Akash is alive and well in you, dear ones, and you know who you are. I know who you are. And I celebrate each, each one.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher. 

Lee Carroll

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Energizing and Aligning with Fifth-Dimension Energies

Channeler: DL Zeta

As you energize and align with fifth-dimension energies, opportunities will arise to join with others to incubate the dream of the New Earth.

Building a Bridging Identity

Part of building this dream is creating a bridging identity able to “walk in two worlds,” so to speak. This dual self will continue to carry out the tasks associated with living in the reality where you are currently focused while at the same time, planting seeds in the new time with your focus, intention and desire. This bridging identity will be able to walk daily in both worlds, one manifest, the other unseen except in your inner world.

This bridging identity will allow you to merge more fully with energies of the new time. This identity will derive from a future self. To the degree that your resonance allows you to forge a union, this future self will be able to lend its energy and guidance. As you direct your intention and consciousness toward this future “you”, locating this self in the timeframe where it exists, you are able to blend with its thoughts and feelings.

Cultivating Skills of Blending and Harmonizing

In the future, "blending" is a technique that is common. You already do this to an extent. When you spend time with another, you harmonize your energies and blend with them. Often you will find you know things about this person that they haven't told you. You may begin to develop new skills based on their knowledge and understandings. This is an equal sharing as they draw on your knowledge and experience as well.

Intuitive counseling works in much the same way. For a short time, you step inside an intuitive’s consciousness and see yourself through the eyes of spirit. Healing can take place instantly as you view yourself with complete love and compassion. It is in this moment that you see your gifts and your woundedness side by side as well as the threads connecting them. As you receive the message of your sacred wound, you effectively step off the karmic wheel.

The Nature of the Sacred Wound

Early in each lifetime, a sacred wound is "stamped" on the consciousness, usually through a set of circumstances, though it can be a single incident. Sacred wounds can be created through illness, accidents, family turmoil, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. At the root, a sacred wound is a karmic lesson carried over from past lifetimes. Throughout the life, each person begins the quest to gain the understanding that will satisfy their karmic lessons this time around. Once this lesson is satisfied, one is able to effectively achieve emotional freedom and step off the karmic wheel. Once free of enslaving emotions and impulses, the conscious mind is free to join in partnership with the higher self to rewrite the plan for the rest of the life on Earth. This plan usually involves creating a way to use one's talents,earthly knowledge and spiritual wisdom to assist others with their own process of
awakening. Once a person’s consciousness awakens, they experience a natural desire to assist others in awakening.

Awakened Consciousness is the New Time

Imagine you "wake up" in a darkened room and see others sleeping around you. Upon closer examination, you see the room is filled with dust and cobwebs and the air is stale. Your first impulse is to throw open the doors and windows to let in fresh air and sunlight, then begin nudging the others awake.

When one person awakens and begins nudging others to awaken them, all the universe cheers. Much guidance and assistance is downloaded to the one who throws open the doors and windows of their consciousness to be the eyes and ears and hands and feet of spirit on Earth. This awakening allows you to become spirit incarnate on Earth. This is possible by embracing your sacred wound, opening to its message and using this wisdom to heal yourself throughout time. Once this is done, you're able to still step off the karmic wheel and unite Heaven and Earth.

Many souls chose to incarnate at this time when the elevated energies on the Earth plane would facilitate the awakening process. Many advanced souls were chosen to anchor the light at this time. Others came to represent other points along the energetic spectrum. This is a critical time when all of time is held in a microcosm where dark and light join hands in a way that allows human consciousness to take a great leap forward.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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Prosperity Programs, Nesara, 911 Explained! – March 26

I'm picking up a quite truthful vibe from this piece, at least that's what it would look like from a 3D standpoint. From my viewpoint, there's a whole web of benevolent beings in higher realms gently massaging the situation presented here. 


Prosperity Programs, Nesara, 911 Explained! Mar 26/10
Friday, 26 March 2010 17:34


Posted By: RayelansMailbag

Date: Sunday, 9-Dec-2007 23:14:31

The story of how this change will occur, takes us back to Tudor England. There was an enigmatic character by the name of Saint Germain. He learned the secrets of alchemy by studying ancient esoteric knowledge into the occult he was literally able to turn lead into gold, rocks into diamonds, and later was able transmute his mortal body into a immortal angel conquering death itself. With his "elixir of life" and positive thinking he never aged at all.

According to Germain "It is the activity of our nerves, the flame of our desire, the acid of our fears, which daily consume our organism. He who succeeds in raising himself above his emotions, in suppressing in himself anger and the fear of illness, is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years and attaining an age at least double that at which men now die of old age."

Comte de Saint Germain

"A man who knows everything and who never dies," - Voltaire

Comte de Saint Germain was noted for rubbing elbows with the monarchies. Many of which commented on his elaborate shoes stubbed with $40,000 diamonds and pearls. No one knew the source of his income. Then around 1727 he shared his secret money making techniques to certain German bankers in hopes that they would use the money to help humanity. Using his techniques, they along with the monarchies choose to squander the money for themselves. Even to this day, these bankers have continued to keep this knowledge secret.

Eventually Saint Germain realized the money was never going to be used for benevolent purposes so he pulled his money out and in 1729 he put it into his own "World Trust." At the founding of the trust it was stipulated that this money would be released in the year 2000.

Bank Roll Programs

Around the turn of the century, the children of robber barons, and "banksters" began to see the error in their parent's evilness and their use of wealth. These 100 children are known as "wealthy visionaries". Together they invested some of their families money into secret money roll programs, to be used for humanitarian purposes.

The bank roll programs, allow wealthy investors to make insane profits by ripping off the assets and resources from third world nations. The profits from these programs are utterly astronomical as monthly returns can be in excess of 1:100,000 and 1:500,000. The name "roll programs" comes from a method of rolling money over and over in short periods of time. At the end of each cycle investors then reinvest or "roll" the principle and interest earned over into the next cycle. In the late 1990's the bank roll programs finally ceased.

Money earned from these bank roll programs became known as the "Prosperity Programs" Over time the programs where secretly opened up to small investors so that one could invest as little as one hundred dollars at a time. These small amounts where handled by trustees, who collected the money and kept records, and combined the small investments into the large amount, let's say, one million dollars, that was required in order to enter a "roll".

The news of these programs spread by word of mouth and especially via multi-level marketers. Thousands of people invested and great wealth was generated, but little, if anything was ever paid back to the investors. Trustees such as Clyde Hood and Mike Kadoski where sent to jail under false charges. Then corruption, greed, and fraud became wide spread among the bankers, government, and even some trustees who wanted to steal the money for themselves.

Even the Bush family had their hands in the pot, using Promis Software they could transfer stolen funds without being traced. Many have died because of this wealth, but God has another plan for humanity.

The time has now come to release these Prosperity Funds and the funds from Saint Germain's, World Trust. This money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks, pharmaceutical cartels, and zero out all debt. 250 years of compound interest has mushroomed the World Trust into a net worth in excess of one quattuordecillion dollars, or $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000.

That's 1 with 40 zeros behind it. This is enough money to buy a gold cube the size of the orbit of Saturn. So astronomical most people will not believe it!

The money from the World Trust will be distributed in the following manner.

Level One -- World Trust.

This is under the trusteeship of Master St. Germain. At his direction The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year, Easter and Christmas. At St. Germain's orders the World Court activates the funding process. This process continues down through the four lower levels of trusts to the people, and under certain conditions the funding window remains open until the next holiday funding window begins. For example, if the Easter window is activated, the window can remain open until December 24, the day before Christmas, at which time it closes. The window remains open only if significant funds are moved to certain designated trusts during a set period of time. If not, the funding window is closed when such deadlines are not met.

Level Two --

These are the 180 Royal Trusts under the control of trustees in various sovereign countries. Examples are The French Trust, The Russian Trust, and the Vatican Trust.

Level Three --

These are the Family Trusts under the control of trustees of the world's wealthiest families. Examples are Bronfman, Warburg, Morgan, Rothschild, and Rockefeller.

Level Four --

These are the 250 plus Corporate Trusts under the control of trustees from powerful companies and corporations. Examples are General Electric, Lockheed, General Motors, Boeing, Carnegie, Ford, Marriott and AT&T. There are 4-5 trustees per trust which means that approximately 1200 trustees must sign documents to move money through these trusts.

Level Five --

These are the Prosperity Program Trusts which represent the various 70-75 bank roll programs which are under the control of designated program trustees. Again, there are 4-5 trustees per trust or some 350 persons who must sign documents to activate these trusts. Some examples include Bergevene, SBC, ITI, Savage, Morgan, Omega, and Freedom. The largest trust is Freedom and it must be funded first. It is these trust's that hold the wealth from the enlightened robber baron children.

Then finally the funds will be released to the common man.

As the funds pass through each trust, the trustee must use only certain designated "safe" banks and sign the proper documents with only certain designated banking personnel at those banks. Should this process be activated and then be stalled by deceitful bankers, deceitful trustees, etc. and the deadlines for funding to reach certain trusts are not met, the funding window is then closed. This is the problem members of the Bush family are blocking the release of these funds.


Change is on the horizon, and it begins with NESARA.

There is much disinformation on the Internet pertaining to this law. Sources such as quatloos.com which is a CIA front, nesara.org which is owned by the Bush family, the 33rd Zion Lodge, the NSA, Sherry Shriner, and various Internet channeling's straight out of CIA Langley have been spouting much disinformation and confusion on the subject.

The information on the Wikipedia even has its facts wrong.

Wikipedia gives you the history of Harvey Barnard NESARA law. If you look closely this law it stands for National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, which would reform the economy and replace the income with a national sales tax.

This law was rejected by congress in the 1990's. However there is another NESARA law on the books.

This NESARA, stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It's the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only this country but our planet in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the secret government, and much more.

History of NESARA

To understand NESARA's origins we must go back to the early years of the American Republic. Ever since England lost her most prized jewel the "American Colonies," the royal crown was looking for ways to take back what was once theirs. The pioneers of our new republic knew the threat that faced the young nation. To ensure its survival a nobility amendment was passed to prevent anyone who had loyalties to the crown from holding public office. The 13th Amendment was approved by congress and the House of Representatives in 1810. It was ratified by all the necessary states into law on March 12, 1819. It reads as follows.

13th Amendment

If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

This amendment was unacceptable for the British crown because this would essentially cut of all meddling into the affairs of the new republic's government. It would also mean anyone who is a member of the BAR (Lawyer) association would not be allowed to hold public office. Remember the B.A.R. is short for the British Accredited Registry. This amendment is technically still in effect today and therefore all the laws that have been made by lawyers remains unconstitutional, as they are not allowed to be US citizens.

This is why England fought in a war with us in 1812. Washington D.C. was burned to the ground and the original documents which proved this was indeed a law were destroyed. The British monarchy knew the American people would never tolerate British rule again, so they offered back the republic to the people with one exception, the 13th amendment was to be removed from the constitution. Nearly 200 years have now since passed, we have been conquered and yet we don't know it.

Then we had the civil war which was really about the Rothschild family trying to gain control of the south's cotton industry. Then we had the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which put America into slavery. Finally in the early 1990's we started to see a change.


The beginnings of NESARA takes us back to the early 1970's when the banks where foreclosing on farmers mortgages all over the United States. The Willie Nelson "Live Aid" concerts were one of the fund raisers that helped these farmers. The farmers soon realized the banks where not only charging exorbitant and illegal amounts of interest, but they where illegally foreclosing on their homes.

When these farmers began to seek legal action against the banks they soon realized that the government and banks where working in collusion with each other. So in the early 1990's, they sought the help of the Farmers Union and did in depth research on all the banks illegal activities. A series of lawsuits where initiated against the banks and the government. Over 336,000 Farm Claims filed for fraud against the U.S. Federal Government with an average of $20 million dollars per claim. This amounts to $6.6 trillion total.

In retaliation the banks and the government sent the IRS against the farmers. When the farmers realized they where being unfairly targeted by the IRS they began looking for ways to fight back. They requested help from military generals such as General Ray Swasinger, to sit in the court room to ensure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law.

These court cases ran up and down various state and federal courts from 1970's till the 1990's. Then in 1992-1993, the farmers appealed their case to the US supreme court. Almost unanimously the U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were VALID and that the U.S. federal government and the banks had seriously defrauded the farmers, and all U.S. citizens, out of vast sums of money and property. Furthermore the court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS and the Federal Reserve where unlawful, that the income tax amendment was never ratified by the US states, and that the US government had illegally foreclosed on farmers homes with the help of federal agencies. Irrefutable proof of such was presented by a retired CIA agent. He provided testimony and records of the banks illegal activity, to lead further evidence that the Farmers' Union claims were legitimate.

The Justices recognized that to remedy this situation, massive reformations would be required.

Now, when rulings are made by the U.S. Supreme Court, one or more Justices are assigned to monitor the progress on how the rulings are carried out. In this case, five Justices were assigned to a committee to develop steps to implement required government and banking reformations. As the Justices went about developing the required reformations they enlisted the help of experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, Constitutional government and law, and many other related areas. The Justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide; these thousands of people working to bring us NESARA have been named "White Knights".

This term "White Knights" was borrowed from the world of big business hostile takeovers. It refers to how a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy person. This term is a most accurate term for these "White Knights" are working behind the scenes to stop the madness.

After the trial, the damages process name was changed to Bank Claims. From 1993 through 1996, U.S. citizens filed Bank Claims against the banks and the federal government through the U.S. Treasury Department to obtain payment for the damages as specified by the U.S. Supreme Court. (This process CLOSED in 1996.)

Gag Order

Due to the ground breaking changes required, an extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone, directly involved and the court case records. Anyone who broke this gag order would receive the death penalty. Furthermore all court records where sealed until after all the reforms are completed. To maintain this secrecy, the case details for the docket number assigned to the Farmers' Union case were changed.

As a result doing a search for this case will fail to reflect the correct information until after the reformations are made public.

At every step of the process, anyone directly involved has been required to sign an agreement to keep the U.S. Supreme Court's process of implementing the required reformations "secret", or face charges of Treason which are punishable by death. This gag order was placed on all media personnel, government officials, and bank employees. This is why Alex Jones or TV news anchors will not talk about this on air. Nor will wikipedia tell you the truth behind the law. Nor will Sherry Shriner who is nothing more than a CIA stooge. Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, was about to break the gag order, but before he could his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife, daughter, and himself.


To implement the required changes, the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur. These agreements , known as "Accords" where made with the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve Bank owners, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone.

The U.S. banking system reformations require the Federal Reserve Bank system be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the banks' fraudulent activities stopped. Plus remedies will need to be made to U.S. citizens for past harm due to fraud. The U.S. banking reformations will impact the entire world and therefore the IMF, World Bank, and other countries had to be involved.

As the years began to pass, the military generals who originally helped the farmers soon realized that the government had no intentions of implementing the "Accords." So, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a 75 page document known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).

NESARA implements the following changes;

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities

2. Abolishes income tax

3. Abolishes IRS; creates 14% flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government

4. Increases benefits to senior citizens

5. Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.

6. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement

7. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups

8. Creates new US Treasury currency, "rainbow currency," backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals

9.. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

10. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System

11. Restores financial privacy

12. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law

13. Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide

14. Establishes peace throughout the world

15. Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades. Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years. The law requires that the farmers claims to be paid first before the general public receives funds. Remember, these funds will come from the Level 5 Trust, bank roll programs.

16. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

17. Enables the release of new technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup, and sonic healing machines.

This law was passed secretly on March 9, 2000 by Congress. It was voted on by seven members congress, which where the only ones constitutionally allowed to hold office. This is because the nobility amendment prevents anyone with ties to the crown from holding office.

Plus, NESARA requires all congress members to resign immediately, so all the corrupt members of congress refused to vote. From its very inception Bush Snr., the false congress, and major bank houses, and the Carlyle group opposed NESARA. Secrecy was maintained by revising the official congressional registry. The details of the bill number for NESARA were revised to reflect a commemorative coin and revised again more recently.

Our members of congress will not tell us any of this because they have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to "deny" the existence of NESARA or face charges of Treason punishable by death; and some members of Congress have actually been charged with "obstruction" and threatened with Treason charges. Therefore, all members of Congress pretend that NESARA has not been passed in order to comply with the Justices' gag order. This why there are no public Congressional Records!

The unelected cloned President Bill Clinton and his puppet masters, had no interest in signing NESARA into law. So, the military generals enlisted the help of the elite Naval Seals and the Delta Force. Together they stormed the White House and under gunpoint forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA into law. This occurred on October 10, 2000.

Before NESARA is announced to the public it is stipulated that the original farm claims must be paid out first in with gold or precious metals backed currency as stipulated by the constitution. Therefore they cannot be paid in Federal Reserve notes which is not money anyway. The $6.6 trillion is to be distributed in the form of ATM debit cards from the new gold back US Treasury system. This money will come from the bank roll programs originally set up by benevolent illuminati families. The only catch is to release these funds they must first be released by Goldman Sacs and Bank of America which are owned by the Rockefeller and Bush cabals.

To prevent the funds from being released the banking documents, which contains instructions on how to access the funds, are being transported 24/7 between warehouses in Charlotte, NC and Washington D.C. The drivers of these Fed Ex trucks are heavily bribed and many of are afraid of reprisals from the Bush family if they deliver their payload as required by law.

One time when these packets where returned to Washington D.C., Bush placed them under military guard. Federal judges ordered him to release the funds, G.W. Bush replied. "You will never receive these packages, they belong to me". The judge answered "I can do no more, he is President of the U.S."

The news media were called and refused to film the guards saying "He is the President and we are afraid of what he will do." (code for we also work for the Illuminati)

This has been going on for some time, so the IMF, and World Bank got together along with the Rothschild family to set up a new global banking system backed by gold. This will ultimately kill the Federal Reserve System which is worthless fiat money. It was approved by congress on September 19, 2007. On October 19, 2007, at midnight the U.S. treasury of the Republic went on-line with the Global Banking System. The next step is announcing this to the public, but it's not an easy task to do.

Many powerful groups have tried to stop the announcement and implementation of the NESARA law. 18 months after NESARA became law, the Justices had the current Congress pass resolutions "approving" NESARA on September 9, 2001.

On September 10, 2001 George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement.

The next day NESARA was set to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001.

9/11 Attacks

Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced.

Just before the announcement, Bush Snr. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two, in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system.

George Bush Snr decapitated any hopes of returning this government back to the people. Despite the fact the Bush family was to be paid off $300 trillion dollars to cooperate with NESARA, they choose instead to maintain control over us.

Ultimately in the end the Bush's will end up with nothing.

Without a gold backed treasury system our country is headed to economic collapse, and eventual civil war.

Logistics of 9/11

We are all familiar with the official story of September 11th: Four jetliners where hijacked by groups of four and five Arabic men armed with box cutters, who flew three of the four jets into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. The World Trade Center weakened by the fires collapsed into piles of rubble. Later that afternoon, the 47 story Building 7, collapsed due to fire (a fact which most people are unaware of).

The FBI had compiled a list of hijackers within three days, and so it was obvious that Osama bin Laden had masterminded 9/11 from caves in Afghanistan. With that in mind there was no need to seriously investigate 9/11. The problem is when one investigates the conflicts of interest and red flags we find a long series of improbable coincidences.

It is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble a jet fighter whenever an airliner goes off course or radio contact is lost. Between September 2000 and June 2001, interceptors where scrambled 67 times. In 2000 jets where scrambled 129 times. The air traffic control system continuously monitors air traffic and notifies NORAD of all deviations. NORAD is responsible for monitoring, air and space traffic continuously, and is prepared to act immediately to threats and emergencies. It has the authority to order units from the Air National Guard, the Air Force and other armed services in pursuit of airliners in trouble.

With this in mind what would cause the massive breakdown in the chain of command?

According to the Pentagon, NORAD was conducting a mock terrorist drill on 9/11, this is why they where unable to scramble jets in time. This seems to conflict with Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta's testimony before the 9-11 Commission. He reports that at the time of the attacks both Dick Cheney and himself was in the Presidential Emergency Operations Command Center. Norman recalled an officer coming in every few minutes to question the Vice President if NORAD should continue to stand down and not shoot the airplanes out of the sky.

"During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President...the plane is 50 miles out...the plane is 30 miles out....and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??"

The airplanes which flew into the twin towers where military aircraft as no normal 747 could maneuver the way they did. Remember the hijackers nearly flunked out of flight school, how are they able to maneuver an airplane in such a way even expert pilots could not. These planes were most likely flow using autopilot because all 5 planes had their black box in flight recorders turned off at the same time. The recorder is turned off when the Airborne Warning and Control System takes over the craft.

The Planes where controlled using the U.S. Air Force's "QRS11 Triaxial Remote Guidance System" called "JPALS." Essentially it's a "gyro on a chip." It uses GPS satellite technology and electronics implanted in the Boeing aircraft allowing them to be controlled remotely.

The truth is the September 11th attacks where carried out using remote processes. It was planned out by a CIA unit of 100 people (Aquarius?) in August of 2001. This group carried out the attacks and staged the so-called cell phone calls purported to be from passengers on the commercial airlines by using voice impersonation technology and other remote technologies. This same CIA group also created the conspiracy story of 19 Arab hijackers, many of whom where either dead or in jail in the middle east.

As for the airline passengers on 9/11, they where probably gassed aboard their plane and then sent to either the Amtrak facility in Kansas City, Kansas or the FEMA crematorium in Terra Haute, ID to be incinerated.

Explosions in WTC

The official NIST's (National Institute of Standards and Technology) investigation is often cited as proving the theory that planes and fires caused the collapses. Yet the report fails to mention how the buildings could collapse due to fire without a historical precedent of any steel framed skyscraper collapsing other than a controlled demolition. In the entire report only two sentences in a half page section gives us hints as to what really happened. This troublesome issue is avoided by placing them outside the scope of its investigation, claiming that "global collapse" was "inevitable" after the "initiation of collapse."

A striking distinction of the World Trade Center collapse was the pulverization of the concrete into dust and gravel before it hit the ground. This can been seen in videos which show the towers mushrooming into vast clouds as they fall, leaving only twisted pieces of steel and no large pieces of concrete. While the building is collapsing you can see puffs of smoke exploding each floor out in a timed demolition. These puffs of smoke are called Sprites; which explode outward 10 to 15 floors below the rubble as the building collapses. This would suggest the detonators where on a timed circuit set to go off in a controlled manner. This also explains why the building collapsed in a free fall. An unobstructed freefall using Newtonian physics would be 6 seconds. Logic would dictate as the building collapsed the floors below it would reduce the speed, however the World trade center collapsed in 7 seconds. All of this make s sense especially when you consider the testimony from the firefighters. They reported hearing bombs going off but the media ignored their testimony. Even Columbia Observatory recorded minute explosions on their seismograph, moments prior to the collapse.

William Rodriguez who worked as a janitor reported hearing explosions in the basement just moments prior to the airplane colliding into the world trade center. Hilary Clinton promised him a high position in her government if he remained silent about this. Instead he refused, even today the media continue to ignore and distort his testimony.

Prior to 9/11, no steel building had ever collapsed due to fire. There is no way Jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt the steel in the WTC, this is because steel melts at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, and Jet fuel burns at 1,800. Even if the beams buckled it wouldn't cause them to melt with the fire proofing protection. The truth is the fire burned around 700 degrees and was about to extinguish itself. This can be confirmed by the black smoke which occurs in an oxygen deprived fire. There is no way the fires could have burned as hot as the government claims especially when the videos show people sitting at the edge of the impact hole waiting to be rescued.

Furthermore, Steven Jones, professor of physics at Brigham Young University found that the rubble had evidence of evaporated steel, and thermite which is used in controlled demolitions. In order for steel to evaporate it would require temperatures in excess of 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Even three weeks after the world trade collapsed their where still areas of rubble which where so hot fire fighters could not go near it. Maybe this explains why the government was so eager to ship all the "evidence", I mean ruble to China and South Korea. This was crime scene, and by removing the evidence the government violated crime scene laws. Oddly enough the company which was given the task to do this was none other than "Controlled Demolition Inc." Its funny thing you know with all this "heat." How come the terrorist's passports which linked Al-Qaeda to the attacks failed to burn in the inferno as claimed by the government?

So now the question is how did those explosives get into the building without anyone noticing it? On the weekend of 9/8 and 9/9 there was a 'power down' condition in the south tower. For 36 hours there was no electrical supply from the 50th floor and up. This would mean there would be no security cameras, security locks on doors. Maintenance workers reported seeing 'engineers' coming in and out of the building, and the sound of heavy objects moving around on floors which where supposed to be unoccupied. Even more red flags are raised when one considers the fact that bomb sniffing dogs patrols where halted on September 6, 2001. So who allowed this to happen?

Securacom (later renamed Stratesec ) was responsible for the security of the WTC complex. Marvin Bush, G.W's brother was on the board of directors. Isn't it odd that he has never been investigated especially considering Securacom was also in charge of security for United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport, the same place where the reported hijackers boarded there planes.

Building 7

Building 7 was the third building to collapse on 9/11 according to the government fires leveled the building. The only problem with this is, fires have never leveled a steel skyscraper before. The team that investigated the collapse was kept away from the crime scene; by the time their report was published in May 2002 the evidence had been destroyed.

Building 7 had a number of fires of limited extent and unknown duration before the total collapse at 5:20 PM. Official reports assume the debris from the North Tower ignited the fire at 10:29 A.M. FEMA's report blamed the collapse primarily on fires, though it was inconclusive. NIST suggested it was cause by severe structural damage. However other skyscraper fires exhibited more extensive burns and longer lasting than Building 7, but none of these other buildings collapsed.

From the video evidence, it is clear building 7 collapsed in a controlled demolition type manner. Even the owner of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein admitted to this fact in 2002 on PBS,

"I remember getting a call from the...fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire. And I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life. Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull-it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

Pulling is a term used in controlled demolitions. Now it takes weeks of planning and installation of detonators for a successful controlled demolition. How could all these detonators be conveniently in place unless Silverstein had foreknowledge the attacks would occur? Perhaps this explains why he bought a 99 year insurance policy worth $7 billion months prior to the attack. The truth is the world trade center was loaded with asbestos. It would have cost much more than $7 billion to take the building apart piece by piece to remove the stuff. So not only is it cheaper to do a controlled demolition Larry Silverstein made money from it too!

Buildings which where much closer to the World Trade center sustained more damaged yet did not collapse due to fire. So how is it that Building 7 which was two buildings away from the North Tower, developed these fires when it wasn't hit with a plane. Maybe this can be answered when we look at who has the most to gain from the destruction of this building.

The following are the prime suspects in the 9/11 collapse.

In WTC 7, the SEC was storing thousands of files related to pending Wall Street investigations on companies such as Enron and Worldcom. Conveniently these document where destroyed when the building collapsed. Other tenants in WTC7, include the IRS, CIA, Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Defense. Building Seven also served as the command center for the security of the entire WTC complex, which was headed by the President's brother, Marvin Bush, whose contract ended "coincidentally" on 9/11. It was also host to then Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management command center. This was built on the 23rd floor, in 1998 as a "bunker" for emergences such as 9/11. It had bullet and bomb-resistant windows, its own water and air supply, the ability to withstand 160 mph winds, and a full commanding view of the entire WTC complex. Interestingly, on 9/11 Giuliani didn't bother to put the center to use, even though that's what it was built for. He decided instead, to set up a makeshift command center down the street.

Isn't it strange that the official 9/11 commission report, choose to omit any reference to building seven. What else are they hiding from us?

What happened to the debris from flight 93 in Pennsylvania? It was mysteriously missing, with the only evidence left, a 15 foot hole in the ground. The truth is flight 93 was intended to hit Camp David. If you go to YouTube you can hear the actual sound bites from the new networks which announce flight 93 hit Camp David. Seriously folks, 9/11 was totally scripted that day. Camp David was targeted by our government because it was the anniversary of the "Camp David accords." Which was the 1978 Israeli-Egypt peace treaty, (Israel is actually a state within the United States so it's really the US-Egypt peace treaty.) By blaming the Muslims it would have given our government another excuse to bomb the Middle East.

Why was their no investigation in the put options on American Airlines stock? Why was members of the bin laden family flown out of the country on 9/11 when all other planes where grounded? Where did the missing $700 million dollar stash of gold stored under the WTC complex disappear too? The questions go on and on. The government will not answer them because they are at fault. The whores in the media will not tell us the truth, as many of the major news networks have been paid off to lie to the American people. Its all about the money!


There is no way a 124 foot wide Boeing 757 airplane could fit into a hole 15-18 feet wide. So what hit the pentagon if it wasn't a passenger airplane? Unfortunately the government confiscated most evidence covering up what happened. After the impact, pentagon officials confiscated 80 video cameras which where focused on the pentagon, and eyewitnesses had to sign nondisclosure agreements. To date only one of these videos has been released and this video is only 4 frames. All we can conclude from the video is a blurry metal bogey of some sort hit the pentagon. It is safe to rule out a 757, because such a large aircraft flying at 450 mph would literally be torn apart from turbulence created while flying under 60 feet in altitude.

The truth is Bush ordered the destruction of the Pentagon building to prevent this country from returning back to constitutional law. Remote pilot technology was used to fly a small white private plane loaded with explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Communications Center. At the time they where coordinating activities supporting NESARA's implementation nationwide.


Every time Bush says we are in a war against terrorism, the terrorists they are referring to are not Al-Qaeda, THE TERRORISTS ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Patriot Acts I and II will eventually take away basic constitutional liberties such as a trial by jury and search warrants. Further more anyone who tries to cash their refund from the NESARA trust funds are arrested under the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Gestapo. When one takes a closer look at the secret memos and executive orders the intent of the elite is clear. We are now living in a police state just like our Nazi leaders have always planned for us.

"He who trades liberty for security, deserves neither and will loose both." - Thomas Jefferson

The Bush family and the Bin Laden family are in fact best friends. They where both business partners in Saudi Oil and members of the Carlye Group. According to Patrick Bellringer, the Bush family was protecting Bin Laden. He checked into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN prior to September 11, 2001 seeking medical treatment for his kidney problems. The hospital gave him and his family a floor unto themselves for privacy. He later died on December 26, 2001 from kidney (renal) failure and lung complication. The big lie by the US government is to keep the people believing there are terrorists out there to get us. It's hard to have a War on Terrorism, if there are no terrorists! Furthermore the media refuse to investigate how a dying man can survive on a dialysis machine in remote Pakistani caves for over six years.

When you analyze the video footage, the seismic data, and eyewitness accounts the government's conspiracy theory just does not make sense. This fictional story has given Bush an excuse to send the U.S. Military to Afghanistan, Iraq, and create Patriot Act I and II. Now you know why on 9/11, Bush Jr. sat in a classroom reading a children's book about a pet goat for seven minutes, as if this epic cosmic tragedy was no big deal.

Now our country remains at war and the media covers up the amount of body bags coming out of Iraq. Nor do they report the real death totals on 9/11. The actual death count is 30,700. No one questions the insanely small numbers given out by the government because New York City is a large place; people who have lost loved ones do not make contact with others who have died in 9/11. So they have no way of knowing how many truly died, especially when their government lies to them. The following death totals comes from the Pleiadian Commander in Chief Hatonn (more on who he is later.)

Casualties Report March 2003 till January 2007

Iraq War

U.S. soldiers killed 11,600

U.S. soldiers, war injuries 22,800

U.S. civilians killed 5,000

U.S. soldier bodies dumped into Persian Gulf 7,000

Iraqis killed 960,000

Iraqis injured 555,000

Official Data of the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Jan. 26, 2007

Confirmed U.S. soldiers dead 3,063

U.S soldier, hostile injuries 22,884

U.S. soldier-non-hostile injuries and disease victims 24,823

( http://icasualties.org/oif/>)

Afghanistan War

U.S. soldiers killed 680

U.S. soldiers, war injuries 660

Afghans killed 36,000

Afghans injuries 67,400

Official Data of the U.S. Dept. of Defense

U.S. soldiers official deaths 494


9/11 - World Trade Tower Disaster

People killed that day 30,700

Total deaths to date resulting from this disaster 56,600

Number of the 30,700 picked up by Starship that day 20,400

U.S. Gov. official death toll 2,752

U.S. Gov. officially identified 1,527

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A Life of Joy, Living in the Moment

Shelly Dressel

This channel had a number of interesting energies, the essence of which is learning how to live in the moment.As you are aware, your past is over, your future has not arrived; all you truly have is this moment.  When you are seeking to manifest or create within your life, you can only do so through the moment in which you are living.  Do you have a story, something that represents the experiences that have in some ways defined your life so far?  It could be based on pain and suffering, perhaps a time when you did or experienced something marvelous.  The point though is that your life today is focused upon what happened in the past.  Until you let go of whatever it may be that happened, you will be remain in a place of resistance. 

What is compassion?  Can you look at your life and accept that it is that it is? When you infuse compassion into your life you open to even greater potentials. Therefore you may keep the memories but you let go the energies that tie you to the past.  For many people if you take away their ‘story' they feel cut off and adrift.  So open to feel the true you that lives behind or beneath your ‘story'.   

Lastly if you choose to have joy become the focus of your life, everything that you are seeking will come with greater ease.  And if the perception is that it's not... then at least you can have fun along the way!!  I'm told time and again by the Goddess that we humans take our lives and ourselves too seriously.This is a reminder to find joy in whatever way that we can and allow it to flow through our lives.


Nama sika; venia benya      I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family.  I welcome you with open arms to our time together.  I reach out to each person who is here; I say to you welcome.  I thank you for taking the opportunity to reach out and align with me.  I thank you for seeking to create a transition within your life and doing so with me. 

I feel as if there is such a glorious light and energy that is moving in to the Earth plane at this time.  You hear constantly about the transitions that are taking place; you hear constantly about vortexes of light and energy.  You hear about things that are happening to people in various ways, shapes, forms.

All of it is real; all of it is a part of the experience that people are having.  It is this and even more.  We have spent the last few weeks speaking about Ariellis.  Feeling her energies; feeling what it is to you and recognising how much everybody is having an impact upon how that planet is going to be used in the future. 

The greater ease that you have in flowing your energies from here where you are on Earth onto Ariellis creates more and more pathways of transition.  This is what is creating the greater ease.  There is more going on than what you realise. 

I have spoken of Ariellis as a separate planet from yours, which it is. I have spoken of it as something that you transition towards or into.  You leave your planet and go to that one, as indeed you can.  Part of what is occurring as a result of what everyone here is doing, plus all the others who are working with this energy, is that it is creating a better alignment that allows for Ariellis and the Earth to blend as if one is superimposed upon the other or perhaps to consider it as if one is manifesting within.  There's not an in and an out, an up or a down, although it makes it easier for each of you to have a greater understanding by thinking of it in those terms.  For yourself, consider what that means to you.  

With that we will begin to shift our consciousness.  Have a sense of taking one more deep breath so that you may breathe down within you as the human, as you do so have a sense then of releasing your physical body.  As you release allow your consciousness to expand it very easily moves into the space of the magnetic grid. As you arrive here within this space look around and recognise the space of your higher self.

It is a place for your expanded consciousness.  It is a place for your awareness.  Feel it as if it's very comfortable to you.  Have a sense of moving from there into the crystalline grid.  As you feel your energies move within the crystalline, feel yourself releasing the magnetic pull of the Earth.  It is as if the crystalline vibration is so familiar and so comfortable to you now; this it simply is you. It is your space.  You need not reach out as if you step into something that is not your own.  

I have commented many times on how much the crystalline grid has shifted. I know that you are each very well aware of this.  I invite you though, to stop or take in this moment.  Feel what it means to you to be within this space.  I get a sense that many of you allow your energy field to be cleansed.  You open up your senses and take in whatever perceptions are here for you.  And I think what is happening is that as you continue your transition into a crystalline biology, whenever you come in to the gridwork or this space, it's a time of using the vibration to clear out debris, to clear out old energy, to clear out anything you are ready to release.

Soak it up and take in you as you are more connected within yourself.  From here you may have a sense of shifting into a separate dimension; allow yourself to move into the soul plane. As you come within this space, feel what it is or see or sense what it's like as you look at your divinity. 

You come here consistently therefore your divinity is here ready and waiting for you.  You need only open your senses and take in whatever information is here for you.  Allow yourself to blend fully with your divinity, so that you will remember what it is to be here fully aligned. You remember that inner knowing of how good it feels.

You are integrating more and more of your consciousness within this space. I the Goddess move in and amongst you and as I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As we merge, we move into the All That Is.  Feel what this is to you.  Feel your expansion; feel as if you're reaching out your arms and expanding.  Let this space support you.  

Whenever we come together for these journeys, I reach out to each of you and get a sense of what you are interested in doing for the journey.  As I reach out to align with you there is a very strong sense of people feeling as if they have been in limbo or as if they have been awaiting something that has as yet not arrived.

In your human reality many, many things can get in the way of manifesting what you seek to have.  Sometimes it might be the vibration that you emanate and that is a reflection of your thoughts, your emotions, your intentions.  There is always resistance. I hear over and over from people that they want something so bad, they want it, they've wanted it for so long, so why hasn't it happened?  This is a form of resistance.  

Other times people are seeking to have something within their life and perhaps there's a sense of them that says ‘hey, that would be nice but I don't know if it's for me'. That is a form of resistance.  Indecision - do I want it or do I not?  This is a form of resistance.  It could go on and on.  And it may be that as I'm speaking there is something within what I say that resonates with you.  It may be that nothing in that form resonates with you; you have moved into a different place.

Whatsoever it is, I say let's just bring it up while we're here within the All That Is.  Let's begin by bringing up one thing or perhaps a series of things if it takes a series to get to the end result.  But bring into your consideration something that you would like within your life.  As you think about whatever this might be, let it come in with as much energy as you can come up with.  

Make it as real for you as you can.  The more real that this becomes, the more you have to create an alignment with.  Consider as if you are a third party, as if you are separate from yourself, and you see yourself where you are right now and you see where you would like to be.  There are threads of energy and light that move back and forth.  You may have one or two thin little threads; others have as if a solid wall of energy that aligns you with whatever it is that you seek to have.

Here in the place of creation, allow yourself to consciously release anything that may be getting in your way.  You may know very well what it is, you may not have a clue. It matters not. Simply let go and allow yourself to step into what you seek to have and as you're stepping into whatever this scenario may be, feel as if you reach out and you touch whatever it is. Feel as if you are talking, laughing, enjoying the moment because it's here, it's happened.  I hear some of you saying ‘finally'.  So you take it in.  You allow.  

Let that slide away from you.  As you do so you may have a sense of sending it downward. So that it comes into and around you in your physical place.  As it moves into wherever you are there may be a need to send out threads of energy that link whatever your creation is from you to whomever it whatever it may be so those threads of energy and light move out from your physical reality. 

There, it's done, it's complete!  It's as if there was a burden or an energy that was there almost like sitting on your back or sitting in your consciousness as if it was keeping you from being able to look at other things until you completed that. It's done, so release it as if you are blowing out a big breath of air; just release it and let go and clear out any of those old particles of energy or light.  

This is now a time when you can think about what's fun.  How much fun do you have in your life?  How much joy is there in your daily activities?  Let yourself feel as if you are soaring through the Universe simply for the joy of it.  Feel what it is to let your consciousness expand in every direction just because.  What would it be like to live without expectation; to live without the burden of having to ‘heal' something, ‘fix' something, ‘do' something? 

What is your life if all you need to do is feel joy?  In this moment as you are here in the All That Is or soaring throughout the Universe as some of you did, let joy come up even bigger and more expanded than it was.  As if you are riding upon a wave, as if joy is limitless.  And as you feel this joy moving through you, let go anything else, let go of anything except the feeling of joy.  

What a relief that is!  It's a relief to feel that deep of a sense.  It's a relief to let go  those burdens you've been carrying around.  It's a relief to let go of the expectation that you have had.  Oh boy, life without expectation.  As you consider life without expectation or without anything except to be in a space of joy, it transitions many, many things or opportunities.  Let us shift onto Ariellis again.

Having released in such a way and then aligned yourself with joy, what is your perception of this space? Um hmm, joy is the foundation of the energy for Ariellis.  Living without the same kind of rigid guidelines is another experience here.  I so very much love the human experience because I find I am seeing it already, that if there is a total space of joy or lack of expectation, people consider it boring. People say ‘well, what do we do with ourselves?' 

It's as if simply existing and emanating who you are is not enough; you need more. And that's okay. Because that is so much a part of what the human experience is upon the Earth it's okay to let that be a part of your life.  But I invite you to come here and have a hiatus; take those little mini vacations.  Be in this space of Ariellis where you can walk around, you can experience your life, you can practice whatever it is that you may want to practice, then take it all back into your daily life.

As you stand here upon the surface of Ariellis and as you're looking around, ask to look with your inner eyes just to see the earth.  What is your perception?  Does it give you some assistance in expanding your perception by viewing it in this manner?  You may look around at the Universe.  You may have a sense that there is so much energy moving towards and around the Earth at this time.  Here from within the space of Ariellis, you put forth the intention to align with whatever that energy is and you can feel it coming within you.  

As you align with whatever this energy may be, feel how it gives you a sense of vitality.  Feel how it strengthens and enhances everything that is you. Let this flow through you as these energies are making their way onto or into the Earth.

As you think about your life.  You have your story; you have a lot of drama or a little drama.  As you look around, how is that story impacting you within this place?  It has had a significant affect upon you in your time on Earth.  Sometimes even when you go beyond Earth, returning back within your I AM presence, it still has an affect upon you.  There are many, many things that seem so intense and so important to you in your daily life. Yet when you take a step back, it's a little blip, it's a little bump.  

As you stand or move through this space where joy, love, awareness is the foundation, and where you are without any structure; have a new perspective for the drama experiences of your life.  Sometimes this will give you a greater clarity that will help you understand.   Other times it may help you to see it's much better to let it go, just drop it, just let it go. Breathe in awareness.  Breathe in understanding.  Breathe in complete love and acceptance.  This is you.  This is you all the way down to the smallest particle, all the way up through your physical being and beyond.  Breathe and allow.

Do you have a sense of how Ariellis is beginning to feel much like the All That Is or the crystalline grid or the soul plane?  It is as if the energies as they overlap are blending and creating alignments that allow for there to be a greater ease in moving, moving your consciousness, moving your awareness, shifting energies.  The more that you are in the moment, allowing your focus to be here within this space and allowing yourself to feel the joy, the easier it is to shift. 

Come with me; feel yourselves for a moment, here in Ariellis and then feel the soul plane.  Look around, have a sense.  It is different.  There are similarities.  Shift into the crystalline grid; feel the huge variation of energy that is represented here. From there shift back into the All That Is; feel this too as each of these have had their very subtle differences. 

And then reach towards the Earth.  Because you are human, because you are living upon the Earth, you get the greatest differences in perception.  Look at how much of these higher vibrational energies infuse more and more of the Earth-bound reality.  What would you like to see for yourself? The joy and the awareness of being who you are; just simply you are that you are. This allows you to experience a greater and greater depth. 

So coming back around into the All That Is, you have the ability to shift as easily as that anytime that you seek to do so.  You have the ability to let go the drama of your life.  You have the ability in each moment to be focused upon a joyful existence and then everything else falling into line from there.  Yes, this can be your reality!

So with that, come back together as a group.  See this hologram of the Earth.  You see the hologram of Ariellis.  But this time it's as if there is a sense of all that various energy that is coming from the Universe also coming into these holograms.  It is all related. It all has a sense of alignment.  As you allow your energies to be transmitted into the hologram, infuse the energy or shall I say infuse the knowledge that you have within your life what you seek to have.  If there is anything less than that, breathe in the joy and consciously release resistance. 

Do you see how the holograms transition as I speak of this?  It's as if they reflect the varying light and energy as each of you shifts your consciousness and your intention.  See it with the holograms and so too that is what occurs upon the Earth. It is much more than what you realise.  It is also much simpler than what you anticipate.

So release these holograms; allow them to move through.  They move in every direction, moving out through the Universe, moving down around the physical Earth, around Ariellis and they are actually moving through each one of you.  Feel yourself as if you are looking down or looking inward, then open to ask is there a message.  Feel it, allow it, experience it.

Allow your consciousness to begin to move back into the soul plane.  You pause there for a moment and then you shift your focus into the crystalline grid. As your energy flows through the gridwork it comes into contact with the magnetic grid.  Here once more you feel the pull of the Earth; you feel the pull of the gravity.   But it is different, it is shifting.

Allow yourself to continue to move downward.  Feel as your consciousness fully returns within your physical body. As it comes back within your physical body, adjust your shoulders, your back, your head your neck; whatever it may be.  Breathe deeply breathing all the way down within yourself.  As you do so you begin to anchor these energies.  You anchor the consciousness of joy.  You anchor how it feels to have let go the drama or the story of your life; you anchor how it is to live in the moment and allow joy to be your guidance.

You also anchor once more what you created at the beginning but look - there are subtle changes, because now you have let go your story or your drama.  Allow that all to flow through you; experience it for what it is.  Continue to anchor your energies. Continue to allow yourself to come back within your physical body and as you do so you are welcome to come back within this room. 

I open to receive any questions that you may have.  You may press *7 upon your phone and that will put you into the queue so that I may speak with you.  As we await the first person I invite you to also focus upon feeling joyful in this moment.

Question: I would like to know what would be most beneficial for my continued spiritual growth at this time.

Answer: Alright beloved, as I'm linking with you I get a feeling of  a couple of different things I'd like to share.  First of all, you are much further along your path than you give yourself credit for.   I have a sense as I'm looking at you that there are so many ways you receive communication and so many ways that you communicate with your divinity, with your angels, with your higher vibration.  Then when it comes into your human self, she is not always picking up on or realizing that is where that is coming from.  So it feels to me that the  next step you are taking is to first of all acknowledge that you have already done a great deal of education on and within yourself.  By accepting and acknowledging that it will take you on the next step of your journey which is to have a human personification of all this ability that you have.  Does that make sense to you at all?

Yes it does, I do feel that.

We feel also that you don't need to do as much of the external work as you do creating of the alignment.  What we mean is that if you take a class; by all means do so for the joy and fun of it.  But don't feel you have to take a certain number of classes, take a particular course or get a particular attunement; you don't have to do any particular process. You need only do what feels good and then open to the acceptance of that. Beloved, as I'm saying, you are much further along than you realize. 

Thank you.

You are very welcome. Whew!  We felt this surge of energy go through as you said that thank you.  It was as if you opened and accepted at that moment and then a surge went moving through you.  So we simply say be open and allow.

Question: Hello Goddess?  With tonight's channeling I would like to ask how much it has helped my physical body with its transition. 

Answer: it feels as if you physical body is holding onto old energies of this lifetime.  By that I mean if feels like there has been a great deal you've gone through physically, mentally, emotionally; your physical body that has manifested the emotional and mental trauma or experiences also.  What I saw you doing tonight during the journey as you were letting go of the pathway you have been upon.  You were letting go of your story. You were letting go of the past in essence, what you were doing was also creating a shift in your molecular structure so that it could allow you to manifest a more healthy, but that's not really the word we want.  We see your body as more crystalline.  It's as if in the integration of the crystalline body you are releasing and letting go of more and more of the density. You have already done a great deal of it.  You are in the stage of integrating further and further what you seek to have in the future. Does that resonate with you?

I hope so!

It doesn't feel that way to you? Even with this journey tonight?

I can feel my molecules vibrating very good.  I've done so much work and I've felt lately a couple symptoms that have thrown me off track. 

So those symptoms you are feeling that make you feel as if you are thrown off track, recognize that that is an occurrence that is happening simply to give you a heads up to reaffirm what you want to have, to reaffirm what you know you have within yourself.  You know right in this moment.  So if you forget at some point which is basically what happens when you get thrown off track; you acknowledge that experience for what it is and then you bring yourself back into balance once more.  We see that it is happening less and less often and when it does happen, you are coming out of it more quickly.  Is that your experience also?

Ummm, yes.

So that's the best way to look at it we believe; that feeling or that sense that you can come back into balance with greater and greater ease. 

Thank you.

Just one last thing, you are also living your life with greater and greater percentages of a balanced life.  

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Question: Goddess, I accepted an offer on my house and it looks like I have to be out by the 30th of this month.  I am wondering if my next step is exploring New Mexico.

Answer:  Let's see what we find for you.  We feel as if there is some resistance in you. We think its fear because you don't really know where you're going to go or what you are going to do.  This fear that we see as we look at you right now is holding you where you are rather than opening to potentials. So let me breathe with you for a minute beloved.  Let both of us just breathe in slowly and deeply.  As you are breathing within yourself, feel my energies as I merge with you.  As you breathe out, consciously let go the fear, let go the resistance, let go of anything.  (Shelly took a deep breath in and out.)  There, okay now it's much more open!  Now we have a sense of seeing several different opportunities.  As soon as we looked at you, we saw Oregon come up, we saw New Mexico come up, we saw LA, we saw the Sedona area like Flagstaff and then we even saw Colorado.  We felt as if from where you are, these shooting stars went out to multiple different places.  The sense we got from that is that you can choose any one of them to be your next place to go.  They all have potentials and opportunities.  So when you go back within yourself, when you think of what is joyful to you and what would make you happy to go do; let that be your guidance.  It feels to us as if you've been holding up a burden for a very long time and the burden is about to be released with the sale of your house.  That is the final closure.    

We sense the next step for you is about finding the place where you can just let yourself go.  You can let yourself relax, you can let yourself unwind.  It feels like there is a friend around you and you are staying with this friend.  She is someone who really knows you, she knows you deeply, deeply, deeply.  You don't have to be strong any more.  You don't have to do all these things. You will stay there at least a few weeks if not a month or even two months.  From there it feels like you can get a better balance of where you might decide to permanently move.  For the first step that's what it feels is going to happen. 

Is this my friend in Arizona, Prescott Arizona?  (In Flagstaff?)  No in Prescott, Arizona, my friend in Prescott Arizona. 

Okay, let's see.  It feels like that but it feels different.  Tell us her name and let us see if that gives us a better sense. 

Tory Bowen.

You know, it does not have a great resonance around it.  It feels like there's a potential, but it feels like there is someone else.  It's so hard to describe her!  To us it feels like she is very much in alignment with you, it feels like she is standing here with us right now.  It feels like.... Um.... We're asking her why hasn't she sent the invitation yet and it feels like she's been doing something or something was going on and she didn't realize you were so close to selling your house.  We're trying to get her name.  It's coming out like Anna or something like that.  We have a sense of dark hair, glasses and like she's jabber, jabber, jabber, jabber; she's talking a lot.  Anyway, we do feel some resonance around your friend in Prescott; it's just not a bright light resonance.  So we would say keep your resonance open.  Maybe go down through your address book and kind of revisit people who have been good friends to you.  It may be that you have kind of lost contact with her over the years, but it's the kind of friendship that is never fully gone away even if you don't talk to each other for a time.  We just sense that you will know.  We wish we could give you a better name or idea.  If indeed it is this friend in Prescott, then go for it.  Go for what YOU know to be your truth and your instinct.  Alright beloved?

Thank you very much.

You're welcome. We feel that with answers like that it's clear a mud!   We're sorry that sometimes that is the way it comes out, but that's the best we can do in certain circumstance. Sometimes days or a week or two needs to go by before more and more becomes apparent.  So give it that time and allow things to unfold as your best bet.  Alright beloved.

We had a bit smaller group tonight and it looks like we have called on everybody.  We ask you not to ask a question if you have done so recently, but please go ahead.

Question: Hi Goddess, I have a question.  Today I felt such overwhelming sadness that just goes to the depth of my being.  I noticed that this has been going on with me for a long time, it's getting stronger I think because I'm working with Shelly, things are coming up.  I have a really abusive mother and sometimes I feel such deep sadness.  I'll be going through the day and doing okay and all of a sudden I feel this wave that is so overpowering and it's getting stronger.  You know Goddess, I feel so broken, so dysfunctional. I'm wondering if you can help me with this.  

Answer: First of all beloved, let us reach out.  I am opening up my arms, we're reaching out our energy and I'm flowing my energy into and around you.  Let us first of all come in and create a space of support for you so that we can support you, can flow this energy; can help you let go of this deep sadness and pain you've been experiencing.  The next thing we want to do as you allow that to flow within you --- we know that you have been working a great deal with me and with the group as you work with Shelly--- but in the space where we are right now, we're going to work again with releasing any lingering energies that have to do with your mother; letting go anything at all that has to do with past experiences.  This journey in particular for you is very profound.  We think that is one reason you were feeling that sadness all day is because you were having an opportunity to let go that past experience.  As you are breathing deeply within yourself, you link to that story that you had in this lifetime, the experiences of this lifetime.  You release that. You step out of that book and into a new book, one of your creation, one that you start from scratch, one that begins right here, right now!  You are now going to be writing a book of your life that is filled with joy; every thought, every idea, every experience is based in joy.  As you move forward, if you have sadness or anything that lingers from the past, then recognize it is over, it is past, it is done! You are going to breathe in the choice that you are moving forward.  You are breathing in that you choose joy, you choose love, you choose a new beginning for yourself.  Can you feel those energies shifting beloved?

I feel the warmth coming through.  Sometimes it's so overpowering I ask the father to take me home because I just can't be here anymore.  It hurts so much and I just can't take it anymore.  In my heart, in my being, every cell is suffering.  It's just too painful to be here anymore Goddess. I'm so sorry.

So use this as a moment to release all of that.  Let it go, let it flow away from you.  Of course if you did choose to transition, God is here, Goddess we are always ready to receive you with open arms.  But we both see that you have a life that is filled with experiences of what it is like to be beyond this; of what it's like to be fully healthy and fully cognizant within yourself, for you to be in that space where your heart center is open and your love and awareness flows through your heart at all times.  So you are moving past this, you are moving through this, you are creating a new beginning. 

It's just so hopeless.  I got broken when I was young and I'm just not fixable.  You know I missed the beginning of your conference because it was playing music.  So when you did the releasing thing, I missed it.

Well, you still experienced it.  We talked about creating a new story for yourself.  Yes all of these things happened.  Yes they had a humongous impact upon your life.  But it does not have to be that way going forward from here.  You've done all the work, you've done a tremendous amount of work.  So remind yourself that you do have those moments when you feel good.  You do have the time when you feel things throughout you.  Let those moments be what grows bigger and bigger. 

What about this sadness?  It's so overpowering.  Why does it come upon me?

Because you are releasing it, because you are bringing it up.  As you continue to release the layers that held it intact, or held it to you;  it's as if it's an old memory or pattern that comes around.

Can you help release or clear whatever needs to be released so it can't hook on?

We don't have a sense of it hooking onto you anywhere. We don't know why you are feeling it so strongly today.  To us as we look at you and see you, we see you as a bright light that is there within you shining forth.  We see as if it's a small aspect or one or two aspects of you that feel that sadness or old lingering pain.  If anything, breathe within yourself with the conscious intention to align with the rest of you that you may release this energy and release this sadness.  You can do it and you are doing it. 

Thank you.  Do you see hope for me?

Always, there is always hope for everybody. 

Question:  It was a great experience for me tonight and my brain felt like a cell phone! Like it was going from one side to another.  Then I felt a pressure and pain in my gums.  I'm wondering if this problem or energy that is stuck there will be released now. I have a problem all the times since I exist. 

Answer:  You mean gums in your mouth? (Yes) It feels to us as we look at you as if, it's like those stories or those various life existences have been lingering with you or sticking to you more than what you realized.  It feels as if you've let them go and let them go, stepped outside; but yet something within you was still holding on, perhaps more than what you realized.  It felt like with this journey tonight you were releasing those last threads of something you had released before.  It feels when we look at you now as if there is much greater clarity.  Almost when you came back as if you said ‘well wait a second, who was that person, was that somebody different, was that my sister, was that somebody else?' It feels as if there was a much greater clearing as if a profound transformation has taken place.  As we look at you now, we see you with the much greater balance and awareness. 

Thank you, that's what I felt, that finally something was released. 

So coming back to your gums and teeth; it feels as if there has always been a sensitivity about that and it will continue. But it doesn't feel like it will be as painful as it was in the past. 

Thank you very much.

You're welcome!

All right beloved family, thank you as always for coming in and sharing this evening with me. As you are living your life I remind you to let go the drama, let go the story, let go the past existences that may keep you turning around and turning around in that same space. 

You have the ability to create your life. You have choices in your life, so open and allow those choices to be based on joy and based on love.

I am ever with you and within.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:  www.goddesslight.net

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