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Are you Communicating with Your Spirit Guide or Cyberspace Agent? Take the Quiz! ~ Greg Giles

A U.S.cyberspace operations center It should be apparent to all by now that agencies within the U.S. Department of Defense and also within the U.S. intelligence community are actively engaged in programs that utilize the synthetic telepathy technolo...

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Richard Branson: We owe it to test pilot to continue Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

Excerpt from smh.com.auThe Tony Blair grin was gone but Richard Branson was unbowed by disaster when he appeared on American breakfast television on Monday morning. He vowed his program to hurl paying customers into the...

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Scientists Learning to Control Antimatter


By Chris Capps 3/8/12

The story of antimatter has been a long and arduous one, with the precious and apparently rare matter in such small trace amounts that humanity may have difficulty gathering it for its more ambitious use...

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Part II: Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?


Sterling Allan, the founder of PESN, had the opportunity to conduct an hour and a half long interview with Mehran Keshe, the individual who claims to have given Iran the advanced space technology that enabled them to capture a US spy ...

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15 September 2011

A few days ago, I [Michelle] posted a very short status message on face-book, here is a recap of that message, then I will elaborate on the fundamental REASONING behind why any outside entities would prefer to he...

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GFOL & Ashtar Command – Special Message (9-2-2011)


2 September 2011

Channeler: Yshatar (Ashtar Transmissions)

We of the Ashtar command bring you a special message. Dear ones you are at a time of great change. There are many factions who at this time take this opportunity to &q...

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Victor Klimov FREE-ENERGY System – 100% Proven


Well, I can think of many other free energy systems that can be weaponized. It's just that Tom Bearden is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and a military mind always thinks of this possibility.


Los Alamos...

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We’ve built a flying saucer, boasts Iran (even if it does look like it belongs in a 1950s B-movie)


By Michael Theodoulou  

It's not clear how far or how high it can fly – or even how big it is and what makes it take off.

But an aircraft created by scientists in Iran is, they claim, the world’s first f...

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Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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