Have you ever had the feeling of being TOTALLY isolated? You know, the Remy syndrome? Actually, when I was still a SciFi addict, I once read a book like this, and fantasized about experiencing it myself. Never thought that today would be the day....  In seventeen minutes or so, Laura will be leaving too, leaving the house empty but for me and the smaller beings like insects.

Having written Make It Real recently, I remeber still very vividly that insects might very well be remote temporally controlled surveillance cams, wirelessly transmitting their visuals to whatever location in time or space. Some might be afraid of cameras, but my clinging to a certain lady means her affinity to the cameras has rubbed off on me, thus leaving me totally at ease.

All keys to my home are either in my posession, or with family I trust fully. So no  one can come in except by brute force or stealth. And being a programmer, I Know Brute Force: it is the weakest solution to any programming problem named such because of its ineffectiveness. Stealth is not much better, because it only relicates the natural built-in meekness protection of the Cosmos, and so is only even a weaker weakness protection, that is one-sided. So I am not afraid. 

Speaking of RAID: my laptop is a Raid5 Acer One, so no risk of losing valuable data there. Currently, both UPC and KPN have their access delivered to my Home, and they are reliable companies. Again, no reason to PANIC. Hmmm, that's what I told the first boss I wanted to work for. I sent him a card with a big red button on it, to indicate it was still two years before he'd see me again. DON'T PANIC, it said below....

Watching  Paycheck I also find I am extremely confident that I am equally as intelligent as Michael Jennings, who made the Time Viewing Device for his boss. Having redesigned the system, he was so intimately familiar with it, he could figure out how to circumvent a memory wipe from the future, to get his loving arms around the warm blooded killer of Bill Gates. So, I should theoretically be able to close any gates leading to Hell should they have the audacity to open up.

In fact, the extreme calmness around me has given me wings! It feels like everybody has been warned that the Big Genius is @ Work down under, but I could do with that bit of musical interlude while I make myself a nice Latte Machiato....

Just one stokpaardje to ride here: I'd rather applaud the WOMEN@WORK.....

Love'm All, 


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