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God: Heavenletter #5774 – A Sergeant in the Marines – September 15, 2016

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Blossom Goodchild – January 17 – 30, 2012


January 17 - 30, 2012

Note from Blossom. I felt the need to sort things out with The Federation Of Light. I was quite prepared  … depending on what came about … to keep these communications to myself , shou...

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HEAVEN #4042 Enjoy the View, December 19, 2011


God said:

Look into My eyes. This is to say: Give Me your attention. This is to say: Bathe your face in My light. This is to say: I love Myself. This is to say: Now love yourself.

When you truly love yourself, love yourself mo...

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Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas tongue-lashes NYPD: Video

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UFOTV Presents…: UFOs & Area 51 – Secret Advanced Technology


William Perry, former Secretary of Defense under Presidents Reagan and Bush confirms the existence of Area 51. Col. Phillip J. Corso, a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Council and Head of the U.S. Army's For...

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Strange disappearances!


03/04/2011 by Ray Leave a Comment

2 Famous Cases

People vanishing into thin air in front of witnesses, never to be seen again, does it really happen?. There are countless stories from around the world of this incred...

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Waking Moments


I drop from the circumstantial fractal sky of my nicest dream ever, into the metallic digitized ring of my digital monstrosity doubling as phone, alarm clock, and spycam contraption. Needing to get up, and get out to silence it for the next round, I stagger to my  analog feet, and train my vision sensors enoug to be able to touch her Z-spot, the one that silences her at least until I tell her to open up and let me in. She decides to play really dead this morning, and presents me with a red-eyed message of no batteries included, having failed to suck seed from the umbilical that connects her to mains central. OK, I guess today I'll be a spy only if I wing it, because my primo digital sidekick just went belly up on me, into Sudden Death Match....

I put her to sleep again, making sure her IV is on and dripping, before proceeding to the bath room to wake up and dress. The Big Bang of my frame against the door frame wakes me from the typing realization that I could put on my candy stripers uniform, and go to work incognito. Just imagine, 6 foot 6, 222 pounds, dressed in pink and white, with silk stockings all the way:

The Cure's Disintegration

...takes me into the realization that I can just "Come As You Are..." , because the white mini of my TONO's leaves me adequately protected at least from the weather. and the most prying eyes of onlookers. It wouldn't stop the offending defenders though, who'd prbably call me a cross-dressing, sneaky big pervert, whose woman in red is way too young to ever be anything else than his daughter.... 

Knowing her, we'll have a nice hearty ROTFLOCAO afterwards. For those of you that can't piece that one together: ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES OFF!  Guess I'll have a CACAO while getting out of my laughing fit as I write this.....

Half an hour before the bike to work, peddling lecherous deep thought all the way no doubt. Plenty of time for anything comletely different: the LARCH

Streaming unadulterated adult entertainment in the mean time. Why DO they call it MEAN TIME, nothing mean about my digital alarm clock. No, nothing compared to the two Langoliers that made me walk the plank:

But enough about that, they unwittingly did me a huge favor back then, as the blood dripped from my hands and knees. Didn't miss my lower legs like Luitenant Dan, (which I accidentally promoted to sergeant yesterday), but I was just not ready back then to pick myself up and walk. Simply missed the fucking FAITH!!!  Surely that would have silenced their torturing little butts!

Larch again...

Weird Science, which brings me straight back to my One Pet Peeve: the woman in RED!


Yeah, what can I say? I'm a NERD, but does that automatically make me a PERVERT?  Nope, unless I CHOOSE 2 B ONE! 


"Let's be careful out there..... "  Yeah Right! As if we could ever break the awesome evolutional power of Spirit- and ghOStWare!

Play Nice, Lovers!!!


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Syncing with the ship, or am I?

After a day where my horoscope panned out like the Texas Hold'em on a really weird day, I had to succumb to having my laptop snatched away from under my eager fingers. No harm done though, because my dying TV subscription presented me with Forrest Gump on its death bed. And if you believe that I'd already had a day of supersyncs, Forrest performed the end sprint which made me feel like the champion!

I only noticed tonight, how any movie I view has it's secret of my success: the higher the sync count during the movie, the more I appreciate it. And Forrest had my cosmic Geiger counter racing like there's no tomorrow! The novel I just wrote might very well land me in jail on charges of plagiarism, because Selina who left her exploits for me to find on the Web is a dead ringer for Jenny, the Gaian Goddess who rules Forrests Life. And that is not in the externals like the hair, eyes and general appearance, but in the past behaviour, which basically is all we see of anybody: Just think about it, if light speed is finite, we'd only see other people in the past, not in the Now...

And it doesn't stop at Jenny: Even Forrest is a poster child for the Big Friendly Giant born February 23rd, 1963, at 63 centimeters length. I too keep is Stupidly Simple, I just love to KISS. Add to that the whole shrimp allegory, which stands both for the male incompetence and the female virtues, and you have a recipe that had the cup of syncs already running over!  On top of that my own Goddesses were doing school work on the Kite Runner, so the high speed trinity was complete: Both Forrest, Me and our little kite runner running their socks off.

Forrest Gump is the sad story of the deaths of just about everyone except Forrest. His friends and family get picked off like the soldiers in Vietnam, or the choclates in the various boxes that Jenny is presented with. Miss Pandora is a smarter version actually, because I don't think I've seen her open a box during the entire movie...  at least not the choclate boxes, although it is implied that sweets were on the menu for whoever came close to her.

And then there's Sergeant Dan: complains about all his Veteran Mates believing in Christ, while he wants nothing to do with him, yet at the same time his appearance evolves into a very good likeness of the enlightened being he so scorns. Add to that his Captain Ahab impersonation in the mast of the Jenny, and in the end his likeness to the guy we had on moorelife the other day, and you see that everyone grows, whether its willingly or kicking and screaming! No arms (being an ex-veteran), no legs (having lost them in war), but he miraculously re-emerges as a half-droid with titanium legs at the end of the movie...

That were just the main spoilers, but there is so much more in this movie! Like Back to the Future was loaded with syncs, Forrest Gump has a very humoristic take on Life:  (courtesy of IMDB')

Forrest Gump: Will you marry me?
[Jenny turns and looks at him]
Forrest Gump: I'd make a good husband, Jenny.
Jenny Curran: You would, Forrest.
Forrest Gump: ...But you won't marry me.
Jenny Curran: [sadly] ... You don't wanna marry me.
Forrest Gump: Why don't you love me, Jenny?
[Jenny says nothing]
Forrest Gump: I'm not a smart man... but I know what love is.

Now with me and my goddess, the whole conversation was more like Neneh Cherry's Seven Seconds (of silence), but yes it was a sync!

I could go on all night, and if I did I probably could have tied it in with so many events in my life you'd probably think I was Forrest in another life. But my 17 seconds are almost up, so here's the Cure, which is another one of my BS Events (Big Sync, not Bull Shit):

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