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Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update

  Free the Colonies activation was a big success. The critical mass of the surface population required for this activation was lower because we were dealing with an off-planet situation and it was reached easily. The most critical part of the Brea...

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6 Natural Solutions To Decontaminate Soil

Marco Torres, Prevent DiseaseWith a progressively educated population becoming more aware of the inherent dangers of the conventional food supply, urban farming has become hugely popular. However, more people are also becoming aware of contaminated soil and how heavy metals pose potential risks to their food crops. As backyard gardening continues to explode in popularity, we must ask how contaminated is our soil?Many municipalities in many countries are embracing urban agri [...]

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ISIS helps Israel Conceal Historical Origin

‘“The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians. But the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”’  Read Full Article Click Here [...]

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Transcript of Bill Wood, David Wilcock, and Kerry Cassidy interview of last week


Jan 31

Bill Wood aka Bill Brockbrader : 2 videos – Interview and Livestream Q & A (see below)

Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass: An interview with an ex-Navy SEAL

This is an interview with an ex...

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Carl John Calleman: The Mayan Calendar has come to an End


The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011. In mythological language, Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-support-god, and especially the unity cons...

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Fall Equinox: September 23, 2011 by B. Hand Clow


19 September 2011

By Barbara Hand Clow

fall equinox timing is friday,23rd of september 2011 at 5:05 AM EDT,view chart:

It is the Fall Equinox north of the equator, and the Spring Equinox south of the equator. In th...

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June Solstice: June 21, 2011 by B. Hand Clow


16 June 2011  

Channeler:  Barbara Hand Clow

view chart for june 21,2011,1:17pm EDT Washington DC www.handclow2012.com/summersolstice.htm

The Summer Solstice has arrived north of the Equator where it is ti...

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March Full Moon and The Spring Equinox 2011


By Dave, on March 16th, 2011

First of all I would like to express my compassion and love to the people in Japan. My heart opens for all those who lost family and friends in the recent quake and tidal wave. This was one of the larg...

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Planet Alert February 2011


This is a bit late, but still interesting.


By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on February 2nd, 2011

Today is February 2, 2011 and tomorrow is the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. This will b...

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The Egyptian revolt and the Mayan Calendar…


Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the following article, Carl Calleman zeros in on the Egyptian revolution via the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar. The piece will give you an idea of how the cosmic impetus of the Ninth Wave fits in...

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What is going on in the Gulf of Aden?

I have followed this Gulf of Aden mystery for some time. Warships from almost every maritime nation on earth is gathering there for something... But for what? And why is it kept so secret? Now here is an interesting article about this mystery.


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Yemen is where the Ark of Covenant really is?

Graham Hancock thinks it maybe is in Ethiopia, but Gary Vey has evidence the real one is probably in Yemen. The US military there, under the disguise of combatting "Al-Qaeda", probably has another core objective...



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