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4 May 2012

By Soluntra King


THE 1st MAY IS THE WINTER OR SUMMER QUARTER IN THE CELTIC CALENDAR The first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. IN THE SOUTH...

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Soul Passage

Allisonrae This weekend, treat yourself to a journey of the soul. With so much happening this holiday season, the total lunar eclipse on Saturday, December 10, offers an important opportunity to slow down and tune in with the natural rhythms of creati...

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Divine Changemakers & Return to The Sacred


a message from Selacia

Monday, 21 November, 2011  (posted 25 November, 2011)

Our world is in crisis with everything turned upside down. Turmoil impacts our personal lives and the lives of those we love too. In our modern...

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Interview with Sharula Dux from Telos by Joanna Cherry


Published on Sunday, 17 July 2011 17:18  

Interview with Sharula Dux by Joanna Cherry

Princess Sharula Dux is a woman known to me for many years. Her message is amazing, yet simple: she is from Telos, a Lemuria...

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Possible Radiation Contamination?


I AM Karen LaRue Moye and I AM My Greater Presence today and everyday.  Today I AM also the channel for the Lemurian Council of 12.

“Dear Ones, this one, Karen, is sitting in a hotel room near the Portland, O...

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Telos: The Lemurian City Inside Mt. Shasta


I have read this before. But I publish it anyway because it's still interesting.


Joanna Cherry

(Quotes from this article, and from a number of my other articles on ascension and related subjec...

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Spirit Moves Me…

My life has taken a remarkable turn now. I am preparing to hop on my motorcycle and embark on a 7-week, 8 state tour, sharing Love and Kindness all along the way! The reasons for the Journey are many, however the source energy is coming from within. T...

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