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All of Nature is Synchronized… so Are We!


a message from Ann Albers

Saturday, 24 March, 2012  (posted 26 March, 2012)

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In every moment of your lives, the presence of God’s love is coordinating the actions of e...

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Message from Ann and the Angels


Hi All,

Talk about synchronization! The angels knew I'd be busy so they guided me to write this newsletter two weeks ago. It wasn't a command but rather a download that started happening the minute I finished writing the n...

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HEAVEN #3943 God Gave You a Message Long Ago, September 11, 2011


God said:

The message has been sent. The message was sent long ago. You received it long ago. The message was sent over the air waves. I whispered it in your ear. I whispered in your ear what you are here on Earth to do. You do no...

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Provisions and Visions: September’s Pisces Full Moon


September 08, 2011

By Lynda Hill

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw

The reflections on a day well spent furnish us with joys more pleasing than ten thousand triumphs. Thomas A. Kempis...

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HEAVEN #3904 Get up! Arise! , August 3, 2011


God said:  

Calmness is next to Godliness. Aspire to be calm. Calmness means to take life in your stride. Whatever transpires, keep walking forward.

You do not need a quota of upset. You can do without any. You are not ...

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Floating on the Aries Wind


a message from Sarah Biermann

Sunday, 1 May, 2011  (posted 2 May, 2011)

Earth Changes in the Physical Year of 2011

It’s pretty obvious that we are having lots of physical changes, both to the planet and to our...

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Would You Eat a Purple Potato?

During my years as a technical project manager I worked with a colleague who was intelligent, highly skilled and professional. We often traveled together and have dinner after a long day at a customer site. One night we ordered the same thing for dinner and when our plates arrived, they contained several small, round purple vegetables. The waiter said they were purple potatoes, which neither of us had ever eaten before. I tried them first and, despite their unusual color, decided they were good, so I ate them. My colleague, on the other hand, refused to eat hers.

Not only would she not eat them, she removed them from her plate so they would not touch her other food. When I asked her why she would not eat them, she said "In my world, potatoes are white." She could not make herself eat a purple potato and refused to take a single bite. I wondered what else in her life she would not try because it was so different from what she was familiar with that she would not take a step in that direction.

At a time when we are asked to make enormous changes in the way we look at ourselves and the world around us, we are often faced with "purple potatoes," things that look so different from what we know that we cannot find anything in our experience or belief systems to relate them to. So we have a choice to refuse to try them or give them a chance and allow ourselves the opportunity of that experience. How many times do we deny ourselves the chance to try something new because we can't connect to it in a way that makes us feel safe and in control?

Whenever I think of my colleague I remember her reaction to those purple potatoes and how I felt that she limited herself by not being willing to try something that was out of her comfort zone. Even after I ate mine and told her they were good, she still wasn't convinced that she should try them. We are going to be challenged to step beyond what we know and accept new ways of looking at the world. Are we willing to try? We have to remember that we are supported and guided in all we do and a new path or direction will require our willingness to take the first bite and decide whether the "purple potato" will become our new favorite food or, after tasting it, decide we don't like it and move on to something else.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. This material is protected by US and international copyright now and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, www.urielheals.com are included.

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The Server and the Served

Channeler: Gloria Wendroff

Thursday, 8 April, 2010  (posted 25 April, 2010)

When did serving get a poor reputation?
When did it become touted that it is better to be the one served rather than the one who serves?
Is the one who dines at a fine restaurant more honored than the waiter who serves the food? The world would say so. I do not. Serving and being served are the two ends of one seesaw. Both are primary. Each serves the other.

It is a fine thing to be a diner who makes it possible for another to serve. And it's a fine thing to be a waiter who serves food to the diner. This is a noble interchange.
It is a fine thing to be someone who cleans, someone who sews, someone who rakes the leaves, shovels the snow. Start thinking of the honor it is to serve. It is not a cursory thing to serve, nor is it cursory to be served. You have every right to serve and to be served.
You know by now that the one who serves another is ultimately serving himself, yes, and also serving Me. You are My hands. Through you, I give.
And through the person served, I am served. Inasmuch as I am the One ultimately served, then you are served as well. Server or served, you stand in for Me.
Serving and being served are of one motion. How intertwined are Heaven and Earth, you and I, I and you, whomever I am speaking to.
He who is served also serves. Who is a greater Server than I?
And, on Earth, does not the king serve the most? When service is given and received with a good heart, service is equal.
The kindergarten child who paints from his heart is not less an artist than a famous artist. They are equal givers. From my vantage, which is much like the vantage of the mother to her child, the child's painting is just as dear as one the world calls valuable.
The teacher serves the student. The student serves the teacher.
The pen that writes serves the paper it writes on. The ink serves the pen and the paper and the writer serve the reader. The writer serves the reader, and the reader serves the writer.
In the world of love, what is separate, My beloveds? In the world of love, all is One, one single motion of Oneness, the way a saw saws a board.
Your hand serves you, and you serve your hand, and your hand serves Me as I serve you.
In the world, no one owns anything, and everyone owns all.
No one partitions the sky and says: "This is mine. It's not yours."
No one says, "The air is mine and not yours." .
No one says, "You can step on this square of sidewalk, and not on that one."
No one says, "If you pass by my lilac bush, you are not allowed to breathe in its sweetness."
No one quibbles with the idea that the sky and air and sidewalks belong to all. No one is selfish about these matters. If they wanted to own the sky and air and sidewalks, there isn't a way for them to own them. Sky and air and sidewalks are not ownable. May it always be so.
And yet food is divided.
Space is divided.
Other people's love is even separated and owned. "You can love me but not that one."
There is no beginning to the service of love, and there is no ending to the service of love.
Love cannot be clutched in the hand.
Love is still free and not to be held onto.
Love is given in service to the Universe.

Copyright © 1999-Now Heavenletters™
Heavenletters™ -- Helping Human Beings Come Closer to God and Their Own Hearts
Gloria Wendroff, Overseer

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Let’s Celebrate

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