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Geomagnetism Report by Lisa Renee March 20th 2017

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The Case of the Incredible Disappearing Cancer Patients

Tracy Kolenchuk, ContributorIt’s been almost 20 years since I met my first disappearing patient — a nurse in her early 40s, let’s call her Kate. Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a nurse, she had seen the results of breast cancer treatments. She was terrified, and determined. She was not heading for surgery, nor chemotherapy, nor radiation.But Kate worked in a hospital. She worked with the doctors who diagnosed her cancer, and she worked with [...]

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Researchers take second look at near-death experiences

Excerpt from


By Jeff Abell
News 4 San Antonio

BALTIMORE - Those who have skirted death often talk about their 'near-death' experiences. 

At times, the stories sound like a scene from the twilight zone. But what some researchers discount as hallucinations, others are beginning to take a closer look.  Some scientists now seem convinced the stories may actually be real.

Ellyn Dye is a professional writer who didn't quite learn the lessons of life until she discovered death.

"There really is more than who we human beings are," says Dye.

She made her life-changing discovery on a drive to the supermarket 30 years ago, not far from her Silver Spring home. Another motorist veered into her path sending Dye crashing.

"I had enough time to think, ‘oh my God he's.’  I felt no impact. I felt nothing.  And the next thing I knew I was looking down from the top of my car," she says.

Dye was clinically dead and viewing her own crash scene from a distance. It was an out of body experience that sounded all too familiar.

"The tunnel of light showed up. You can see this bright, bright, light, but the most important part is you can feel it. I saw, almost immediately, saw all of my relatives who have passed. You know how happy they were to see me and how proud of me they are," Dye says.

Her experience confirmed what she had forever believed, that life exists even after death.

"And I really do think that the worst thing we can be is afraid," she adds.

"I never had a question whether it was real or not. It was real for me," says Jack Dunlavey. Five years ago, Dunlavey was knocking on death’s door. Not long after pulling his tractor out of the barn, it gave way to the soggy ground.

"Four thousand pounds is what the tractor guy told me," he says.

All 4,000 pounds overturned and landed on Dunlavey's back.

"Instantly, I knew I was going to die," he says.

What happened next is similar to what happened to Dye. A bright tunnel appeared and so did familiar faces.

"But when I walked in and floated into that, all my concerns were gone.  As I was in there I also saw my parents coming toward me," Dunlavey says.

Scientists have long believed that these out of body experiences were simply hallucinations.  But after studying the stories of more than 2,000 heart attack survivors, some researchers now seem convinced those "near death" experiences may actually be real. The study, which is the largest to date, found that more than 40 percent of survivors describe having some form of awareness long after they were declared dead.

"In general, they described seeing lights, getting peaceful, seeing relatives almost as if they were walking them to where they were going," says Dr. Sam Parnia.

But one New York surgeon says, "No, there's no life after death."

He adds that there is a scientific explanation for those near death experiences. For as long as five minutes after the heart stops neurons, he says, are still pumping images through the brain.

"So when we talk about that bright light, that's happening in your occipital lobe," the surgeon says.

"Some people can't comprehend that something like that can happen, but it’s getting more common now so people are starting to listen," says Dunlavey.

For Dye, the research bolsters what she's known for years.

"It doesn't convince me more that my experience was real because it was very real. I can say I saw all my relatives who have died.  They were alive and more alive than they ever were on planet earth."

It took death for Dye to learn to live. She now leads a Maryland support group for those who have had near death experiences.

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Sonja Grace Interview: Aliens and Other Levels of Conciousness

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Lisa Gawlas – May 20, 2012 – The Beginning Of The End! – 11 May 2012


May 11, 2012

I am starting to notice a repetitive pattern in the field of light, in my readings.  It seems that when we (humanity) are on the verge of another avalanche of higher frequency Light energy, the field mo...

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Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine by Dr Liliana Cerepnalkoski


Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine From Ancient Spiritual Traditions to Modern Scientific Breakthroughs

Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine are emergent disciplines derived from ancient spiritual traditions. Today, these su...

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The Recalibration of "Shoulds"


a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Thursday, 26 January, 2012  at Patagonia  (posted 26 April, 2012)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Have you started to feel it yet? There's a di...

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World renowned heart surgeon renounces mainstream heart health practice


by Paul Fassa See all articles by this author

(NaturalNews) It is very encouraging to see a mainstream medicine insider with impressive credentials come out and confirm what some of us outsiders have known for a while.


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Energy Update For December 2011 – Into 2012


31 December 2011

Channeler: Dana Shino

I’ve been wanting to write an Energy Update for about six weeks, and the moment I begin, something else comes along and whisks me away. Ever since our 11.11.11 Gateway the “be...

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Uriel On Uriel


29 November 2011

Channeler: Jules Robi

“I am one of four major Archangels you call us. Celestial Beings, very close to the Creator. Blessed and blessing. Messengers between the Creator and other beings on other planets, ...

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Two new studies warn — medical doctors may be hazardous to your health


Fortunately, there are still good doctors out there...


by S. L. Baker, features writer

(NaturalNews) Today's doctors-in-training are learning how to think critically and clearly about the need for...

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MONA LISA – An Alien Space Ship on the Moon


Fascinating! If this article was on it's own, I would have doubted much, but the existence of this spaceship is also confirmed by remote viewers, seen here. Look at the time frame 42:55 to 48:40. This is definitely serious stuff. ...

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HEAVEN #3746 In the Middle of the Ocean, February 26, 2011


God said:  

All My love. What do you think that means? Only a little love? Only sometimes? Once in a while? If you’re lucky?

When you are in the middle of the sea, you do not see all the waves that lead to shore. ...

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