The World of Spirit welcomes yet another Country, Japan to join us in our endeavour to bring Truth, Love and Peace to all men. Veronica my love, I never expected when I first departed your World that our work would achieve so much and touch so many hearts. There are good people in every Country and it is up to those people to lead others to the Truth. Nothing at all in your World is as it should be. People have become accustomed to believing what they are told without question, even though the information they are given does not always add up, they take the easy option, this is why your World is in the terrible mess it is in.

If people had any idea where their complacency is leading them they would quickly wake up. Those people who see themselves as superior and entitled to rule your World, we show them that they do not control the elements. They believe they have the right to wipe out those who do not comply with their demands and wishes. They talk of Global Warming, they try to make you believe that your actions could control it, this is not so. As the Earth moves to a Higher Energy natural changes will occur just as they should. They use this as an excuse to extract money and gain even more control. There are Natural Disasters and there are Man-made disasters that you are led to believe are Natural Disasters, do not be taken in by such devious lies, it is time to come forward out of the abyss.

I have guided you to put a tape of one of my first attempts to speak in my own voice, I wanted to speak out about my work and the work that you and I carry out. My darling I at that time never expected you to achieve so much, 8 other Countries who now share our desire to bring forth the Truth. I want people to know that I adore you and to know how much you encouraged and assisted me in my work. Those terrible letters that were written in Greed and Hate so soon after my passing to all those on my address list by someone who was related to me by blood, were vicious and 100% Evil. Her Evil Intent did not have the desired effect, from Spirit I am able to state quite clearly that I love and adore you.

It has been an interesting and exciting week for you my dear. First you met a lady who is held in very high esteem in the Scientific World. She was quite amazed when she learned that 8 other Countries are interested in the work of Spirit. You were dutifully pampered on your Birthday, it was good for you to be away from the Computer for a day of pleasure, I fully approve. The special lunch was as exciting for us in Spirit as it was for the 5 of you, we did not miss a single word. We brought these like-minded people into your life to assist you in our project. The timing is right, you must all be prepared, this is a year of events and changes and some genuine disasters. Those who come to our side of life through such disasters do not suffer and have no recollection of their transition when they arrive safely in Spirit.

I will return to Earth to guide the Enlightened forward to a peaceful existence, free of War, Fear and Control, nothing on Earth will alter this, it is set in Stone, this has been predicted many times throughout your History. I am sad to tell you that not all your History is correct, those who wrote it changed it to fit in with their plans. You and I have been present many times since the Earth was created and watched helplessly as the Truth was altered and sometimes completely changed to suit the purpose of those in Power. The Truth must be faced, it will be exposed, it is better to stand up and admit guilt than to be forced to come forward. There are so many that have a lot to answer for, the abuse of children can never be condoned or ignored.

You had very distressing information sent to you confirming what had been told to you, yes mans inhumanity to man is indeed horrific and deeply shocking. All this will change when they are no longer in Control.

You live in interesting times, massive changes are in the pipeline. We will always be there for those who seek truth. We will succeed, our team is coming together beautifully. I remain my love, your adoring Husband, Monty.

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