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To a blooming 2012 from Go Gratitude

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What’s the first thing you notice …

Greetings Dre',

What's the first thing you notice when you are enjoying a State of Gratitude?

Give yourself a deep breath, relax the eyes and feel the warmth of an awakened Heart glowing inside.

This is what I notice, what happens for me.  Perhaps you experience something similar, too?  Maybe a wholly unique set of experiences unfolds when you are living in a state of Gratitude.
Now, let's understand this:  Each of us has a unique way of accessing this state.  We have our own set of steps, an inner path that leads us to a place of perfection, ecstasy and pure possibility.

So how did I come to recognize this pathway into the landscape of pure possibility?

Through our growing global network of Change Agents, we were connected to Devon White -- founder of Spiral Entrepreneurs, creator of the Human Operating System, and member of our Go Gratitude family.

You know when you meet someone for the first time, and feel like you've known them for All Time?  It is like this with Devon White.

Devon is a true brother of the Heart.  Over the course of a few weeks, we began a discourse on our shared paths, awakening the inner genius, what it takes to truly make a difference in the world and how we can support one another's missions to make this vision a reality.

One thing led to another and Devon flew out to meet with us -- face to face and heart to heart.

Until spending a few days with Devon recently, and listening to his powerful meditation, the Inner Game, I was unaware of HOW I reached this state.  I just knew I was there.
In a powerfully moving, soul sparking session, Devon guided me through an awakening: a conscious journey along the path I use to enter center and live in Gratitude.  At the end, a flood of tears flowed freely and a powerful feeling of ecstasy breathed through my entire being.  Devon calls this the Default state.

What is the Default state?
A state of total possibility, the deepest and most powerful form of who we are born to BE.

Many of us recognize this state, experiencing it as a wave: sometimes in the flow, at other times remembering to return to this flow state.  Many more are able able to trigger this state AT WILL, and are now seeking to stabilize the experience of accessing the True Self -- the Default state -- in every moment, at anytime, anywhere.

Meditation, conscious intent and a habit of choosing to Go Gratitude have all facilitated a deepened mastery of living from center - our natural born Default state.

Theologue by Alex Grey
In addition to these daily practices, we now have another tool to enrich our lives, access the inner genius and fully live our authentic Truth.  Thank you, Devon. Thank you!

It has impacted our lives, our mission, and our forward motion in such a deep and profound way, we're excited and honored to make the Inner Game available to you, our Beloved family of Gratitude!
Simply click on the link below to download and begin your journey into the Inner Game.  Enjoy the experience of being able to access the Default state, AT WILL, anytime and any place!

 In alignment with our deeply held belief that *everyone* will be empowered, inspired and will benefit from this tool, we're offering it on a "Choose your own price" basis.

Normally, the Inner Game, goes for $147. We recognize each of us lives at various stages of financial freedom, and it is our intent to get this into as many hands (and hearts!) as possible, so we are leaving the offering amount up to you.

Whatever this may be, the choice yours.
Most importantly, just do it!  Give yourself the gift of moving inward and onward, outward and upward with full access to your Inner Genius and the Default State.

What better gift can you give to the world, to your family, to YOU?

We're excited to hear about your experiences, insights and ah-ha's! ... and look forward to sharing more programs, gifts and opportunities that continue to surface as we collectively choose to embody our True Selves, and in short:

Go Gratitude!
Many blessings and a heart hug to all!

in Love and Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

p.s.  Everything is energy.  Our symbol of Gratitude is a reflection of this, an energetic gateway to Love.  We call it the Inner 'G'.  Inner Gratitude = Inner Game.

So, why is mastering our Inner Game vital?

The True Self is endowed with the gift of Creation.  Each and every one of us has this.  It is simply up to each of us HOW we will use it, and to accept Responsibility for what we create in the world.

Will we use it to honor and empower one another?  To co- create a Loving world where all Life (including Mother Earth) is nurtured and respected?  To fully embody our True Self, allowing our inner genius to birth a world that works for everyone?

This is a choice each of must make.  One Heart at a time ... we are coming together, in responsible action, to make a difference. For this generation, for our children, our childrens children ... unto the seventh generation.

Let's come together and play the Inner Game ... the time is NOW, Beloveds.  The time is NOW!

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This is our year to SHINE!

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World Gratitude – Day 13 – EYE AM GRATITUDE

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Let’s Celebrate

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