"2nd Time Right" I always say, although this time I didn't do the first take. But then again, we all did, because being One, Einstein (leave it to him to call himself "One.St.One", thus actually also being St.One^2). But enough joking aside. Let's get serious!

Our beloved brother with the weird sense of humor and the love for female beauty may not have been my father, but somehow I inherited quite a lot from him. Part of that was the collection of witty sayings, which he left to posterity. I'm not sure about the exact wording of his quote on relativity, but it went something like this:

"All is relative, even time: a night spent with a beautiful woman may seem like a second, yet burning your hand on a hot stove may feel like hours". Having put that last bit to the test at age three burning both palms of my hands on a scalding hot oven door, I couldn't concur more. Still working on the first bit though, but results are inconclusive.... yet.

So, anything is a bad case of relationships. Even consciousness wondering about its existence has formed a relationship, between being and itself. General relativity in Einsteins case was too complex for me, because I just couldn't remember how we'd written it back then. Having glanced at the book, I remember only one relationship I immediately utilized: I prayed, not even knowing if there was a God, or what to call Her, that one day I might be able to explain relativity to others in a more down to Earth way. Well, I guess tonight's the night...

General Relativity, means we'll be speaking about relationships as they have always been, and always will be. No starting and stopping, or messy divorces, our relationships last the infinity of the Cosmos. As does everything...

From physics class we all know that relationships can be either attractive or repulsive, aside from their relative strength. And though the Whole of the Cosmos is balanced, individual parts may display unbalanced behaviour. In that case, balance may almost always be guaranteed by adding more relationships, either between the two parties involved, or other parties. Physical Attraction may not be reciprocal, but perhaps the addition of an inversely onesided relation on another plane of existance may balance the equation. Yep, you got it: playing the whore really is the oldest trick in the book!

But then comes the third leg of the Trinity or General Relativity: Relationships can be Creative or Limiting! Some folks take creative very literally, like the mormon couple that used to live in my street: 17 children, but one of the warmest families I've ever seen! Even though I love kids, have two and want two more, 17 would fall under repulsion as far as I'm concerned. Wouldn't want to make any woman go through that more than twice even if we do want to share All...

Having seen these Quadrion shapes before, you all know that to make it a real sphere, we have to add three more spheres behind this plane of seven, and three more spheres in front. I figure that the following three pairs cover front and back respectively:

Sharing <=> Caring   (basically a special case of Balanced vs. Onesided)

Loving <=> Hating  (special case of Attraction vs. Repulsion: it leads to special Relativity)

Producing <=> Consuming  (basically a special case of Creative vs. Limiting)

More on special relativity later, right now I need a nice hot relationship with the watery princess that lives in my shower head.....

Love your relationships, 


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