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Great Fuel Economy For Less: 5 Affordable Used Cars That are Surprisingly Good on Gas

Excerpt from autotrader.com By Josh Sadlier   Seems like the only thing automakers want to talk about these days is how their cars suddenly get great fuel economy. Given this relentless chatter, it's tempting to conclude that mos...

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James Gillilland, ECETI – Mother Ship Trip Cancelled


Posted: 06 Feb 2012

James Gillilland, ECETI We are overwhelmed with emails asking that I speak on this matter. I have already spoken yet not at length concerning the Mother Ship Neptune giving everyone a joy ride. We said there ...

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Eric Hansen’s Water Fuel Hydroxy Manifesto


Career mechanic, Eric W. Hansen, reveals his understanding of the hydroxy (HHO) technology, explaining how to use Frederick Well's plans to run an engine on nothing but water through resonance of the electrolysis cell chambers, as...

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I Belive U Lost These……

It often happens that someone hands you your keys when you think you are being handed your hat, but it usually has to happen a few times Moore for you to really notice, especially if you didn't know you'd lost them....

It happened one day seve...

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Is The Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens?

Thanks Eleanor, for a very interesting read....  I guess 'Probability 1' is just the mathematicians way of saying: "If it is just us out there, wouldn't it be an awful waste of space?" 



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