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We are driven by the belief that each of us, some 7 billion+ Earthlings choose to incarnate during these particular timelines and frequencies in order to experience and transform this world from one rooted in fear, lack, division and pain, to a world founded on love, unity, abundance and equality.  To aid in this paradigm shift and reality reprogramming in every way by creating your own unique life story and transmuting that which no longer serves you.  Then discerning your next choices from an infinite field of potential possibilities which support your souls story.  YES you are here to change our world,  yes really – that includes YOU!  Thank you in all ways for doing your own little part, in your own way to change yourself within and then observe our world change out here.  The way in, is the way out!

We publish many spiritually aligned topics in many forms and methodologies.  Not every aspect of what we publish will resonate within you, so use whatever method guides you and explore and discover that message or remembrance you needed to receive to shift within your next step on your unique life’s story.  Should you find something here not stirring you within, just pass it over keep exploring and you will find in all ways that your questions and potential possibilities are in every way illuminated before you even realized they were there.

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