Or should I call it Boudoir of a Border Basher? Today was a huge spring cleaning for me, if you get my drift: Getting out of three closets before nine, including the cupboard under the stairs. Been doing magic all day, and actually quite exhausted, but there's always room for Moore...Life.

Only yesterday, walking home, I noticed there are a lot of abandoned storefronts here in Zutphen. Shops that label a certain activity, yet show no trace of having seen action in recent time. Being single for five years now I can relate, but not actually feel sorry for them. Then this morning, I had this nagging headache. Not enough to dive back into bed, but still something to have me looking for something to alleviate it. One of my relaxation techniques is creation of order, clearing my mind, making me think about inconsequential things.

One such thing was the window sill in my bedroom, which among others was covered with a respectable layer of space dust. No UFO's near, but I'm sure they come when I'm not looking. I put all the stuff in the window sill on the bed, when I noticed certain patterns in the chaos. Like the blind guy in Contact said: "I'm hearing a pattern, there's structure here".

First of all the guy on top of it all, the centerpiece of the shopwindow: this clown doesn't smile, he's always serious! That is just his warped sense of humor, kinda like Data in Star Trek. Doesn't say he'll never change, because at the moment he's growing a beard like Gabriel Shear in Swordfish. Phenomenal movie by the way, if you ever want a good mindfuck.

Let's see, two pictures, of the only two ladies that physically make changes in my life at this moment. They create most of the havoc around here, which I have to clean up. Other than that, they're dolls, wouldn't want to miss them, and won't, when or if they move on. Funny thing is that the frames, randomly chosen, perfectly reflect their characters: Laura is the well-rounded and deep thinker: her frame is an ellipse, small but perfect, even though she is the bigger of the two. You know how to make an ellipse, right? two points of rotation, and a string tied into a loop is all you need, beside a pencil....  Melanie's frame is a rectangular one, with a large border. This lady needs her space, and will take your head of if you snap at her! Yet, her border is fractal in nature, being entirely built up of little hexagons. Hexagons are subdividable into triangles, and triangles can form any form known to man in 3D space. 

Next, two books, or actually SIX: the five part Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, bought at an enormous discount, and an ancient book given to me by my mum, featuring Anna, a girl who only lived to be six, but had a direct line to the big guy in the sky. Funny thing about the Guide: all five parts have extra barcodes on the back, which have the number 99999 in them! Now there's your clue Sherlock! And on top of that my muse Annette (get the link to Anna in the book?) posted the new Monty Python just before I was ready to do my thang....

You may not know it, but both Douglas Adams and Monty Python designated 42 as the number that relates to the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Later on I also discovered that the socks which were lying around my bedroom still had a label designating them to be for shoe sizes 39 to 45. Average that out, and the EXACT middle is forty-two! And there was also Life on my window sill: a small cactus, and a little bug, which I immediately freed through the open window that left room for the summer to move in. 

Next, a connection to the outside world of the web, in the form of the phone stand, and of course there is always more energy: three 9V powerpacks, kicking up 27 volts in total, which is also a nine number in numerology. The red string at the bottom is the bracelet that links me to my twin sister Sangeeta in India. It is a simple jewel, some woolen string, with a 20 piece setting of rhinestones, of which one is missing. That indicates to me that there always another gem to find, no matter what you do! 

Next there were various fasteners, which included the bolts from the bottom end of my bed, and the single-use clothing ties that the shops use to attach all those labels to our new clothes. Lots of labels of clothing too, since even an Einsteinian dresser needs to buy new clothes just as often as anyone else. Only difference is they don't think about the buying or wearing of them, but about their implications for the Big Picture.... 

Next the sheath of a weapon, but the weapon itself is missing. Typical of my non-violent nature, even though the passion still exists. It is just channeled differently. Actually, on the way down I found the missing weapon: it is more of a toolkit, displayed here with my other weapon of choice: the laptop!

Final components? A star-spangled wristband and a bottle of lemongrass oil. Don't ask, I just like the smell of it after a steamy hot shower. But it does indicate the final ingredients of our Cosmos: lubrication to make things shine and have them go smoothly, and some tool to wipe the sweat off your brow after any activity that shows that the law of conservation of energy is a farce: working systems radiate heat, and produce work, which are both forms of energy. Maybe the sleep cycle hints at the need to rest, but the fact that I get by with at most four hours sleep a day shows that there's always room for moore....

Love your Energy,


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