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PlasmERG’s Anomaly Defies Scientific Explanation


John Rohner of PlasmERG and Inteligentry describes a test device that appears to produce an anomalous heat, and electrical power producing effect. In an interview with Sterling Allan at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, he desc...

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Steorn’s Orbo — From Permanent Magnets to Solid State Systems


Steorn is a small company based in Dublin, Ireland. For most of the past decade they have been working on ways of producing energy via the interaction of magnetic fields. They have been ridiculed and attacked, but it seems Steorn is m...

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Heart @ Work – October 6th, 2010

This morning, a single comment from Mari had me thinking about adding a new column to Moorelife:

"I feel so much gratitude that you are sharing all that with us, thanks pal! You know – it is important how felt today at work, it is ...

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