Can you explain what is going on with the planet as far as changes and shifts, and how they are related to 2012? 

Planet Earth is changing in a way that is similar to the way that human beings are changing.  Just as humans are moving through Enlightenment, Planet Earth is moving through Enlightenment.  You cannot do this without one another.  Because Enlightenment means returning to the Light that you originally were before you were ever human.  Being human means living in a limited physical body and being limited by time and space.  Planet Earth is in exactly the same position.  Your ability to live as a human, as a soul who is temporarily limited by time and space, relies on Planet Earth existing or having a similar contract that you have.  Both you as a human and Planet Earth, as a Planet, have the same contract -- you have agreed to be limited by time and space temporarily in order to have a particular kind of experience. 

An individual human cannot be held in third dimension without help.  You need many other beings doing the same thing along with you to create enough momentum, including a being who has agreed to be Planet Earth.  Planet Earth cannot do it on her own either.  In order to be a planet, she needs many other beings to support the squeeze into the time space continuum.  All of you are in community together and your contracts have been intertwined.  So as you as a human being, as all of you move through Enlightenment, and you slowly but surely remember who you really are and find ways to hold that higher dimensional awareness in your physical body, in your physical being, Planet Earth does the same thing.  In fact, she initiated the shift.  In some ways she has been ahead of you all in this.  The changes you are seeing in Planet Earth, many of you are experiencing changes that are energetic.  Many of you are finding yourselves feeling a different vibration from Planet Earth than you ever have before.  Many of you have a different kind of relationship with Planet Earth than you have ever had before. 

There are also physical changes.  Most of the physical changes occurring on Planet Earth are occurring on the surface and they are based on what human beings have created and what effects human beings need to experience in order to evolve.  There are some changes deeper in the planet, but they are changes that were set in motion when the planet began its existence.  The end of a planet is written in the moment the planet first comes into existence.  Scientists, such as astronomers and geologists, understand this very well.  The very forces that were set in motion when the planet was created are the same forces that eventually will spell its demise.  There is a careful balance of heat and gravity holding the planet in place. 

The physical changes you will see on Planet Earth are based on recent environmental changes, such as pollution-based climate change, and tectonic shifting that has been operating for many millions of years.  A change did occur to set in motion the potential for 2012.  In early 2006, a deep shift occurred in the Earth's mantle that has caused a ripple effect that will slowly, over the course of about 50 to 70 years, emerge as increasing Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other geologic events.  What you are likely to see, and you are already beginning to see, is a flurry of geologic activity on Earth's surface.  You will see clusters of Earthquakes occurring.  Earthquakes always occur in clusters, but they are usually at a low grade or low level so they are not apparent to the average person.  Scientists have been aware of this dynamic of Earthquake clustering across the world.  You will start to see much larger Earthquakes based on that deep shift that happened in the mantle in 2006. 

It is related to 2012 in that human beings requested, at a soul level, all human beings together requested that Planet Earth help uphold experiences that will lead you to awakening.  When that shift occurred in Planet Earth, energetically it was like her heart opened a little bit more than usual and dedicated something to all of you.  The physical ripple effects of that include more Earthquakes that are larger and they are going to occur specifically where human beings live.  They are going to occur, as you have seen in the last year, right in the heart of population centers.  This is part of the potential for 2012, though it occurs over many years rather than just in that one year.

You are going to see more events in population centers because humanity has requested help from Planet Earth.  When these large, natural disasters occur, humanity wakes up a little more.  You are constantly monitoring yourselves as a human family at a soul level, to make sure that you can shift and expand and evolve as much as possible without trauma.  But, because of the nature of human beings, and because some of you are a little slower to awaken than others, sometimes you need to be shaken awake.  We are not saying people who are shaken in an Earthquake are shaken awake.  Often it is the people far away whose hearts suddenly open, who suddenly feel aware of people who are suffering in other parts of the world and aware of your connection to those people despite the difference.  That is the awakening of Enlightenment that both humans and Earth are doing together.

Would it be a good idea to leave major urban centers and move to the country during the time of these Earth changes? 

For some of you it will be useful and for others it will not.  The dynamic that always held true for human beings will continue to hold true -- each of you has an individual calling and there are certain places on Planet Earth where you are meant to be in particular moments.  What you are going to find as an individual is that it becomes more and more clear to you that you need to move or you need to stay somewhere based on your own intuition and on the events that unfold in your life to lead you. 

Instead of giving a general rule, we are going to remind you that no one knows better than you do where you need to be.  Some of you have a contract to be present for a natural disaster and you will be called or summoned, you will be drawn to, or you will just accidentally find yourself in the location where you need to be when that disaster occurs. 

Others of you have a contract to be away from a disaster, even if it is going to happen in your city.  You will find you happen to be somewhere else on the day that the disaster occurs.  There is no way you can control this logically.  Your conscious self does not control this.  It is negotiated by your soul and the souls of everyone around you, including Planet Earth.  The best thing you can do is to follow your intuition.  If you feel called to be somewhere, then go.  If you keep trying to make something happen, if you keep trying to live in a certain place and it is just not working, notice where you are drawn to live; notice where things flow more easily.  Do your best to answer the calling and trust that your higher self will ensure that you are where you need to be when you need to be there. 

Is the new Earth in the process of being created?  Does the transition to the new Earth exclude our current physical bodies?  Will humans have a choice between living on the new Earth and moving to ascend? 

The new Earth is in the process of being created just like the new version of humanity is in the process of being created.  It is not something separate from you.  The new Earth is not something separate from the old Earth.  It is a new, lighter, more evolved version and it does not happen in a single step, it happens in slow, deliberate stages, at all levels of existence -- from the physical to the ethereal, from the minute to the massive.  The Earth has been evolving and developing into what you might call the new Earth for about 30 years now.  Human beings only just began to catch up about 15 or 20 years ago.  Human beings' relationship with Planet Earth depends somewhat on who you are individually, but overall, humanity has had a contract with Earth that together you would hold yourselves in third dimension, that Planet Earth would support humanity physically and energetically.  The contract is that Planet Earth would support all of you and you would love Planet Earth in return.  Is that not a lovely contract?  She supports you, you love her and everything is equal.  That is equal.  That is the perfect payment.  It is the perfect balance. 

That contract of support and love continues but you are all together slowly releasing your contract to hold one another in third dimension.  That means for some of you who, at a soul level, wish to continue to exist in third dimensional lives will need to incarnate somewhere else.  After the lifetime you are living now, when you reincarnate somewhere, you will choose a location in the universe where you can be supported in a fully third dimensional experience.  If you have more to learn, if you want to try new things, if you just love the delicious limitations of time and space, you will incarnate somewhere else.  The thing that is becoming evident on Planet Earth is that this planet is shifting to support a third and fifth dimensional experience for human beings.  That means that the human beings will be most comfortable here and will continue to reincarnate here are human beings who remember more of who they really are, who are able to maintain their memories of past lives, able to see energy and shift energy more readily with their intention even as they play in a third dimensional body. 

The new Earth is supporting what you would call a hybrid, though it is really just a less limited third dimensional experience.  As always, any soul who no longer wants to live a third dimensional experience can simply not reincarnate in a third dimensional body.  That has always been true.  The only thing that is changing is that it will be less and less comfortable for a soul to be here if they are not shifting into fifth dimensional awareness.  This world will make less and less sense to them and they will find themselves struggling to maintain a solely third dimensional experience.  Just as always, there are infinite possibilities for where you can go and what you can do in this universe.  Those souls will simply incarnate somewhere else.  It is important to know that there is not good or bad here.  There is no qualification.  You do not get to stay on Planet Earth if you pass a certain test or if you evolve a certain amount.  You do not get to leave Planet Earth or have to leave Planet Earth for any of the similar reasons.  It is simply a matter of choice, at your highest level as a soul, you are always choosing where you want to be and what kinds of experiences you want to have.  That will remain true.  It is not a judgment on whether you are good or bad or whether you qualify. (March 2010)

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