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We Are Seeded From The Stars ~ Shivrael Luminance River August 23 2016

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Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages Feb 27 – Mar 4, 2012


4 March 2012

Channeler: Shelley Young

Shelley's note: If you would like to receive Archangel Gabriel's daily messages for free, please "like" our Facebook page Trinity Esoterics or follow us on twitter @trini...

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To Best Meet New Year’s Goals, Be Fully In Your Body


by soulinsightawakenings From Conversations with Adama, BlogTalk Radio Show, on Jan 1, 2012

Adama is being channeled by Erin Mackley

I welcome you all and invite you to come to a still place in your heart, because there'...

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The Astral Collapse and Humanity’s Greatest Challenge


31 October 2011

Sacred Group at Pyramid! Beloved Community of Self-Ascension!

The heartbeat that is pulsing through all of humanity is anchoring Unification! Those who choose to connect to the cosmic beam of love that ...

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The 11:11:11 Gateway to Unity Consciousness


a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel

Friday, 28 October, 2011

Dear Ones,

From the beginning of time there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to a...

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The 7 Planetary Seals of Revelation


21st August 2011

Channeler: Simeon Chiron Nartoomid

A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article by Simeon Chi'Ra as per Ascended Master Menon and the Metatronic Councils of Light

The 7 Planetary Seals of R...

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Stop. Breathe. Ground. Revisiting the Basics


Posted on January 19, 2011 by My Greater Presence

I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear ...

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Be proactive in facilitating your Consciousness Shift

As I have stated before, I believe during December 2010 there was a number of opportunities to “download” new consciousness programing codes. The past two weeks of January 2011 was an opportunity to integrate or install these codes into your … Continue reading

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The World Healing Technique

a message from Owen Waters

Tuesday, 2 November, 2010  (posted 16 November, 2010)

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Spiritual service is today's sure path to spiritual growth

In life, you ...

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