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They should make up their mind! (or I should)

Busy as always, just stopped for a moment for lunch and a quick mailcheck. Of course nothing was there, because the isolation imposed remains in effect for anything not resembling spam, unsollicited E-mail, or stuff I can simply post on moorelife to...

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Heart @ Work – the Pro’s and Con’s of Testing

I must be either completely out of my mind, or totally madly in love, for me to stay this perfectly chilled for almost a whole week now! But my psycho gauge is registering nearly normal, and I am not aware of loving anyone above anybody else anymore...

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Yep, me too: Flatlined!

Woke up well rested this morning, and took the normal route to work, arriving at the exact same time I always do. Swiped my card by the lock, stepped inside, and there the monotony ended: a flatline beep woke me from my default mode of operation. Some...

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Crazy Little Things…..

Am I the only one that has this? Crazy little things flipping my mood from right to wrong, from "OK with the world" to "What the Hell is my purpose here?". The clever observers like Sergio will have noticed that sheer ecstacy was n...

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A Present from God…

I know, reverence of alliteration would have me write "A Gift from God", but I feel very 'present' lately, as in right 'Now', get it?.....

It's not that my racing mind doesn't visit past and future anymore, but they are more like crystal ...

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