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The Mystery Of An Entirely Different World – Discovering The Secret Of Your Salvation (Music Of Thomas Wright Fats Waller) – Episode I #FR-02

The Mystery Of An Entirely Different World - Discovering The Secret Of Your Salvation (Music Of Thomas Wright Fats Waller) - Episode I #FR-02Watch at themasterteacher.tvThe Final Revision Series. Readings: CHAPTER 27: The 'Hero' Of The Dream [para...

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Sananda & One Who Serves & Ashira October 08 2015 Galactic Federation of Light

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Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History.

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How to Turn Milk Into Healthy Probiotic Medicine

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterOur sterile, pre-packaged, convenient foods, coupled with a diet high in antibiotic-filled, factory-farmed meats, have resulted in an increased need for probiotic-rich foods and supplements if we are to maintain a healthy gut flora. An ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive system means improved digestion and better body function in general.Probiotic supplements, such as the high-quality brands BioImmersion and Kla [...]

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Abandoned Uranium Mines Plague Navajo Nation

Sonia Luokkala, Earth Island JournalWaking TimesThe mesas of Monument Valley rise deep red on the horizon. We are in Diné Bikéyah, land of the Navajo.“This is John Wayne country,” trained Navajo guide Gregory Holiday repeats his lines for an enchanted group of tourists. The view opens boundless to the sacred land of the Diné people, but for visitors it is presented as the iconic west of cowboys and Americana.The sun sets and the last traveler boards t [...]

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IBM advances bring quantum computing closer to reality

ibm research jerry chow
Research scientist Jerry Chow performs a quantum computing experiment at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Jon Simon/IBM

Excerpt from computerworld.com
By Sharon Gaudin

IBM scientists say they have made two critical advances in an industrywide effort to build a practical quantum computer, shaving years off the time expected to have a working system.

"This is critical," said Jay Gambetta, IBM's manager of theory of quantum computing. "The field has got a lot more competitive. You could say the [quantum computing] race is just starting to begin… This is a small step on the journey but it's an important one."

Gambetta told Computerworld that IBM's scientists have created a square quantum bit circuit design, which could be scaled to much larger dimensions. This new two-dimensional design also helped the researchers figure out a way to detect and measure errors.
Quantum computing is a fragile process and can be easily thrown off by vibrations, light and temperature variations. Computer scientists doubt they'll ever get the error rate down to that in a classical computer.

Because of the complexity and sensitivity of quantum computing, scientists need to be able to detect errors, figure out where and why they're happening and prevent them from recurring.

IBM says its advancement takes the first step in that process.
"It tells us what errors are happening," Gambetta said. "As you make the square [circuit design] bigger, you'll get more information so you can see where the error was and you can correct for it. We're showing now that we have the ability to detect, and we're working toward the next step, which would allow you to see where and why the problem is happening so you can stop it from happening."

Quantum computing is widely thought to be the next great step in the field of computing, potentially surpassing classical supercomputers in large-scale, complex calculations. 

Quantum computing would be used to cull big data, searching for patterns. It's hoped that these computers will take on questions that would lead to finding cures for cancer or discovering distant planets – jobs that might take today's supercomputers hundreds of years to calculate.

IBM's announcement is significant in the worlds of both computing and physics, where quantum theory first found a foothold.

Quantum computing, still a rather mysterious technology, combines both computing and quantum mechanics, which is one of the most complex, and baffling, areas of physics. This branch of physics evolved out of an effort to explain things that traditional physics is unable to.

With quantum mechanics, something can be in two states at the same time. It can be simultaneously positive and negative, which isn't possible in the world as we commonly know it. 

For instance, each bit, also known as a qubit, in a quantum machine can be a one and a zero at the same time. When a qubit is built, it can't be predicted whether it will be a one or a zero. A qubit has the possibility of being positive in one calculation and negative in another. Each qubit changes based on its interaction with other qubits.

Because of all of these possibilities, quantum computers don't work like classical computers, which are linear in their calculations. A classical computer performs one step and then another. A quantum machine can calculate all of the possibilities at one time, dramatically speeding up the calculation.

However, that speed will be irrelevant if users can't be sure that the calculations are accurate.

That's where IBM's advances come into play.

"This is absolutely key," said Jim Tully, an analyst with Gartner. "You do the computation but then you need to read the results and know they're accurate. If you can't do that, it's kind of meaningless. Without being able to detect errors, they have no way of knowing if the calculations have any validity."

If scientists can first detect and then correct these errors, it's a major step in the right direction to building a working quantum computing system capable of doing enormous calculations. 

"Quantum computing is a hard concept for most to understand, but it holds great promise," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "If we can tame it, it can compute certain problems orders of magnitude more quickly than existing computers. The more organizations that are working on unlocking the potential of quantum computing, the better. It means that we'll see something real that much sooner."
However, there's still debate over whether a quantum computer already exists.

A year ago, D-Wave Systems Inc. announced that it had built a quantum system, and that NASA, Google and Lockheed Martin had been testing them.

Many in the computer and physics communities doubt that D-Wave has built a real quantum computer. Vern Brownell, CEO of the company, avows that they have.

"I think that quantum computing shows promise, but it's going to be quite a while before we see systems for sale," said Olds.
IBM's Gambetta declined to speculate on whether D-Wave has built a quantum computing but said the industry is still years away from building a viable quantum system.

"Quantum computing could be potentially transformative, enabling us to solve problems that are impossible or impractical to solve today," said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director of IBM Research, in a statement.

IBM's research was published in Wednesday's issue of the journal Nature Communications.

quantum computing infographics ibm

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Minnesota Twins Provide Intriguing Evidence of Incarnate Road Map

The Jim's.jpg
Minnesota Twins (not the baseball team) James & James, whose similar stories defy chance and coincidence.

Excerpt from people.com 
May 7th, 1979

One of science's so far uncrackable mysteries is the comparative impact of heredity vs. environment. An obvious experimental method would be to raise identical twins separately, but that could hardly be done with humans. So for the last 10 years University of Minnesota psychologist Thomas Bouchard, 41, has been studying twins under less than ideal, lab-controlled conditions—until, eureka, he ran into the stuff of social scientists' dreams. Identical twin males, who had been separated by adoption at three weeks, suddenly rediscovered each other in Ohio at age 39.

Within two weeks after reading about them in the press, Dr. Bouchard had the twins in his Minneapolis lab for tests. At the outset of his investigation the psychologist said, "I think there are going to be all kinds of differences that will surprise even the twins." But what was immediately apparent were eerie similarities that left even Bouchard "flabbergasted."

Curiously, both had been christened James by their adoptive parents, the Jess Lewises of Lima and the Ernest Springers of Piqua, 40 miles away. As schoolboys, both enjoyed math and carpentry—but hated spelling. Both pursued similar adult occupations: Lewis is a security guard at a steel mill, and Springer was a deputy sheriff (though he is now a clerk for a power company). Both married women named Linda, only to divorce and remarry—each a woman named Betty. Both have sons: James Alan Lewis and James Allan Springer.

The two men shared one other fact in common. As Jim Springer put it, "I always felt an emptiness." Neither the Springers nor the Lewises ever met the 15-year-old (unwed) mother of their sons, and both couples were told that their adoptive child had a twin who died at birth. Then one day, when Jim Lewis was 16 months old, his mother visited the Miami County courthouse to settle the adoption paperwork, and an official remarked offhandedly, "They named the other little boy 'Jim' too."

For 37 years that hint tugged at Mrs. Lewis, who occasionally urged her son to find out if it was true. Finally, last Thanksgiving, he agreed to search—though he says he doesn't know why. Jim Lewis wrote the probate court, which had a record of the adoption, and contacted the Springer parents in Piqua. "I came home one day," Lewis recounts, "and had this message to call 'Jim Springer.' " When he phoned Springer, Lewis blurted out: "Are you my brother?" "Yup," Springer replied. Four days later, last Feb. 9, Lewis drove to meet his twin for an emotional reunion.

Dr. Bouchard offered expenses and a small honorarium to get them to Minneapolis for a week of extensive physical and psychological tests. He wanted to begin as soon as possible to preclude their reminiscing together too long and thus "contaminating" the evidence. Though not the first such separated twins—the records show 19 previous sets in the U.S. among some 75 worldwide—Lewis and Springer were believed to have been apart by far the longest.

The detailed results of Bouchard's textbook case will be revealed to the twins themselves, but to protect their privacy will be buried among other data in the professor's book on differential psychology now in progress. There has been one development that may leave the twins still puzzling over heredity and environment. On Feb. 28 Jim Lewis, having divorced his second wife, Betty, married a woman named Sandy Jacobs. Betty and Jim Springer were present, with Jim serving as his newfound brother's best man.

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The Source of All & the Multi-Dimensional Nature of the Universe

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Geomagnetics, Earthquakes and Earth Changes leading to the Equinox

This has been a difficult month in terms of the Earth energies. On the heels of the devastating earthquake in Haiti came the much larger quake in Chile. The Sun has been very active with Solar Flares and magnetic storms in abundance. I also read recently that March and October are known by Scince to be the two months when Earth's Geomagnetic activity peaks. And all this leading up to the March Equinox of 2010, when the new balance for the Earth will be achieved.

The increased Geomagnetics and Sun activity accounts for why so many of us have been feeling not our best, and why the weather has been increasingly unstable and intense all over the Planet. The Elementals are dancing and celebrating and playing, and we are having to learn how to join the Dance of Mother Earth. We tend to see events such as Earthquakes as disasters and catastrophes, and in the modern world that tends to be true becasue of the way many of our cities are built and because we haev so lost connection with nature that we no hear the warnings and are able to anticipate what will occur. Earthquakes happen all over the Planet all the time, and especially in the area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. But with the increase in population on the Planet and its concentration into cities, which are often poorly built, comes an increase in fatalities and injuries.

The recent earthquake in Chile affected me more so than the Haiti one, perhaps because I have made friends in Chile on my recent visits to Argentina and Brazil. Also, I am aware, as Archangel Michael mentioned in 2009, there is a tremendously strong current of Earth Energy running through the South American continent, up the Andes and meeting with the current that runs down the Rockies in North America. The meetiong point is Central America in the lands of the Maya. This energy in South America I like to call the "Tail of the Dragon", because it is truly the powerful earth currents that we call the Dragon energy that are involved in these movements and transformations. It is as though the "Dragon" moved its tail and the current of energy moved through the land and created the intense shifts and movements.

This was emphasized to me by a letter from my friend Anne who lives in Chillan, which is right in the epicenter area of the Earthquake. She mentioned that a few days after the major quake, a local volcano began to send out fiery lava as well. Chileans are no strangers to earthquakes and volcanoes, their land is alive and the dragon breather, and the New Earth energy is active and moves with passion through the land and the people. This recent Earth activity in Chile had the effect of moving the axis of the Planet ever so slightly. But, in Quantum Science it is know that it only needs a very small change to create a shift in the entire pattern of the whole. The Earth is indeed expanding and shifting and growing and becoming something "new". I read recently also of research in South East Asia that suggested that the sea is receding and not rising, which fits in with the concept of an expanding earth as part of the changes! We live in amazing times!

But, back to Chile. I would like to share with you some of the information that came to me from my friends Thomas and Anne who live in Chile. I met them at a gathering I did in Buenos Aires in May, and they came again when I was there in November of last year. Thomas is Belgian and Anne is French, and they have emigrated to Chile where their daughter was born. They are adventurous by nature and spiritually dedicated to thier growth and service to the light. Here is a picture of us taken together in Bueonos Aires:

I would like to share with you some of the letters that I received from them, written by Anne. After my first enquiries about their welfare on Facebook, they sent me this letter, that was surprising by its positive energy despite what they had just experienced in their lives: "Thank you for your messages. we do not have electricity yet in the village but people are offering their petrol for generators so we can connect ourselves to the outer world. We are still very tensed because in our village, the earthquake was very very strong and violent and really loooooong but we are fine. Everything that could be broken in the house is broken and we have no light nor bathroom (everything destroyed insitde) It is still hard to sleep, but we are grateful for being alive and having had the possibility to go out of the house so rapidly.

Elhaia (their daughter) is stuck to her father... "my dad who saved my life" because he went to get her in her bedroom before getting out of the house and she is still very stressed.

The earth is still shaking a lot here but less than before. And yesterday, one of the 6 volcanoes of the Termas got lava going out.

Love to all those of you who left messages.

We'll put news on the blog as soon as we can. It is good to talk about it.

But do not worry. We have lots of love in our heart and gratitude for the blessings of having known what to do in the right time though it happened at 4in the morning and everyone was asleep.

Love to you all.

The most recent letter I had from Anne and Thomas, a few days ago, also showed this exceptional trust and gratitude for the gift of life. She also mentions that there is an incredible spirit of co-operation and support among the ordinary people in Chile. In the Media you hear only the sensational stories of looting and unrest that are designed to create fear in the readers. So here, as you read Anne's letter, please see the other side of the story. The energy that arises among Family of Light when ordinary people support each other through crises. Then the fear disappears because they know they can support each other as One.

"We are so full of emotions right now..... But so full of the energy of the earth. She filled us with so much power and love, ... yesterday we were saying that it was almost like making love to the earth itself. And we fell in love with her after this. But still we are a little bit in shock.

The country react beautifully to the event, and one week after, they organised a show to collect money in the whole country and the whole country gave so much, so much money (the double that was primarily expected, to be able to build temporary houses)... you would not believe it. Everyone is helping everyone. People are going to the coast (never really far from the mountains here) with their car full of food and clothes to give it to the devastated populations there. And you can see people hugging along the way from our village to the city.

It is overwhelming.

But we'll never forget the strength and the time it lasted for this earthquake has been soooo loooong during the first shake and the earth shook like crazy for a week. We were directly in the region of the epicentrum so it was amazingly powerful. Now it does shake at times but very little. And we are used to it anyway. We were so powerful during this event, so powerful, and through the event, we kept feeling that we were equal to this mad and unbelievably strong energy facing us, through the dance of our house and the shakes of the road. We never felt powerless at anytime. But shocked yes! But we are so happy to have been able to live this experience that will stay with us forever."

Anne also talks about the way in which the Chilean people also came together to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Santiago, in the blog that she writes with Thomas. You can find the blog at http://chileetc.over-blog.es/

. It is certainly a joy to know that there are people who are waling their talk and living their truth as Family of Light. And also to know that in Chile there is such a Spirit of Co-operation and support for each other at this time. I send Blessings of Light to all the beautiful people in Chile!

So,to return to where I started, we are living in a time of great Geomagnetic activity, in this month of March. I believe that this increase in activity is also related to the Earth's Cosmic cycles and the alignment with the Lion's Gate Stargate in July and August. At this time, in March, the new energies from the Cosmic Heart begin to be felt and the Earth aligns for whatever new impulses come through from the Cosmic Heart into the Earth's Grids. This major shift means that there are very powerful new energies preparing to be received in the July/August period after the Solstice.

The Earth is preparing to meet her Cosmic destiny and to complete her shift into a "new" paradigm and a new place that we have called the "New Earth".

© 2006-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global http://www.starchildglobal.com - You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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World Gratitude – Day 1 – WAKE TO DREAM

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I Am Back with Direction!

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Let’s Celebrate

Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
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