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Personal and Universal Transformation

by Jayne Chilkes



“For anyone looking to transform their consciousness, this book is a must read.” R.J., NY

What are the secrets of the energetic shifts happening now, in 2012 and beyond?

Do you want to discover new helpful steps to your full potential now?

How does this book reveal remarkable and informative revelations about the upcoming changes affecting us all individually and collectively?

"The New DNA – Personal and Universal Transformation" reveals amazing new insights about the powerful cosmic energies that are transforming our DNA and the world itself. The book also reveals how to positively alter DNA through activations designed to easily elicit latent talents and accelerate our evolution as human beings.

To make this quantum leap, we must clear limiting patterns and programmes. This book offers powerful and lovingly inspired techniques allowing us to raise our frequency and more smoothly make this revolutionary transition into higher states of being.

Many timely channellings and unique insights by the author are woven within the chapters, revealing the love and compassion of higher level beings that are assisting us through these unprecendented times. The energy of the words within this book allow one to embrace the New Earth energies of 2012 and beyond with Divine Love, welcoming a New Paradigm for all.

Chapter subjects include:

Discernment about Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Channelling

DNA – Esoteric and Scientific aspects – Activations and their affects

Akashic Records – What they are and how they affect us

Symbols, Orbs, Toroids – Their significance to life, consciousness and evolution

What people say:

“Jayne provides the most amazing psychic and spiritual psychology experience that I have personally experienced to date.” Alan, NY

“Like a laser, Jayne beams clearly, directly and intuitively reaching deep into your being." Trudy, UK

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Jayne Chilkes is an experienced Healer, Soul Channel and DNA Practitioner. She has worked in the Healing Arts for nearly thirty years. Her main goal is to share Peace, Love, Wisdom, and New Earth information that she has received, with All.

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