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5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #3

By Mercedes Kirkel INSIGHT #3: DON’T ASSUME YOUR PROCESS WILL LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE’S   Most, if not all, of the difficult symptoms people experience in the ascension process are signs of purification. As our energy system opens to stronger and higher frequencies, any blocks we have in our energy circuits are getting blasted with […]

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January 2012 Energy Forecast: Breaking the January waves of change


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Many of you will have felt a new energy arriving around the 1st of January. A palpable sense of closure on 2011, and a strong sense of renewal in the year to come coloured the first few days of 2012.


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The Holidays as Doorways to Emotional Freedom and Higher Awareness


19 December 2011

Channeler: DL Zeta

The holidays are doorways to higher understanding because they offer opportunities to access and heal painful emotions of the past. Our willingness to embrace and heal these emotions is our ...

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Expanding the Light Body


7 November 2011 - 11:35pm | jimmy

This is so awesome I had to share it. As many of you know, last week I had an incredible mystical experience where I downloaded the crystalline matrix (the 11/11/11 code) and released the metatron...

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Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief


A Chief NASA scientist, Dennis Bushnell has came out in support of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology, but denies any type of nuclear fusion is taking place, saying it is probably beta decay per the Widom Larson Theory. Repackaging t...

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