This message was written 2 years ago in Cusco Peru. I have been made "aware" to re-post this today. Side note. Our call as it was for many at first was "Are You Ready" for those who read this then I'm lead to say "You Are Ready" this message is timeless and is called for today for a group who needs to "shift" some energy... Peace.

There are certain times when we are in the process of transmutation of lower vibrating energies that can seem, well... a bit over the top. There are times, both as the Collective One (cosmically) and in our Individual Nows where a "shaking out" of lower vibrating energies occur.

For many of us, and you know who you are, this has seemed exceptionally brutal in recent weeks, hell years, right? It has most certainly appeared in the way of Lack (of finances) that were once there and suddenly vanished, along with relationships that could have possibly soured or completely separated during this time period. There are many other symptoms as well, including what Lisa Renee refers to as "the Spiritual Nomad."

However, let me ask you a couple of questions: Are you hungry? Are you wet? Are you sheltered? Have you not been provided for...maybe not always as desired or as the ego wished, but have you not been taken care of? After transmuting so much and doing Light work, have you recently experienced anger, frustration, lack, fear, depression? Do you feel forsaken?

You have not fallen off your path. In fact, you are standing directly in it. For what you have just transmuted, and it was a lot ;-0) ...if not now, will SOON be filled with LIGHT.

This is THE Holy Moment, my friend... This is what is deemed being Reborn. As you transmute the lower vibrations, the old you, the 3D mind/body "you" dies. As the Light comes in more and more, Your Higher/Divine/True Self is who you become.

You are Reborn, Self Actualized, Self Realized, just some names used in Psychology, Science, Religions, and various Philosophies, but they all refer to the same process of Ascension, or being Reborn...
You Awaken And Remember...Welcome Home!

Based on the Law of Attraction, you do attract what you vibrate. Remember we are here to experience energy in form, which is how we expand. So, as these lower vibrations leave, it seems to attract "darkness."

This is because you're literally watching the "darkness," or lower vibrations, leave for one last time. It "feels" like you're experiencing them. Actually, as the lower vibrations leave, more Light, or Higher Vibrations, can come in. You see, the Light never left, but was simply waiting for you to make room.

So, if the Law of Attraction is not seemingly working for you, or you feel it's nonsense, here's why: We will no longer be able to attract what our ego wants; what the mind thinks it wants or is real. We will only receive what we are vibrating on the same level as, which comes from the Heart; Your Heart's Desire, which vibrate higher.

This suffering has occurred to a specific "group," and I am here to assure you that this Final Shaking Out was due to a massive change occurring, and a major influx of Light, in which sometime in the very near future, if you haven't already, will start to experience.

As for those of us, (over the last 5 years or more) who believe we've experienced much suffering, have been invisible, taken advantage of, used, abused, dismissed, disrespected, unjustifiably wronged, etc... AND then to go thru what we've experienced in just the last few weeks or so...especially the Lack and Separation, I am here to inform you, and trust me on this, NO ONE is happier to hear this than I was...
Retorno De La Luz
(although it never left and there is no separation)

But, before I get into, and possibly risk inflating the very ego we've all been trying to dismantle for all these years , I would like to get into the True meaning of The Divinity of Suffering.

There is a Master Software Program within the Collective Consciousness in which we all have easy access to providing everything is going "well" in our lives. If things are relatively well, i.e. job, relationships, money, health, etc...we NEVER reflect inward because everything is ok outward.

Not to mention that our Religions tell us the rules to live by, and that we need NEVER look elsewhere, especially inside, for Truth and Wisdom. In fact, we're warned not to.

To suffer is not Divine, but there is definitely Divinity within your suffering. For once we experience suffering, we begin to reflect inward. The more suffering, the more reflection. This is simply the mechanism that causes the reflection inward where ALL TRUTH LIES.

Because most of us are afraid of our True Divinity, our mind searches outwardly for answers, truth and conformation. In reality, this is what I have referred to as Reflective Thought Processing.

This processing starts at birth, and because of how it's all reflective off the master software program, i.e. what society says, what is considered logic, what others tell you is right and wrong, what government says, religions, schools, etc... this is what we have been transmuting over the last few years. It is much to transmute. (Not to mention what we've chosen to take on and transmute from a personal soul level)

I know there has been great pain and suffering and confusion. However, what was shown and told to me from a Very High Vibrating Source is that the suffering and pain have nothing to do with being "bad" or "good," or Karma. (That's right. Karma is no longer being created, and our group is no longer transmuting it)

It's simply the only mechanism available to humans that TRULY forces us to reflect within so that we can begin the process of Awakening to Truth and then Ascension, realizing Who we Truly are. In short, suffering initiates the Remembering Process.

This is not for all, as there are groups, or waves, going thru the Ascension Process, and each group gets a little easier. Those of us going thru the first few waves chose to take on more suffering (transmuted lower vibrating energies) in order to pave the way for those Souls coming after.

Although this may not seem like the point of this post, it is the most important thing I have to relay to you:
"If there was an easier way, there would be one. We don't want to see you suffer. You're loved unconditionally." -Very High Source

So, if you feel like you're at the end of your rope? You've HAD IT! You want to give up...or as we say in Texas, "Calf rope. I'm done!" If you are stuck, blocked, experiencing lack, needing direction or just in need of Hope... you should know that change is currently passing thru or just around the corner.

I have a story, in which I've told many times and it goes like this:

"There's a New Train coming, and ALL are welcome. On this Train is your Heart's will never need or want for anything upon this Train. However, because this is such a High Vibrating Train, the only condition upon entering is you bring no (baggage) what-so-ever.

Have you ever felt like your Train had arrived and you were preparing to board, only to be stopped and stuck at security for a carry-on bag? Then, you leave the bag and try to board again, and again you're stopped.

You respond with dismay and confusion, and are told you have a toothbrush in your back pocket? You may become agitated as, after all, it's only a toothbrush, right? You return time and time again to board your Train, but you're always stopped. And, it goes on and on and on...

Well, my friends, the lint has been shaken. In fact, you're getting ready to board, but you're totally naked/exposed...Egoless. That's right. No underwear...nothing. Now you can board.

You see, there's nothing to hide and nothing you could ever want or need upon this Train, including a new wardrobe "

So, I'm here to say:

"Job well done. You should know that you've already put in the work, and are now going to be simply taken care of. You should take each day as it comes, doing what you can and what you're allowed. Do not try to force anything.

Do not allow fear or worry to enter your consciousness, although we are still human and 3D concerns still make an attempt at our minds. Remember now that all your suffering and past works are now coming to fruition and will be realized and noticed. Allow the Universe to provide and take care of you. And allow your True Divine Self, Your Higher Self, to create and experience and take over.

Step aside and allow Yourself to take over."

We've been wanting to write this message for many weeks, but have been blocked. The only intent I have with this post is to give those who have felt much pressure, lack, and suffering some relief, and I hope this has been accomplished.

Please continue to spread your Love and Light, as we know you have even through your own personal suffering.

Are You Ready???

With Much Love and Light,


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