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Sheldan Nidle February 27 2018 Galactic Federation Of Light

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Growth made simpler, but not too simple….

To paraphrase Einstein,who said anything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. Here's my take on evolution, which I feel anyone with college knowledge of physics should be able to understand. If not, enlighten me as to what's missing, please!

It is often heard that Change is the only Constant in the Cosmos. From a limited perspective, I guess that can be said. Change causes Growth, they say, but that is a chicken and egg problem: I can just as easily say Growth causes Change. Let's pursue this path for a while. If Nothing grew, grew uniformly, what would it look like? A Sphere, right? And it would continue growing that way, until it reaches an obstacle. Now for one moment, let's call this obstacle our box, a cube centered on the origin of the sphere, the source of the nothing and the growth. In fact, we could say this box manifested because of the desire of the Sphere, to view itself from another perspective. It could take many shapes, but the simplest one is a cube with mirrors on the inside, and according to Occam's Razor, simple is preferable.

The expanding sphere would then collide with the sides of the box, right in the middle of each side. What then happens is simple reflection, depending on the surface properties of the box. Let's say it is a translucent mirror, that lets white light into the box from outside, but reflects everything from inside. So the sphere experienced unlimited growth until it hit the walls of the box. What happens to the walls when they are hit by the expanding sphere? They buckle, and the resulting shockwave produces a circular ripple on each of the sides, which in turn causes the vertices to have a standing wave just as wel. In the end, even the corners of the cube vibrate in unison.

Growth is the Unstoppable Force, the cube the Immovable object. The sphere would see itself, multiplied by infinity, and would initially think that that was what was outside the box. But then it would quickly realize that the box just reflects, and would start fantasizing about what really is outside the box. Actually, by now the sphere can hardly be called a sphere anymore, because the reflection has refracted it into a fractal image of itself. But the simple essence of the sphere, Oneness, is still holographically contained within the cube. It couldn't have left since the cube is impenetrable, right?

Funny thing is, the moment the sphere gets reflected by the box, the frequency of the resulting waves is both the sum and the difference of the frequencies of both parties. Let's put the sphere and the cube both at 1 Hertz, which is really infinity, since time is an illusion. But 1 is easy to calculate. And fairly accurate, since the sphere wishes to see it's oneness, and the cube wishes that to: it actually wishes to NOT show the sphereanything but it's Oneness inside the Cube, but that's where all the conspiracy stuff comes from. Different story, let's go into that later. For now, reflection causes waves of frequency 1 - 1 = 0 Hz, and 1 + 1 = 2 Hz,rippling outward from the centers of the sides....

This continues until the ripples in the sides reach the vertices where they meet. When the two frequencies meet, driven by the frequency of the Sphere, things quickly become complex: Starting from the middle of the vertices, where the two original 1 Hz vibrations meet the two 2 Hz waves from the surface shockwave, similar differences and sums get produced.

I'm currently trying to find how from this simple process, the mathematical space unfolded... Stay tuned, because there are deep implications in this. Reality (and I mean All of It) may very well be hugely simplified once we have that base knowledge complete

Love your Light,


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Reality Creation!

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