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Nine Numbers of Creation: SEVEN (Pleiadian Renegades)


4 May 2012

Teacher: Nine

At least Six pancakes between Five and Seven, for keeping on the Six weave all the time gets to be exhausting. The best of Five is its pretty baubles, while the best of Seven is its awe-inspiring world...

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Thought Fields


23 March 2012

Channeler: David Miller

Copyright © 2012 David K. Miller davidmiller@groupofforty.com www.groupofforty.com

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Thought fields are an important aspect in un...

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AA Metatron: The Law of Attraction – Part Three


The Law of Belief & Law of Conscious Creation

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn  

Greetings Masters !

Dear Ones, there is the science behind the Law of Attraction, and that science is the Law of Belief. The...

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What You Think, You Are by Melinda Iverson Inn


Posted on July 20, 2011 by melinda

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

All life is composed of energy. As human beings, we view and e...

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A New Reality on Earth


5 June 2011  

A New Reality on Earth

There is a new situation on Earth. A new directive has been declared by the Elohim. It allows for one level of reality to be dissolved to bring the state of play on Earth to a fairer l...

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The Infinite Human: Intelligence

a message from Scott Rabalais

Tuesday, 10 August, 2010 

Consider the intelligence of the cosmos, the awareness of existence, the knowledge of all that is.  It’s unimaginable to our f...

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Let’s Celebrate

Dimensional Bliss's AnniversaryJuly 11, 2017
In July 2006 dimensionalbliss.com was created to facilitate sharing of seeds of awareness on our life's journeys. InJoY and much gratitude to all. ~sethd8 and the Galactics.


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