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Purposeful Movement Vs Petrified Motion: February’s Pisces New Moon


February 20, 2012

Even God cannot change the past. Agathon

Every scientific truth goes through three states: first people say it conflicts with the Bible - next, they say it has been discovered before. Lastly, they say they al...

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G.E.Kinkaid and the lost civilization in the Grand Canyon


On December 14, 2010, in Legends & Folklore, People & Places, by James

It was April 5, 1909 and the readers of the Arizona Gazette opened up their papers and read an amazing story. This story has fascinated people right u...

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Here is a memory catalyst: Wake up to the current consciousness shift!

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Seven Tips – Naturally bring happiness into your life

by Elizabeth Walling, citizen journalist See all articles by this author Email this author

(NaturalNews) Our lives are getting more and more cluttered every year. Running back and forth between a hundred different things every day can make ...

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Amygdala – The amazing brain music adventure

Source: http://viewzone.com/amygdala/indexx.html

By Neal Slade

I want you to think of the best time you have ever had in your life........Got it?

Now, multiply that experience, that feeling, times ten. Multiply it times a hundred, o...

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Lost in Words, the only way to fly!

Saturday came up soon, way too soon actually. I fought it for about seventeen minutes, but as the dawn kicked in there really was no point to remain hidden by the covers. I kicked them off, hoping to wake up leisurely since it was weekend, but the nex...

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Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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