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How Is Healing Accomplished? – A Demonstration of Miracle Healing – Episode I #TM-02a

How Is Healing Accomplished? - A Demonstration of Miracle Healing - Episode I #TM-02aWatch at themasterteacher.tvThe Manual for Teachers Series. Readings: MANUAL: How Is Healing Accomplished?, MANUAL: How Is Healing Accomplished?: The Perceived ...

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The Production Of The Story Of A Course In Miracles – Workbook Lessons 135 – 136 – A Celestial Speedup – Episode II #MMT-11b

The Production Of The Story Of A Course In Miracles - Workbook Lessons 135 - 136 - A Celestial Speedup - Episode II #MMT-11bWatch at themasterteacher.tvThe Musical Mind Training Series. Readings: LESSON REVIEWS 121-140, LESSON 135: If I Defend Mys...

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Sickness Is A Defense Against The Truth – If I Defend Myself I Am Attacked (Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – Episode I #RS-01

Sickness Is A Defense Against The Truth - If I Defend Myself I Am Attacked (Music Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - Episode I #RS-01Watch at themasterteacher.tvThe Recapitulation Series. Readings: NEW TESTAMENT (Aramaic): Page 24: Words With Many Mean...

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In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies – Lesson 153 – The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

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The Unnecessary Cost of Cancer 

Dr. Eldon Dahl, Prevent DiseaseRecently, a 60 Minutes special about the cost of cancer drugs was rebroadcast. In the broadcast, cancer specialists from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center were profiled for their stance against the exorbitant cost of cancer drugs. Dr. Leonard Saltz, one of the chief specialists at the hospital and a leading authority on colon cancer, stated, “We’re in a situation where a cancer diagnosis is one of the leadin [...]

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5 Cancer Myths Busted

Dr. E. Dahl, Prevent DiseaseCancer statistics are on the rise, and the growing numbers have moved the disease to a priority issue for the global community. AsThe Lancet reports, cancer deaths have increased 46% between 1990 and 2013. On Jan 1, 2016, new international development priorities called Sustainable Development Goals, will focus on decreasing premature deaths from non-communicable diseases by 2025.PreventDisease recently reported 5 cancer facts the cancer industry [...]

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The Surprising Differences in How Space Travel Affects Men and Women

Excerpt from

Both men and women have the right stuff to succeed as astronauts—that much is for sure. But an exhaustive NASA study has found physiological differences in how space affects each gender, with some cases benefitting women over men and some cases vice versa.

For instance, women are less vulnerable to the effects of interstellar radiation, but more vulnerable to space sickness or urinary tract infections in space. Men have fewer problems with orthostatic intolerance (problems standing up after extended exposures to microgravity), but develop more vision problems and kidney stones.

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Can You Fathom A World Without Money And Without Disease?

Michael Forrester, Prevent DiseaseIn many ways we’ve already selected monetary systems for termination. Money itself is not the root of all evil, however humans have bound money so tightly to contracts that it can no longer be used to benefit us in its current form and with the mindset to transcend all that it represents. Humanity has realized this and it’s only a matter of time before our monetary structures evolve to something else. That something will benefit all the struggl [...]

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Modern technology to hunt for ancient technology ~ Robot “Exosuit” to aid in Antikythera mechanism exploration project

Robot Exosuit


Archeologists have been trying to recover ancient artifacts from the bottom of the Aegean Sea since sponge divers first found the more than 2,000-year-old shipwreck off the Greek island Antikythera in 1900. To date, they have recovered fragments of bronze statues, marble sculptures, gold jewelry and the Antikythera mechanism, a clock-like astronomical calculator that has been dubbed the world’s oldest computer. Jacques Cousteau and his team found a number of artifacts as well as human remains when they explored the area in the 1950s and 1970s.

However, no previous expedition had the Exosuit, a one-of-a-kind diving robot exoskeleton that weighs 530 lbs, and is capable of submerging to the depth of 1,000 feet and divers can remain underwater for hours without any risk of decompression sickness.

More on the Antikythera mission

“It’s likely that sediment will hold the kind of stuff we can’t even imagine,” Brendan Foley, a maritime archaeologist from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and co-director of the project, said during an interview earlier this summer when the team was researching bioluminescent organisms off the coast of Rhode Island. “Our eyes light up thinking about it. It’s the kind of thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night. These are artifacts that have never been seen since the time of Caesar.”

The Antikythera wreck settled more than 200 feet below the surface around the 1st century B.C., but some of the cargo found dates to the 4th century B.C. Historians have suggested the boat may have been carrying loot from Greece to Rome around the time of Julius Caesar.

The Exosuit enables more thorough exploration

The robot exoskeleton Exosuit enables an archaeologist to much more effectively unearth artifacts that might tell more about the ship’s story. During an earlier expedition back in 2012, Foley and his colleagues used sonar to locate targets at the wreck site that could be huge statues, according to WHOI’s Oceanus magazine.

The team is also looking to research a second wreck nearby that could have been the Antikythera ship’s traveling companion. They are also planning to take a look at the bottom of an undersea cliff —  around 400 feet deep — given additional artifacts from the wreck may have slipped over the edge of the cliff over time.

Nuytco Research manufactures the Exosuit, which includes has four 1.6-horsepower thrusters that move the suit up, down, forward, backward, right or left. Exosuit wearers do not have to worry about decompression sickness because the suit maintains surface air pressure. This adds an additional level of safety, as a diver can be pulled up to the surface in just a couple of minutes if there’s a problem.

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The Constant Companions April 29 2014

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Genetic Roulette–Official Movie Trailer

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The 5 biggest health myths


by Dr. David Jockers

(NaturalNews) There are many pervasive myths that have been misleading people in the natural health field for many years. Some of these myths continue to be the mainstream thought even though science has clea...

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Dirty electricity – Myth or reality?


by Lloyd Burrell See all articles by this author

(NaturalNews) Electricity has been a lifesaver for modern civilization and we would be lost without it; but, research has brought to light the existence of different kinds of ele...

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